Audition Spell?

Hi so I applied for a casting gig just through an email with my pictures and a paragraph about myself. I’m trying to get them to message me with an audition. Any spells to help my email stick out?


Hi Jazmin! If it’s for a talent agency or a specific production company, try this:

  1. Recreate their business card but add your name and information instead.
  2. Burn a green or yellow candle on top of the card as you meditate on your goal. Focus your intent and imagine everything going well: Visualise it, feel it, manifest it.

Tonight’s Full Moon is on your side! :full_moon: Check your local time and try to avoid casting the spell during the lunar eclipse. If you have bay leaves, add burning a bay leaf with your intention to manifest it faster!

You could also craft a sweetening jar such as this one and add the name of the company or person in it (e.g. judges, interviewers).

I would say maybe the most important thing is that you work on your self-confidence and calm your nervousness. It sounds like you have good chances so don’t let your own fears/anxiety hold you back!

Best of Luck!! :four_leaf_clover:


Congrats on your audition, @Blahhitsjazmin! That is so exciting- I hope you get the role :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Francisco shared some wonderful ideas! Adding to his suggestions, you could always try some general Good Luck Spells:


I personally love to carry a charged talisman or token with me while I am waiting for positive news/feedback. The Sun Sigil to Pass a Test is commonly used to pass an exam, but the spellwork and chant can also apply to passing an audition/other kind of skill test as well:


I’m cheering for you! Good luck, Jazmin! :clap::blush:


I’ve tried the sun sigil spell and it worked phenomenally!!! I still have it, too!! That’s my recommendation, @Blahhitsjazmin :two_hearts: have faith!!


I hope you get it, I can’t think of anything that hasn’t already been said to try, but I wanted to wish you good luck for your audition!


I can see that everyone has given you some awesome spells :heartpulse: I’m just here to say that your awesome and your going to smash it :heartpulse: good luck :heartpulse: