Lunar Eclipses?

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I have been under the impression that Lunar Eclipses and other rare moon occasions hold high power, I was recently told that these moons are dangerous and only hold dark power? Is this true? Should I keep the moon water I have had making since yesterday, and how would I cleanse my crystals of this power?


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Yes! While I wouldn’t say they are necessarily “dangerous”, it’s true that people used to be afraid of Eclipses. They were seen as a warning sign.

As far as I know, eclipses are not meant for spellwork or manifestation. Instead we just sit back, relax and reflect.

Eclipses only occur once in a while so it’s a good opportunity to look back at the past 6-12 months. Whether it’s about lessons learned or wishes that came true, we clear the path and open ourselves to new things that will come our way.

Follow this Lunar Eclipse Candle Ritual to explore your Shadow during the eclipse


Having said this, everyone’s path is different and you may have a different interpretation.

Some Witches see the lunar eclipse as a full cycle (Moon appearing and disappearing) :waxing_crescent_moon::full_moon::waning_crescent_moon: in one night so that gives it a very special power.

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If you really want to cast a spell during the lunar eclipse, I would recommend something related to closing a cycle, like a Cord-Cutting Ritual or a Spiritual Cleanse to mark the beginning of something new.


This is great information for the upcoming Penumbral Lunar Eclipse this weekend! It is especially unique because the lunar eclipse is followed by the Full Buck Moon :full_moon:

I think it is very interesting that a lunar eclipse- a time meant to pause, relax, and reflect- is directly followed by a full moon-the phase of the moon most commonly associated with powerful spell work and rituals :sparkles: .

Not to mention that later this month we will also have a meteor shower! :comet:

It seems that the celestial heavens are overflowing with power this month- it is a great time to draw on all of this cosmic energy! :milky_way:

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