What is Ceres in Astrology?

In a previous astrology post, I promised to deliver more on Ceres, sorry for the delay, this last week has been a busy one…

There are a number of asteroids floating around between Mars :red_circle: and Jupiter :orange_circle: but the four biggest are Pallas, Juno, Vesta, and Ceres.

Ceres is now technically a dwarf planet, but Astrologers still class her as an asteroid. Ceres is connected to family love more than romantic love - think the parental or nurturing love between a child and a parent :family_man_boy_boy:

Similar to how every individual is a unique constellation of genetics :dna: environment and individual nature, every Natal Chart is personalised by various factors: sign placement of the planets, house :house_with_garden: placement of the planets, aspects between planets, and the degree of the Ascendant/Descendant to name just a few.

This is why, when we look at Astrology is important to consider the smaller, more obscure planets in our chart. These can explain various subtleties in our personality that our more major planets might not - and Ceres, is one of them :small_blue_diamond:

In mythology, it was the job of Ceres to make sure the lands and such were plentiful with food :corn: (Ceres rules grains and agriculture). Ceres’ daughter was Persephone and Pluto took her. Ceres, a dutiful mother, was so overcome with grief for the loss of her daughter :broken_heart: that she couldn’t keep up her work in making sure the lands were kept fertile. This, in turn, put everyone in danger and so, a deal was struck with Pluto. Persephone was to spend part of her time with Ceres and part of her time with Pluto :small_red_triangle:

Ceres is a dedicated mother; caring and nurturing, supportive, and grounding.

The sign, house placements and aspects of your natal Ceres can show your connection with your parents (especially your mother :pregnant_woman:) with those who supported you and raised you (like a parent) and with your own parental abilities.

Often, a person with a strong natal Ceres, is someone that others look up to as a parent, regardless of whether they actually are that persons parent or not - that person in your friendship group who subconsciously parents the rest of you? They probably have a strong natal Ceres presence in their Chart.

Ceres is currently retrograding, and will be until 14th January 2022. When a planet retrogrades, themes surrounding that planet are internalised. It’s a good time to meditate on the values Ceres upholds, to see if there are any messages that are trying to come through. Consider a devotional to Ceres for guidance in these areas.

To find out where Ceres is in your chart, please check out the below link to Cafe Astrology.

Ceres in your Natal Chart

Once you know where Ceres sits in your chart, you can read more about how the position may effect you below…

I have Ceres in Gemini :gemini: and when it comes to how I parent my daughter, this is pretty spot on :sweat_smile: Enjoy your time discovering your Ceres placement!

Ceres :small_blue_diamond: in the Signs

The following information was taken from Canary Quill Astrology

CERES IN ARIES means you were raised by a very loud, dramatic, aggressive, and powerful family, in a house that was animated by their energy. The positive side of this is that you were loved by loyal, fun-loving, good-humoured parents, and your home was always full of friends and family members. But at the same time, there was infighting as they all battled to dominate one another, sometimes erupting into violence, abuse, and terrifying screaming matches. This emotional chaos took its toll on your childhood and your relationship with your parents. And though it has made you stronger, the family home you create for your own kids will likely be full of the same. Yet, despite your ups and downs, as a parent, you give your kids freedom, independence, and that legendary Aries loyalty your parents gave you - ready to defend them loudly and proudly, and fight by their side when they need you to be there.

CERES IN TAURUS desires a beautiful home, like the one you grew up in. Your parents worked hard and invested their money into high-quality, expensive furnishings and food. In this way, you have been spoiled with good taste. Yet despite all you had, you are resentful, as you remember always being shouldered with a great deal of chores and responsibility from a very young age to make up for other family member’s shortcomings. When it comes time for you to buy a home and start a family of your own, you won’t settle for anything less than what you’ve grow accustomed to. You want to give your own kids the kind of material comforts and security you had growing up. But while you are endlessly loving and affectionate, you may be over-protective, controlling, and possessive. Learn to let them make mistakes and life their own life, and your relationship with them will improve.

CERES IN GEMINI speaks of a loud, noisy, ever-changing home life. Your family is social and highly communicative, always running in and out of the house, off on their own busy schedules. This placement usually switches between an empty house, with parents and siblings who are never home, and then the house filling up with people for some holiday dinner or birthday party. It also usually means that you’ve moved from place to place, and have a hard time settling down for good. Growing up like this, your own home and family life becomes much of the same. Your house is seldom quiet, and boredom propels you to pack up and move every few years. You raise intelligent, social, free-spirited kids, and you actively engage both their minds and their bodies in play. And while you are somewhat detached, leaving them responsible to raise themselves, it is refreshing to find a parent who loves to have fun as much as their children do!

CERES IN CANCER is in its Exalted position. You have a very deep, and very complicated relationship with your family, especially with your mother. At times, when her relationship with your father (or other men in her life) became difficult, she turned to you for the kind of comfort and security mothers usually give to their kids. In this way, from an early age, you have always been a very domestic and nurturing person, and caregiving has become an instinctual part of your personality. To your own little ones you are tender-hearted and kind, cooking and cleaning, hugging them tightly and kissing their foreheads goodnight - as long as they stay close at home, under your protection, that is. Don’t let fear turn you into a crying, manipulative, and controlling parent they are afraid of offending. Your children need independance too, and can’t cling to your apron strings their whole life!

CERES IN LEO says that you grew up in a loud, active, and fiery family home. Your parents reigned over their house, dominant and controlling, thundering down rules that nobody dared step over. They were powerful and demanding in the way they governed the family - but loving, protective, spoiling, and fun-loving, nonetheless. Your home was a gathering place for friends and relatives, from holiday dinners to summertime adventures. And when you create a home and family of your own, you give your children the same kind of love and affection your parents gave you. You become the reigning monarch of your own home and pound down commands of your own. But you also give them a great deal of independence and support, encourage their creative pursuits, and spoil them with attention.

CERES IN VIRGO is in its Ruled position. You grew up very closely tied to your family, especially your mother, and a significant part of who you are comes from what you were raised to be. Ceres here shows that you were raised by hardworking parents, who taught you to be serviceable, kind, responsible, clean, and diligent. And when it comes time to take care of your own family, you are as domestic as can be. The home is kept clean and tidy from you organizing, vacuuming, washing, sweeping, scrubbing, and polishing, until the whole house sparkles. Healthy meals are prepped and planned, save for a few treats and indulgent family favourites. The garden is weeded, the bills paid on time. And most importantly, your kids are raised with a healthy mix of love and discipline, and grow to be strong, healthy, hard working individuals themselves.

CERES IN LIBRA is surprisingly conflicted. Your parents were polar opposites, and disagreed with one another often. The burden to harmonise their relationship fell on you, and you were raised to mediate between fighting family members whenever conflict arose. Growing up in this position was not easy. So as a parent or caregiver yourself, one of your foremost values is that you don’t want your own loved ones to grow up in the same position you were in as a child. You want them to grow up in a beautiful house with lots of nice things. You never want them to feel unloved or separated from their parents, as you sometimes felt. And yet, despite all your love and your best efforts, your rational, dispassionate approach to parenting can create distance between you and the people you love. Work on being more emotionally involved, and more disciplinary (you can’t always be the good guy!), and your children will be better for it.

CERES IN SCORPIO is difficult in the same way that Ceres in Aries is difficult. There were a lot of very intense, powerful, and passionate people in your family when you were growing up. On one hand, they loved and protected you with all their heart; fought for you, defended you, and pledged their undying loyalty to the family they loved so much. But on the other, the emotional chaos in your family gave way to things like abuse, divorce, alcoholism/addiction, estranged relatives, and family drama that is only whispered about years later. As a parent yourself, you carry many of these themes into your own home. You are fiercely protective of your children, to the point that you develop a deep, paranoid fear of anything happening to them. Your love can lead you to become an overbearing and domineering parent, as your desire for power and control causes you to overreach into their affairs. You will have to come to terms with your past family issues as you start to raise your own. Work on being a force of positive change, and remind yourself to let them live their own lives.

CERES IN SAGITTARIUS means you probably freaked your parents out. A lot. You were a young daredevil: curious, rambunctious, always outside getting into trouble. Most likely, your father let you go do what you wanted, but your mother was worried sick, and used guilt to keep you close at home. But despite her efforts, your childhood was reckless and fun, and you carry the same traditions into your own family. You take an active part in your children’s lives, encouraging exercise, adventure, and individual freedom. You may shock and offend them with the crude things you say, and you may not always be the most affectionate, but you’re always there with wizened advice when they need it. You do not force them to adopt any kind of belief system, moral values, or particular religion. You let them come into those ideas on their own because you grant them independence of thought and action. No free-thinking child or future philosopher could ask for any more!

CERES IN CAPRICORN is in its Fall position. You have a lot of repressed anger and resentment about your family growing up because of the way they treated you. Your family, and in particular your father, was emotionally distant or absent altogether, and in some cases may have been abusive in some way. In any case, he was cold, strict, stern, and made you feel as if you had to earn his love and respect by doing things to impress him. As a parent yourself, you love your children dearly, and that is precisely why you are so driven for success. But you are also not very warm, cuddly, or affectionate. You prefer to show your love by providing for them. Unfortunately, being this detached from your own children can mean that you are removed from their emotional needs for love and comfort, and that they will grow up feeling that they are not meeting your expectations. You don’t want your children to feel like you did growing up. So let them know you love them - often, and as soon as you can.

CERES IN AQUARIUS means your home life growing up was unconventional. You may have been suddenly uprooted and moved often, and became accustomed to chaotic change. Your parents were a contradictory mix of intensely emotional and completely detached - overbearing, needy, and dramatic in one breath, then absent or uncaring the next. Your family was an eclectic mix, shaken out of divorce, adoption, extramarital affairs, and step-family. From all of this, you grew up feeling distant from your own family, sometimes resentful, sometimes feeling as though you are too different for them to understand. You vow to raise your children to feel loved and accepted no matter what they turn out to be like. But while you are non-judgemental in your very detached way, remember how to be close, comforting, and affectionate too. Even the most independent children need a hug and a kiss and to be shown that you care, so give them that when they need it.

CERES IN PISCES is in its Detriment position. Your childhood and home life growing up was a loud and confusing mixture of fond memories and painful ones; of loving parents with relationship drama; of wanting to escape from your family and wanting to be close to them. Your mother and father completely dominated you, sheltering and protecting you from the outside world, making you dependant on them for everything. As a parent yourself, you are likely to recreate the same kind of unstable home you are used to. Your lack of boundaries and discipline may lead to wild, vagrant kids without structure, who do not trust you to protect them. Your own relationship drama may make your kids feel overlooked. You love them selflessly, give them everything they want, spoil them, listen to them, comfort them when they need it and encourage them to follow their dreams. In the end, they grow up just as conflicted as you did. Curb the chaos, and fight to become more responsible, for their sake as well as yours.

Love & Light to all :heartpulse: :candle: :stonehenge:


How exciting to learn about Ceres! This is a new one, I don’t think I’ve found where Ceres is in my chart yet. It looks like I’ve got it in Aries! :arise:

I don’t have any kids at the moment, but I’m sure if the day comes I’ll defend them just as fiercely as my folks defended me :ram:

Really fun to learn about- thanks so much for sharing your wisdom, @Abs53! I always love reading your astrology posts :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :milky_way: :heart:


I appreciate this post and all but after reading where Ceres is in my chart (Taurus) I don’t believe I’m a certified Taurus lol


I found my Ceres in Scorpio which actually shows up in a few places in my chart. It’s my Sun sign, Ceres, Mercury, Uranus, & Part of Fortune. I’ll have to look at my updated chart & see if I can find it anywhere else in there. :scorpius:


Oh, this is interesting!

So according to the chart, Ceres was in Sagittarius when I was born. The first part of what’s written, that I was probably a young daredevil and getting into a lot of trouble, is not quite right :laughing: BUT the way I parent my daughter is basically spot on. I definitely encourage the independence and exercise but I also struggle with showing affection because of some things but it’s basically all true.

Now it’s got me curious about my fiancé’s Ceres…and his is in Capricorn and also makes a lot of sense :laughing:

Thanks for sharing all this astrology info! It’s something that goes right over my head trying to learn it all!


You are very welcome @BryWisteria thank you for your kind words :heartpulse:

@Susurrus Looks like you have lots of Water in your Chart, Krissie! Makes sense you’re an empath! :sparkles:

@MeganB - I’m similar, the bit which said I move around a lot and find it hard to settle, isn’t particularly accurate, but the parenting part is super accurate :sweat_smile:

@christina4 if you have a picture of your chart, have a look and see if your Ceres is close to the border of another sign - I did @praecog29’s and his Ceres is in one sign but it’s right next to the border of another, and that one probably embodies him more :smiley:


While some of this I feel completely accurate, some I don’t. For instance I don’t lack boundaries but may have too strict in some areas and my kids aren’t wild lol. But well behaved and much better then where I was at their age. I do however see myself in many of the same situations as my father which I need to work on for sure.