Back to school spell (for when you need it!)

My summer break is almost over! It is hard to believe that it went so fast! I’ve enjoyed almost every minute (husbands having heart attacks was not really in my plan, but I’m thankful he’s OK!)

I officially go back to school for pre-planning next Thursday morning, so I am soaking in the last few minutes of my summer, but I’m already a little anxious and a lot excited.

I found the spell in a blog and thought it was really lovely. I think I will do it with my own children in the next few weeks. They don’t start school till August

If you have littles, I thought you might enjoy!


Thank you for sharing. I know we have people that are also getting ready for back to school that are either parents, teachers, or homeschool teachers… or that have something to do with children’s education… that this would be helpful for them have as it gets closer to starting.

Thank you so much! :revolving_hearts:


Thank you! I could use this for my kids when they start school. I’m sure i can use it for my schooling. May I share it with my school’s fb group?


My daughter is homeschooled but back when I made this video she wasn’t. I know you’re coming from a teacher’s perspective and not a student but you might find it helpful, too!

I know there were several times we used a few of these ourselves :laughing:


@christina4 sure, it’s not mine. I just found it on a blog!


When my daughter was in elementary school, as she progressed she would take a Protection from Draining Energies pouch with her. We just kept in the inside pocket of her backpack.

I will check out both, because last year was rough with her & the school here, she is also going into 8th grade, so that is a whole other situation… stupid getting older & doing things :laughing:


@Susurrus right? My 8th grader homeschools because they do t want to deal with that mess!


The other hard thing about this grade here is in my state she goes to an “Innovation” school… so for seventh & eighth grades, they have to wear “uniform” clothes. Somehow that makes it amplified!

She will ask me to wear different necklaces that I have with stones some days. One day it was my Lapis Lazuli pendant & she said it just made her feel better. :hugs:


As I student I dreaded the end of summer haha, but as a teacher it was a mix of excitement with anxiety- every school year is different, and you never know what to expect! :laughing: :school:

This is a lovely spell, @AileyGrey- I’m wishing you all the best with the start of your pre-planning! May your school year be off to a blessed start :heart::blush:


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