Astrological Forecast W/C 30th January 2023

Astrological Highlights for the Week Ahead

We’re waving good bye to January this week as February is here with a bang! Bringing us an amazing opportunity with the Full Moon in Leo… :sparkles:

Ceres Retrograde in Libra :libra: 3rd February 2023 2:15pm (ET) 3rd February 2023 7:15pm (GMT)

Ceres shows your connection with your parents (especially your mother :pregnant_woman:), with those who supported you :people_hugging: and raised you and with your own parental :baby: abilities. She calls into question the way we take care of ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally, and materially speaking – our finances :moneybag: and homes :house:

During Ceres Retrograde, the importance of stability and happiness in these relationships come to the forefront.

Libra :balance_scale: is all about balance! So, during this retrograde expect questions :grey_question: and issues to arise surrounding balancing parental duties, parental figures and how we care for ourselves.

Likely themes or questions could be: “How do I connect with my child, do they need more from me?”, “How am I balancing parental life and self-care?”, “Do I spend too little / too much time or money on myself?”, “Do I need to connect more with my parents, or do I need to distance myself from them?”.

Check out this post on Ceres if you wish to find out more about this placement in your chart :smiley:

Full Moon :astrology_moon: in Leo :leo: 5th February 2023 1:28pm (ET) 5th February 2023 6:28pm (GMT)

LEO :leo: - Fire / Fixed
RULING PLANET - Sun :astrology_sun:
5th HOUSE - Romance :heartbeat: Love, Fertility, Childlike Spirit :child: Joy, Drama :performing_arts:
COLOURS - Orange, Gold, Yellow, Red :yellow_heart: :orange_heart: :heart:
CRYSTALS - Amber, Aventurine, Carnelian, Dumortierite, and Labradorite :crystal_ball:

Message: It’s Time to Shine!

It’s time to unleash your inner Diva with the Full Moon in Leo! This Full Moon you can be selfish and self-indulgent, in fact, it’s actively encouraged! Leo is confident, fun, flirty and bold :dancer: :dancer: It is a Fixed sign, which means it is stabilising, secure and committed to its plans. In the negative, Fixed signs can be stubborn, inflexible, and not know when to make adjustments. :straight_ruler:

Leo :leo: is about being seen, heard, and adored; it’s also romantic :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: - Leo loves to shower others with just as much affection as it likes to shower on itself! We’re all about the big romantic gestures this Full Moon, and as the Sun and Moon Square Uranus :astrology_uranus: (Planet of Rebellion) this transit, be prepared for some unexpected spectacles!

Uranus is triggered :zap: under this Full Moon, awakening deeper truths, and encouraging to look at things :eyes: from a new vantage and make changes where necessary. Happily, we have the unflappable confidence of Leo :lion: assisting us to make these changes happen, and its worth remembering that all the major planets are direct right now, driving us forward :fast_forward: to achieve all the things we want to and change the things we need to! :dizzy:

This Moon is not for hiding, people! Leo owns centre stage :star: and revels in being in the spotlight :flashlight: encouraging us to be proud of who we are. This is a great period to spend some time thinking about all the amazing qualities you have :sparkles: Love yourself, push yourself forward - this life is yours to do what you want with, and Leo is fully supporting you to achieve big things right now!

Full Moon is the perfect time to cast any spells, and with the Full Moon in Leo :leo: this is a chance not to be missed! There are so many spells you could cast right now, take advantage of this time and act on your desires! You will be rewarded :trophy:

Other transits to note:

Neptune :astrology_neptune: in Pisces :pisces: semi-square True Node in Taurus :taurus: 1st February 2023 12:17pm (ET) 1st February 2023 5:17pm (GMT)

Be wary of possible confusion during this time, as Neptune – The Planet of Illusion – forms a semi-square with the True Node. Squares are intense, and usually mean more work :factory_worker: will be needed to produce an outcome. This position, therefore, may create some blockages :stop_sign: in and around our life. We may not be able to see things clearly for a moment and this is enhanced by Neptune’s position in dreamy Pisces, but take heart, this phase will pass quickly :relieved:

Saturn :astrology_saturn: in Aquarius :aquarius: quintile True Node in Taurus :taurus: 3rd February 2023 5:17pm (ET) 3rd February 2023 10:17pm (GMT)

Quintiles are harmonious :innocent: placements in astrology. They indicate talent and a positive flow of energy. Saturn – Lord of Karma and Teacher of EVERY LESSON – is in progressive Aquarius, meaning we might be given an opportunity to learn a valuable lesson :teacher: that will help our evolution during this transit. Saturn’s lessons can be painful or easy but given the Quintile placement here we can expect a more gentle experience, and possibly an enlightenment of sorts :star2:

Happy Imbolc to you all!

Love and Light :heartpulse: :candle: :stonehenge:


Ohh so what does it mean if we think these questions on a regular basis? :sweat_smile: I looked up my Ceres when you made the previous post and my Ceres is in Sagittarius.

So I think I’m just doing everything right and will continue questioning my own parenting as long as I live :laughing:

I may not always understand your astrological forecasts, but I always enjoy reading them!


This is so sweet- there were times during this forecast where I felt like I was hearing a pep talk! Very inspirational and encouraging :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thank you so much for sharing your astrological wisdom @Abs53- I really enjoy reading these forecasts! :star2::heart:


@MeganB It sounds like you’re a bit of a worrier! :sweat_smile: What are your big 3 signs? (Sun, Moon and Rising).

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face: Astrology can be really confusing, it took me quite a while to get my head around it, but now I start with the planet, what the themes of the planet are, then look at the sign or house its in and see what that signs themes are and work out how that influences the overall energy. Once you’ve got that down you can consider whether the planet is direct or retrograde for how the energy affects us :grin:


You’re very welcome @TheTravelWitch_Bry ! Leo is super inspirational :sparkles:


Thanks so much, @Abs53
I love reading your weekly forecasts!
Big hugs :hugs:


I checked it out & of course mine is in Scorpio :scorpius: :laughing: Along with my Sun :sun:, Mercury :astrology_mercury:, Uranus :astrology_uranus:, & Part of Fortune… lots of Scorpio energy running around & water in general really :rofl:

Well, not going to get into anything here… but I have worked on a lot of things & gotten better after each, thing… I am still constantly asking myself these questions too.

I’ve accepted, overcome, changed, & learned a lot over the last year, but I don’t know how this is going to affect my already questioning brain with my daughter :upside_down_face:

Boys are so much easier :joy:


Oh I absolutely am – :joy: gotta love the anxiety mixed with other things!

I’m a Scorpio Sun, Sagittarius Moon, and a Gemini Rising – you’ll know more what to do with that than I do lol

I’m convinced at this point that I will never know or understand astrology beyond the very basics and ya know, I’m totally okay with that! That’s when I defer to lovely people such as yourself with astrology help lol


@Siofra_Strega haha, my mum says the same about boys :joy: my brother kinda just plodded along well, nothing really phased him, despite a rocky childhood, absent dad and abusive step dad he managed to get straight A’s, no problem.

He did the odd stupid thing like get lost drunk at a festival or fall asleep on a train and end up hours way with no money, but overall he wasn’t really a problem and never gave my mum hell.

I, on the other hand was a constant pain in the arse and source of years of stress and grey hair apparently :rofl: :see_no_evil::speak_no_evil::hear_no_evil: looking forward to what my daughters pull out of the bag! :joy:

Ohhh lots of water! I love water signs though :blue_heart: still water runs deep :slightly_smiling_face:

@MeganB Sagittarius moon often worry about losing control, or worry about things outside of their control a lot :blush: and Scorpio Suns are super intuitive meaning they’re constantly picking up on things. Also, Gemini rising has a million ideas and can burn out worrying how to acheive them all :joy: kinda makes sense!


I really love water too :blue_heart:
I’m not sure if I’ve seen another Cancer here, Scorpios and Pisces yes :joy: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :sweat_drops:

Also smooth sailing is boring and overrated, I need my complexes, neuroses and breakdowns to keep life interesting :laughing: :zap: :ocean: :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain:


@CelestiaMoon my Jupiter :astrology_jupiter: is Retrograde in Cancer :cancer: :smiling_face:

My moon :crescent_moon: is Virgo :virgo: & my Rising :arrow_up: is Capricorn :capricorn: . Without having my chart in front of me, I’m not sure where else I have water though :thinking: I feel like there’s at least one more place :laughing: I love water :ocean: too…

Actually my daughter is a Pisces :pisces: Sun :sun: & Capricorn :capricorn: Rising :arrow_up:

My son is a Cancer :cancer: Sun :sun:… so much water in my house :rofl:


@Siofra_Strega I have a lot of water too, my Sun, Mercury, Venus and Lilith are all in Cancer :blush: :cancer: And my Pluto and Midheaven are in Scorpio :scorpius: :black_heart:

To heat things up and add a little more flow and bubbles (:joy:) I have my Ascendant in Sagittarius as well as my Uranus and Neptune which are both retrograde :sagittarius:, and Mars in Leo :leo:. :fire:

The grounding? Well I have my Neptune in Capricorn, that should be plenty? :laughing:


Oh yup that’s certainly plenty of grounding there :laughing: Now I’m going to have to look @CelestiaMoon

Okay, here we go… for water signs only in my chart:

  • Scorpio :scorpius: Sun :sun:, Mercury :astrology_mercury:, Uranus :astrology_uranus:, & Part of Fortune, & on House XI which is where my Mercury :astrology_mercury: is…
  • Cancer :cancer:: Jupiter Retrograde :astrology_jupiter: & on House VII which also happens to be where my Jupiter :astrology_jupiter: is in House VII…
  • Pisces :pisces:: On House III

Geez, I have a ton of Scorpio :scorpius: energy in all kinds of places & some Cancer :cancer: with a dash of Pisces :pisces: in there :laughing:

I have a bit of grounding with my Moon :crescent_moon: in Virgo :virgo: & my Rising in Capricorn :capricorn: & also my House IX is in Virgo :virgo:… so some grounding is there…

Mostly Fire :fire_element: :fire: & Water :water_element: :ocean:. Now that I think about it, those are the 2 elements that I connected with the most & first… Water & then Fire! Air was the 3rd that I connected to & Earth I have connected , but I’m still working on strengthening that connection.

I feel this in my soul! :rofl:

Leo :leo: is more present than the others; in Mars :astrology_mars:, Saturn :astrology_saturn:, & my House VIII for my fire :fire_element: :fire:, Aries :aries: in House IV, Sagittarius :sagittarius: for Neptune :astrology_neptune: & in House XII.

I have a bit of Air :wind_face: :air_element: with Libra :libra: hanging out in Venus :astrology_venus:, Pluto :astrology_pluto:, N Node, X MC, & Aquarius :aquarius: in House II, Gemini :gemini: for Lilith & House VI.

@Abs53 I’ve always kind of been curious… I have heard that it’s uncommon to have 1 planet Retrograde & even rarer to have that one planet be Jupiter :astrology_jupiter:… other than that… I think I have a pretty interesting chart! I’m going to have to go over it again, I’ve worked on a lot & overcame a lot since I first joined Spells8.

Definitely a lot of Water :water_element: :ocean:, really explains a lot :rofl: It seems Cafe Astrology has added some aspects too with explanations, so I’m going to print the one I just ran & see what I can come up with… it now has more information on the transits & aspects, which is exciting! :star_struck:


I love how they keep updating their charts :star_struck:

I can see why I’m feeling a connection with you! :blush: :revolving_hearts: Also my North Node is in Aries and South Node in Libra so the other way around :joy:

I have some Air too from my Gemini Moon and my South Node. Makes it easier to analyze these things and put them into words I think :blush: Some more Fire I forgot from the North Node and also Jupiter :grin: :fire:

Oh hey, I just realized that’s retrograde too, so *sad trombone* :laughing: :trumpet:


I’m glad it makes sense because that all definitely sounds like me :rofl:


Aaawww… I like when theres a connection too! That’s so funny that our N & S Nodes are opposite!

I forgot to even save my chart, so I’ll have to go back & do that later or possibly tomorrow. I also love that they add so much in the explanations & information of the charts.

It makes more sense to me why the grounding & Earth :earth_element: were the last & arguably the hardest for me to connect with too once I relooked at it & read through them.

I sort of… not forgot, but maybe compartmentalized my knowledge of astrology as I started focusing on different things & taking classes. So I’m very happy to have the forecasts back from @Abs53! I always learn so much from them or reinforce things I already learned. Plus the way she writes them is very much an easy way to learn about them too.

One of my things is that I have each of my children’s charts & my husband’s. I look at similarities between them, like my daughter & I both have Capricorn :capricorn: Rising :arrow_up: & she’s a Pisces :sun:… & I’m also a water sign. Off the top of my head I can’t remember her moon :crescent_moon: sign though :laughing:

I also have my brother’s chart He’sa Sagittarius :sagittarius: :sun: bit I don’t remember anything else from his either. :rofl: I would love to have my father’s. All I know so far is that he is a Gemini :gemini: sun :sun: My birth mother was a Capricorn :capricorn: Sun :sun:… but I don’t know the rest of hers either. My mom was a Scorpio :scorpius: Sun :sun:… butting heads was a big event in our house between us :joy:

Looks like I found some more rabbit holes to jump into :laughing:


This is hilarious to me… for reasons! :laughing:


My family referenced it more like World War 3 :rofl:


@Siofra_Strega @CelestiaMoon Analysing and comparing charts is so interesting! I had so many questions when I first starting looking into my chart. I have a ton of Earth mainly Virgo :virgo: which makes sense in a lot of areas of my life and personality, and 2 Air and Water placements respectively. But, I have no Fire at all, which was super surprising because I’m such a firey person, especially throughout my childhood and teenage years.

My rising sign is Scorpio, which is the “spicier” Water sign but thats not enough to make up for the firey side of me. Also, whilst Virgo has a tendency towards perfection and ambition, they tend to prefer sitting behind the throne and pulling the strings than being centre stage, and I’m definitely more of a centre stage person :joy: But then, when I looked at my Nodes it made sense. My South Node is in Leo, and the South Node is all about the qualities you are born with, your past life’s and what you need to release in order to get to the North Node.

I have a lot of Leo in my personality, more so in my younger years. Then I discovered my Midheaven is also in Leo - the Midheaven is all about the personality you like to project to society and where (and how) you put the effort into work and discipline, so it made even more sense.

What I also thought was cool was that me and @praecog29 have opposite Nodes, mine is South Leo to North Aquarius and his is South Aquarius to North Leo, so we balance each other out and teach each other lessons on the path to our North Nodes.

Over time, I have noticed that children tend to share signs in their top 3 with their parents. So, my older daughter is Gemini Sun, Capricorn Rising and Virgo Moon, I’m Virgo Sun and Gemini Moon and her father is Capricorn Sun. My youngest is Scorpio Sun and Leo Rising, I’m Scorpio Rising and her father is Leo Rising. I also share signs with my Mum and biological Dad, as does my brother… interesting! :face_with_monocle:

And me, my mum and oldest can also clash - Lots of Gemini energy floating around when were all together, its very noisy :joy: my poor Dad and @praecog29 :see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:


@Abs53 I remember doing mine & my children’s & my husband’s & when I would look at the kids I was like OH! My oldest has Taurus Sun :sun:, Taurus :crescent_moon: & a Gemini Rising. My father is a Gemini :sun: I know my daughter & my middle son shares something with either me or my husband. My husband is… Aries :sun: Libra :crescent_moon:, & Libra Rising.

My daughter is a Pisces :sun:, Libra :crescent_moon: & Capricorn Rising
My middle son is a Cancer :sun: Taurus :crescent_moon: & Aries Rising

My brother doesn’t share anything with me… I would have to do my parent’s charts to figure out what we share with my parents because I only know their sun signs. My father is a Gemini :sun: (my oldest is a Gemini Rising) & my birth mother is a Capricorn :sun: & I’m a Capricorn Rising.

I’m going to be all up in charts later today :rofl: