Baby witch help

So, I am writing my first novel but I have really bad anxiety with a splash of perfectionism. I have wanted to write for a long time. When I sat down to write my first chapter the words just flowed and it was so cathartic. I guess my question is does anyone have a spell or anything that might help me keep going? Trust in my instincts? Or anything that you think would help me? I have supportive people around me I just don’t trust what they say because I think they feel they have to tell me positive things. Thank You all so much in advance


Hi there @heather24 - it is normal to have this happen, don’t worry, you will get your groove back — I love Sarra Cannon, she has two channels but her writer’s channel is linked below — she is a witch and will talk about that with her writing very often. I love her coffee chats.

Explore more mundane ways to unblock - there are so so so many — but/and mostly DO trust your instincts for sure and be confident in your own story — but if that fails, Llewellyn has a spell for writer’s block:


What kind of novel are you writing? Trust your friends, they won’t let you down. If I get blocked I go do something else till I get some inspiration, usually by listening to music or reading something else. But just trust yourself. The words will come!


I am writing my first novel and it’s a romance. I read so many and I have always liked writing. What do you write?


That is so exciting- congrats to you on your big project, Heather! :tada: :open_book:

I know there are several creativity and motivation spells around here, but the ones I’m thinking of are geared toward restarting after someone has hit a creative block or needs some more inspiration. I’ll drop some links just in case- they can always be adapted to your needs!

Crea-tarot-ivity: A Motivational Card Spell
card spell for creativity

Motivation and Creativity, Come My Way Spell

Jan and Amethyst have already given some excellent advice- the only other thing I can think of to add in is to consider the space you are writing in! I’ve found that going to a working cafe, co-working space, library, or study center (anywhere where other people are also writing) helps to tap into the “hive mind”. When others around you are being productive, it really helps you increase your productivity too! :grinning:

Oh! And another psychology-based note on space- they say to sit in a big, open room or outside when you want to think of big, overarching ideas (like main plot points) but to sit in a smaller space with a low ceiling when you want to hone in on the finer details :+1:

Good luck and happy writing, Heather! :writing_hand: :sparkles:


Fanfiction. I’m writing a Harry Potter goes back in Time One and a Harry Potter/Marvel crossover right now. But I’ve written NCIS, CSI Miami, and a lot of Buffy stuff. I had about a ten-year hiatus from reading, thanks to the depression, but now that I’m doing better I try to write in my free time.


@heather24 Well done on writing, I’m full of ideas but never get further than page 1 :joy:. I used to be a part of Holly Lisle writing school (I think she still does one, online), anyway she said when she has a blockage, she’d do sums in her head, till her writing side got so bored, it kick started its creativity. She also uses story dice. You throw them like normal dice and then write anything about the pictures that come up, again it kick starts the creativity. Good luck. Love to read some when it’s done. Blessed be :sparkling_heart: