Astrological New Year March 20

I know that @Abs53 is going to be covering most of what is in the article that I got this information from, but I had no idea that the veil is thinner at the beginning of the astrological New Year. I was looking up information about March, Pisces, Aries, & the Planets when I stumbled across this website: Astrology Forecast March 2021

March 20- Equinox + Sun in Aries +Start of Astrological New Year

“Happy astrological new year! The Sun shifts into the Aries zodiac today, which also signals the Equinox, a time of equal hours of night and day. Depending on where you live, the Equinox also brings the start of Spring or Autumn. This is a power day, where the veil between dimensions is said to be thin. This is the perfect time for magic and ritual work, and for sowing seeds for the new chapter that is to unfold.”

Also today there is a conjunct with Neptune… March 10- Sun Conjunct Neptune

“One of the most magical and mystical days of the year is when the Sun aligns with Neptune. Neptune is the planet of hopes, dreams, and wishes and with both the Sun and Neptune currently in Pisces, these dreamy vibes are amplified! This is a day where your intuition will be heightened and you are more likely to receive downloads and insights from your higher self or angels/guides.”

I wanted to share what I found but as I said, @Abs53 would be the go-to for more information about this, I just was so excited about the thin veil that I had to share what I found! It was mentioned to me that ancestors want to be acknowledged & I couldn’t figure out why, but I made an altar for them & lit them a candle. So I went looking for something to be going on & I sure found it!


Very nice information! Thank you for sharing it!


You’re welcome! I thought it was pretty cool. Did you go to the site & read about all of the days there is something going on? I found it pretty iteresting so many things will be in Pisces this month! Explains a lot at my house right now!


I looked but I can’t make heads or tails of it, I’m not good at astrology. I’m just weird that way.


I’m getting better. I printed my charts & I bookmark mrs posts about them to read them. I’m really trying to better understand astrology. I do have my numerology chart too, but I’m not sure if that has anything to do with astrology… yet… :rofl:


You’ll get there! I have faith in you!


Thank you! It will get easier for you too!


For some reason I just can’t get into it. I try but it goes way over my head. I don’t even feel connected to my birth sign. But I’ve got other witchy talents so that’s okay!


Love love love all of this. Thank you for the knowledge


@Amethyst it’s your path so all of your witchy ways are perfect for you!

@amanda5 you are very welcome.

I googled these… It defines each sign. I’ll send more about the houses. :heart::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:Astrology Signs Birth Time Personality Traits
Aries March 21 -April 19 Energetic, candid and willful

|Taurus|April 20 - May 20|Reliable, diligent and conservative|

|Gemini|May 21 - June 21|Quick-witted, capricious and cheerful|

|Cancer |June 22 - July 22|Considerate, imaginative and sensitive|

|Leo |July 23 - August 22|Enthusiastic, proud, and arrogant

|Virgo |August 23 - September 22|Elegant, perfectionist, and picky|

|Libra |September 23 - October 23|Equitable, charming and hesitant|

|Scorpio |October 24 - November 22|Insightful, mysterious, and suspicious|

|Sagittarius|November 23 - December 21|Unconstrained, lively, and rash|

|Capricorn |December 22 - January 19|Perseverant, practical and lonely|

|Aquarius|January 20 - February 18|Smart, liberalistic, and changeful|

|Pisces|February 19 - March 20|Romantic, kind, and sentimental|


March 20- the equinox, Ostara, and the start of the astrological new year… what a day! :star_struck:

Thank you so much for sharing this helpful info, @Siofra. Sounds like a perfect time to work with your ancestors- good luck! :pray::candle:


I have to get with it & use my pendulum, I made a small altar for them but then! I was going somewhere & my mom’s song came on, it’s not a common song & I can see her sitting at our kitchen table bobbing her head & singing it. Then she would always tell me, “At my services I want you to play this song.” I didn’t play it at her services, but I played it for me that day. Now whenever I hear it, I know she is around doing her thing.


I’m Aquarius, and while I can get behind being liberal, I HATE change, and while I’ve got the common sense but I about flunked out of school. So I’m only halfway Aquarius? Is that how being on the cusp works?


Neato! I’m a Leo cusp. Which means you and I are on the EXACT opposite side of the wheel! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


This is great info!!! Thanks so much beautiful @Siofra :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Aquarius can be rebellious :smiling_imp: so maybe explains schooling. Being on the cusp is cool as you have so much influence from multiple signs :smiley:

You may identify more with you rising sign (I do :grinning:) in fact, I put my rising sign first, then moon sign and then sun sign in order of how well I fit with them.

I’m a Virgo sun on the cusp with Leo and I identity a lot with Leo. But then I have Leo as my South Node.

You might have the 7th house - which is relationships, stability, commitment which detonates
dislike of change - in an earth sign to really ground in that stability factor, or some planetary influence from Saturn in a certain area - Saturn loves structure.

Or, you may just not fit into the box, which is perfectly fine! In fact it makes you much more interesting :joy:

Honestly, about this time 2 years ago I had very little knowledge of Astrology and there’s so many “pieces” of it, it can be really confusing :joy:

The reason I started looking into it is because I read that at that moment, that second, that we’re born, the stars won’t be in that position again for 26,000 years. That blew my tiny mind a bit :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Yes @Siofra !! Fabulous post :laughing: I love that you’re getting into it! :sparkling_heart:

And your so right - next weeks Astrology post the Equinox features heavily :smiley::smiley::smiley:

And as start of the astrological year I’m thinking of using this as the start of my new year going forward, as it makes much more sense to how I work with the months and signs and stuff.



did you know? that Saturn returns every 28-30 years so at some point everyone reaches their “Saturn return” which is a revelation of your true purpose on this planet. you experience the trials and chaos leading to this moment and then everything is suddenly crystal clear! when i read this, i realized that saturn was currently in the sky and that it was beginning again which is so cool to think im seeing the start of what my children will see come back around! so connected and UNI-versal


FASCINATING😍!!! i just love how the planets and luminaries affect us! my partner was a skeptic before but i keep proving to him his daily influence and i can see he is starting to get it. lol