Astrology Aspects - What are they and what do they mean?

In my more recent forecasts, I have started to include some information regarding different planetary aspects so I thought it might be useful to do a post explaining more about the different aspects, what they are and what they mean… :sparkles:

What are Aspects?

Aspects describe the angles that the planets :ringer_planet: form to each other on the wheel of the zodiac as they move through the sky. As much as each of the planets have their own unique qualities and personalities, that govern different areas of our lives and are influenced by the sign they are in at any given time, each of the angles - and the relationships they form with each other - means something different too.

These relationships are known as aspects, and they are represented by the angles the planets form with each other on the zodiac wheel :wheel_of_dharma:

There are five major aspects we look at in Astrology; Conjunctions, Sextiles, Squares, Trines and Oppositions and each has a different meaning.

Some are considered hard aspects - these generally bring about more difficulty and struggle - and some are considered soft aspects - these are generally thought of to be gentler, positive and auspicious. Conjunctions, aren’t aligned with either category, as they can go in either direction :arrow_forward: :arrow_backward: depending on the planets involved.

When looking at astrology, you will do well to consider, this all depends on the planets involved. You can have helpful squares, you can have a difficult trine - they all look different based on the planetary players. :dizzy:

The Five Aspects


If two or more planets are within 0° of each other on the zodiac wheel, it’s known as a conjunction.

A Conjunction is when two or more planets fall under the same sign. This aspect is very focused - it blends the qualities of the planets and makes their energies intense. If the planets compliment each other, it can be a positive aspect that can bring about high energy. If the planets don’t get along with each other, it can be a difficult aspect that can bring about more challenging vibes.


If two or more planets are 60° apart, this is known as a sextile.

Sextiles are fun, positive and generally full of good vibes! This energy is relaxed and compatible and does not tend to bring drama. Sextiles are not, however, action oriented and therefore do not carry a huge drive of energy. They are pleasant and comforting.

Sextiles usually occur between fire :fire: and air :wind_face: signs and earth :earth_africa: and water :droplet: signs.


When two or more planets are 90° apart, they form a square.

A square :white_square_button: is intense and, unlike a sextile, dictates action. Squares carry a dramatic vibe - think hard angles and corners. Squares, however, are not always bad, they just generally mean that work will be needed to produce your favoured outcome.


When two or more planets are 120° apart, they form a trine.

Trines are THE BEST! These are the ones you want to see :small_red_triangle: They bring luck, positive changes and synchronicity. When planets are working within the signs of the same element, they naturally get each other’s motives, making their energies easier for us to work with.

Trines are not to be ignored. They bring an amazing opportunity to make positive changes into our lives!


When two or more planets are 180° apart (or directly across from each other on the zodiac wheel) they form an opposition.

As you have probably guessed, this position can be challenging. With the whole zodiac wheel between two opposing planets, they are as far apart in the chart as they can possibly be, and because the two types of energies across the wheel are so distant to one another, this aspect can make it difficult for them to come together in harmony… However, opposites attract! So by seeking a balance :balance_scale: between the planets’ energies and working progressively towards a more beneficial resolution, there is the potential for us to make an opposition run smoothly.

I hope that all made some sort of sense! If you have any questions please ask. The next post I’m working on is a back-to-basics astrology post, that covers the Signs, Houses and Planets and delves into the different qualities that each embody. A lot of you may already know the answers, however, I thought it might be a good reference point to have to hand.

Love & Light to all :heartpulse: :candle: :stonehenge:


I just did my family’s birth charts. I’m looking forward to comparing them. (1 of my boys has a Taurus Sun, Taurus Moon, Taurus Rising, Mercury in Taurus, & Saturn in Taurus :eyes:) So this will help to have something to look at when I’m reading them.

Do you mind if I print it to add to my BOS? With credit of course. Ooo… maybe once they are finished @Francisco could make up printables! :star_struck:

Side Note: I’m taking courses on astrology online. I’m starting with the basics like you are for the coven! Thank you so much for this information. :star_and_crescent: :star2:


You’re amazing, @Abs53- this is written so clearly and in such an approachable way! :raised_hands: Although I do have to admit that when the angle degrees appeared, the part of my brain that still has nightmares about math class started panicking a bit :joy:

Thanks for making astrology accessible to all- this is a great guide, and I’m sure I’ll be coming back to reference each of the aspects! :pray::heart:


@Siofra that’s an amazing amount of Taurus! :taurus::joy::flushed: Of course, take what you want my dear :wink: I like refreshing my basic knowledge every now and then, there’s so much to learn so it’s good to keep reminding yourself, as you can get so lost on the way! :joy:


@TheTravelWitch thanks Bryanna! :heart: I tried to go gentle on the maths :joy: I need to add some pictures for visual reference. If I can’t find anything acceptable this weekend I’ll draw some… Time to get the old compass and protractor out :sweat_smile::rofl:


Why thank you deary!!! This is all new. I just learned about the void-of-course. The in between time of the moon. And it’s not suggested to cast spells at this time because it may not come to fruition or rarely come into fruition. They could also turn out differently than planned. Astrology is so interesting and there’s always something new to learn!


@Abs53 I feel like I should have been warned that there would be so much Taurus energy in my home over the last 20 years. :rofl: I couldn’t believe that his Sun, Moon, & Rising were all the same sign, nevermind the planet signs.

Something else weird. My husband is an Aries Sun & Libra Moon & Libra Rising. My son 2nd son is a Cancer Sun, Taurus Moon, & Aries Rising. I’m a Scorpio Sun, Virgo Moon with Capricorn Rising. My daughter is a Pisces Sun, Libra Moon, & Capricorn Rising. We have matching placements with our children for some things. I think that is kind of neat. It’s like they have little pieces of us in their charts.


Thanks for this explanation! I’ve tried many times to understand the differences between these and just never really got the hang of it lol this was helpful!

Looking back at my own chart, there are a lot of aspects to understand. I’ll have to go through them one by one someday :laughing:


So I have these worksheets to help with understanding your chart. I would love to share them with the coven, they are from a Free Astrology Course online. Anyone can access them.

ws-1.pdf (169.5 KB)

This one is the Planets & the Signs & Houses. You fill in where they are on the sheet.

ws-2.pdf (235.0 KB)

This is the Elemental Worksheet

ws-3.pdf (235.7 KB)

This worksheet is for whether your placements/signs are Cardinal, Fixed, or Mutable.

There are other printables on the site too…

Astrology Printables


Oh, cool! I did the worksheet for the balance of the elements and I honestly thought I had more water in my chart than anything but I was wrong. I’ve got more Earth!


Oh yay! I’m really enjoying the lessons & there’s a lot of valuable printables for interpretation or general knowledge.

Not a very good picture, but after water I have equal fire & air. Definitely influenced by Scorpio & Libra in my chart too.


file.pdf (731.8 KB)

I’m very earthy and watery. Seems to fit the Capricorn mascot fairly well!


These are awesome!!! Great find @Siofra!! :sparkles: :heartpulse:


Thank you! I was so excited to share them! I hope they are helpful! :infinite_roots:

I love the key at the bottoms for 2 of them. That was helpful for me. :two_hearts:


They’re, honestly, so helpful. I wish I had them at the start - I hand wrote all mine out :rofl: