Super Flower Blood Moon Eclipse in Saggitarius

So…it’s just around the corner! :full_moon_with_face: officially on May 26 What I’m reading is that this eclipse will be a time when many people will be saying goodbye to something that no longer serves them. (more in this article)

What are your plans for the full moon? I will be doing the Spells8 Lunar Eclipse Candle Ritual and the reflection worksheet. And lots of self care! But I want to hear what you will be doing!


Thanks @mary25 for pointing this out! Think then I will also do this same Spells8 Lunar Eclipse Candle Ritual too!


This is also happening in the opposite sign of my Moon-sign, but looks like it is out of orb for an opposition aspect to my moon, but still seems like it will be drawing out my emotions for me to examine. That makes sense.

Anyways one of the spiritual paths I have spent a lot of time practicing before, Hinduism, tends to consider eclipse energies to be negative energies. By that tradition it is considered best to fast on an eclipse, even abstaining from liquids as well, and if possible not going out into the direct light of the eclipse. But also this only applies if the eclipse itself passes directly over the area you reside in. Each eclipse has a certain geographical path it travels over. Also in Hinduism they say it is a good day to focus on meditation, like to do mantra meditation chanting lots of mantras to counteract the dark vibes it brings. Likely Lord Shiva mantra is a good one to chant (or listen to even) at that time: Om Namah Shivaya

In the western astrological tradition, from what I have read before, eclipses are considered to bring change into the world, but what sort of change is governed by the astrological signs involved. There is even some astrology books just about eclipses and the effects they have when they occur in each sign.


This is the eclipse path/map, for all parts of the world.


That’s a shame, it won’t be visible where I am in England. I’ll have to watch a video online :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ll probably do the Lunar Eclipse Ritual as well, it looks interesting. I’m just disappointed I can’t see the eclipse from where I’m at.


Here’s a Full Moon Spell for the Flower Moon too! :white_flower:

The guided meditation is of course voiced by Joy, and I added a printable page with a few journaling ideas I felt necessary to include:

I hope the weather will be nice enough around here for a walk in the moonlight :full_moon: Otherwise I’ll be blasting some Woke Nation and creating smoke shapes at home :laughing:


@Francisco you had said earlier it was not good to do spells on the eclipse moons? Can you please tell more about this? Would it be alright to do this spell on the eclipse?


Woohoo! Thanks for this helpful info, @mary25 :heart:

Thanks for sharing the eclipse map, @Volmarr! :raised_hands: I’m with @IrisW on that we won’t be able to see it here in Europe :sob: Oh well- we should still be able to see the full moon! :full_moon:

A few folks mentioned the Spells8 Lunar Eclipse Ritual Spell, so I’m adding a link here in case anyone else is considering it this week:


That’s a really good question, @Volmarr! For those of us who won’t be in the range of the Lunar Eclipse, I’m confident that we can carry on with our Full Moon Magick without worrying too much :full_moon: . Although those who are particularly in tune with lunar energies may choose to draw on the Lunar Eclipse even if they won’t be able to see the eclipse from their location.

As for working spellwork beneath the Lunar Eclipse, many people believe it is better to stick to shadow and reflection work. However, just like when it’s a New/Dark Moon, the decision to do or refrain from spellwork will depend largely on the individual.

Eclipses only occur once in a while so it’s a good opportunity to look back at the past 6-12 months. Whether it’s about lessons learned or wishes that came true, we clear the path and open ourselves to new things that will come our way.

Having said this, everyone’s path is different and you may have a different interpretation.

Some Witches see the lunar eclipse as a full cycle (Moon appearing and disappearing) in one night so that gives it a very special power. Others still claim that lunar eclipses are “dangerous“, but this event is an opportunity to experiment with intuitive magic and enhance our psychic abilities.

[From Spells8: Lunar Eclipse]

Whether you choose to do spellwork or have a time of rest and reflection, wishing you a very blessed Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse! :sparkles:


I was in middle of typing out a response like @Volmarr did. I just stick to tarot, candle magic, journal prompts. But I’m liking the rituals shared here!!!


Thanks :pray: I love Forever Conscious! She has great content and is underrated. She also has a YouTube channel where she keeps updates on astrology, meditations, etc. Definitely sign up for her email because she gives great info and free stuff!!!


I just received this email with the ritual for the blood moon:


I got the same email! I love Forever Conscious for the forecasts & their rituals are really nice too.

I’m not sure what I am doing for the Full Moon Eclipse. I know that I will be bringing out crystals under the moon if it’s a nice night here. I don’t know if I will be making Moon Water though. I’m just kind of scattered about what I want to do for it.


NOOOOO! Lol don’t charge crystals under an eclipse because it will possibly get worse or mixed energy.


See this is why I love you :heart: It’s too early for these things to be registering in my brain. I haven’t even finished my first cup of coffee. :rofl:

I was looking at my natal chart & figuring out where Chiron is in my chart… none of it made any sense to me this morning. So I also decided that I won’t try to read my book until I’m 2 cups deep.


I can’t even open my eyes until the second cup :joy::joy:
Btw, what other crystal do you like a lot??


Oh! I like Gold & Red & Blue Tiger’s Eye a whole lot! Those bands of color get me every time! Garnet & Lapis Lazuli are other ones that I adore. & anything shaped like a turtle. :turtle:

This reminds me that I have to go through my cards again. I found some crystals in little bags with cards & I have no idea if I already have some of the cards in my book. I have too many of these cards. :rofl: :card_file_box:

I just got my second cup. I’m going to have to buy coffee for the weekend because after this I can only make 1 more cup until I go to the store :convenience_store: . Which will be a while from now, I’m not ready for people in my town yet. :frowning_woman:t2:


Got it in my notebook :ledger:. And I order online and pick up. I don’t do people!!! People here are rude, inconsiderate, perverted, dirty and just no!!


We have had some nice weather lately & it’s Friday. Tourists are abundant now which means rude, entitled, inconsiderate… a whole lot of no for me. So from now until about mid September we use “native travel” (the backroads) & we don’t go over the bridge until Monday. The traffic will be insane & just continues to get worse over the summer. Today is a little overcast, but I think it’s supposed to clear up by the afternoon.