Ares Warrior Chant

Hi all,

I’ve been enjoying the daily rituals for the deities and find the prayers very inspiring and uplifting. I’m just curious to see if anyone has done the Tuesday devotion for Ares? They have a warning that says it’s not for beginners as it contains harm.

I’m just trying to understand the rules about harming no one and what you gives you get backs in 3 folds, and how would that align with this chant?

Love to hear about your opinion :slight_smile:


Hi Winnie,

Great question! The Ares’ Warrior Chant is not intended to harm others in any way. However, it conjures up images to put us in a “Warrior mode” mindset, which can be helpful for specific situations that require assertiveness, or even agressiveness.

The note about not being for beginners means that the rule of 3, or “harm no one” is general advice for beginners. Once you’re comfortable with the basic rules, it’s up to you to decide whether you’re going to follow them or break them, depending on each situation, and that’s your responsibility.

Personally, I don’t believe in dogma, and I go by this saying:

Rules are for the guidance of wise men and the obedience of fools


Glad to hear you’ve been enjoying the daily rituals, @winnie! :grin: It looks like Francisco gave some great advice- as a visualization, there are no worries about actually bringing harm to anyone else with the Ares Devotion :+1:

As we all learn and grow within our practices, there will times where we encounter spells that challenge our ethics and cause us to question where we draw the lines. The guide 8 Safety Rules Every Witch Should Know talks a bit about the ethics of magic and things to consider.

But one of the best things about having your own unique magickal beliefs is that yes- you get to decide exactly where to draw these moral lines and if there are ever times to make exceptions! Follow your heart and your beliefs and don’t do any magic that makes you uncomfortable. At the end of the day, it comes down to the power of your choice- do what feels right for you! :heart:


Thanks @Francisco , I will give it a go next Tuesday and channel my inner warrior!


Hi @BryWisteria you’re right we all learn and grow from it, I do feel the rituals are like an art that helps us with spiritual expansion


Sounds great!

I agree with you. In my experience, manifestations happen mostly through words, which are an essential medium of transformation. Spells are words that prepare us for change, inviting it and creating a roadmap for our personal development process.

All the best! :pray:


That’s right @Francisco I already had a few success that brought me instant results with the spells and devotions in different areas in life so far and I’m very grateful about it. The only area that I haven’t seen result yet is with a specific person, I have to have faith and patience and keep up what I’m doing.


Yes, that can be a real challenge!

I would ask myself: If this person falls in love with me and years later I ask them: “do you love me for who I am, or because I cast a spell on you?”. What would I like the answer to be?

But then I’d say “probably both” and cast the spell anyway! :laughing:


@Francisco haha I would have done the same, it’s full moon here already Happy Harvest moon!


Happy Harvest!! Thanks!! Blessings and power to you for the Ares chant :raised_hands:


Francisco, I just want to thank you for this chant because for the first time in a long time me and my husband made music :notes: together after the devotional! Thanks we spiced up the bedroom! :laughing:

Do you have any advice for me and the other beginners as far as remembering so much content about different Gods and Goddesses⁉️ I want to learn everything. It can be a challenge for the newbies ! I was thinking about making a list for the different archetypes and archetypal patterns and a list of characteristics.
For example Ares God of war!
How he overcame his adversaries and was how he became successful at war! :star2:

:sparkles:When I need strength and power I call upon him and :thinking: think how he my warded off all his enemies!
I mean I really want to know the narrative to the story about the Greek mythology.
I’m wondering if there’s an easy way to do that? What do you do for your book of Shadows? Do you incorporate your Greek mythology in the book of shadows? I want to be closer to diety. Any pointers???
Blessed be love :heart: and light!!


Those are good questions, makes me wonder if we can skip some of the incense sometimes since the rules are guidance only.


You can begin by researching a deity’s myths and the religious practices that were traditionally associated with them. A good starting point for the Greek pantheon is

They have a fantastic library of Greek gods mythology and information, including cult practices for each major deity and a library of ancient texts.

Wikipedia also has comprehensive and easy information about each Greek god. You can use it as a starting point.

If you have time, you can research other pantheons too!


@winnie Yes, it’s not the ingredient itself (in this case, incense) but what it symbolizes. You can always work around the ingredients if you get creative.

Incense is purifying, it represent the element Air. But you can work without it and if you want to replace it with something else, use for example chimes, bells, rattles, salt, Florida water, Moon water, etc.


Thanks @Francisco that’s great to know the above can replace the incense. I’ve only made full moon water 6 times and I drank them all haha I would like to do all of the daily rituals but I skipped some cos I didn’t want to wait until the other incense finished to light another one or I thought I must have all the ingredients like offerings as well.

Next time I will keep going on all with one incense or just add the above ingredients you mentioned.

How about the offerings? Can they be substituted? For Saturn last week I had the herbs but not this week. I also don’t usually keep lettuce at home as I prefer baby spinach

Coal, Lettuce, Rue, Thyme, Winter roses, [ Hematite ]


I’m glad I could help you! That’s great that you’re following the daily ritual! :smiley:

With offerings it’s the same as above. There aren’t very strict rules or one universally appropriate way to do it. Depending on the tradition, for example, some people will offer food at the altar every day, and then eat it.

The items mentioned for offerings to deities in the devotionals follow the customs of the ancient cult and practices but you can take them as suggestions too. You could simply set aside the first or last bite of your food, and dedicate that to your deity.

Another option is to pour a libation of water, liquor, juice, milk, wine, or any homebrewed beverage. There are some other interesting discussions in the Forum regarding Offerings to Deities.

And always light candles and create art as a gift to Them!


Thanks @Francisco nice to know there’s flexibility with offerings too. Does that mean the beverage has to be poured? I’ve been doing it the lazy way by just having the pack of long life milk as offering haha

Just curious if anyone else wrap the top of the candle with tin foil to avoid the candle from tunnelling? Or would that mess with the effectiveness of the spell / devotion?


You’re welcome!

When it comes to beverages as offerings, “pouring one” is typically called a libation. It is a universal concept around the world, sharing a drink with the departed ones or to please the gods and spirits. There are many different ways to do it:

  • Burmese Buddhists pour water from a ceremonial vessel into another vessel, drop by drop.
  • In the Andes, it is common to pour a small amount of one’s beverage on the ground as an offering.
  • In Ancient Rome, there were tomb designes which included a stone cup in the hand of a statue, were one could pour the libation for the deceased.

Go with what your intuition tells you. The act of pouring the milk, wine, or even water into a cup is a libation on itself, if you have the right intention (honoring the spirit).

The trick of wrapping the candle in tinfoil and burning it is really neat! You can put the tin foil on and then remove it once the annoying ring of wax has melted, then continue burning the candle normally. :candle:


Thanks Francisco I will have to try the foil wrapping!


Francisco, thank you for being a great friend that is so awesome :clap: This is a wonderful way to get more insight on the Gods! Thank you I appreciate your support in finding this insight!
Blessed be!!!:star2: