Protection from Draining Energies

If you have empathic tendencies, this may help you out! When your energy is being siphoned off it can typically leave you feeling drained, tired, irritable, anxious and generally just downright terrible.

Here is a simple and quick spell you can do to aid in energy protection.

What you need:

Mugwort: Mugwort is a traditional herb used to fight fatigue. – Protection – if you don’t have access to mugwort use another herb that has protection properties (sage, frankincense & nettle are all good ones)

Quartz Crystal: Clear Quartz is known as the “master healer” and will strengthen the energy. It also absorbs, stores, releases and balances energy.

Some sort of pouch or bag

Candle, palo santo (optional) – I like to cleanse the space prior to spell work and I also love to draw upon the energy of my anointed candle.

What to do:

  • Light your candle – if you have one

  • Cleanse your space & cast a circle – optional

  • Take your mugwort and hold it in your hand. Close your eyes and imagine the herb protecting your energy. Feel the herb giving you energy! And say, “Mugwort, I ask that you defend me from negative energies, and from mental exhaustion. Thank you for your aid!”

  • Place it in your bag/pouch.

  • Next hold your crystal in both hands. Take a deep cleansing breath. Close your eyes and imagine it radiating a protective bubble around you. Now repeat, “Quartz, please aid and support my energy, & defend it from being stolen & siphoned by others. Thank you for your aid!”

  • Place it in your bag/pouch.

  • Close your bag and hold it. Feel the energy from the pouch replenishing you. Feel the negative energy leave you and cascade into the bag, while positive, supportive energy replaces it. Feel invigorated and energized!

  • Repeat, “I seek more peace in my day. Take my fears and cares away. Make me shimmer, make me bright. Surround me with protective light. Herb and stone protect me today. So that I may carry on another day. So, it is said. So, it shall be”

When you are done, release your circle if you did one, snuff out our candle, and place your pouch in your desk drawer or nightstand. Place it where you can easily grab ahold of it when you feel you need its protection & energy.

The End. :joy:


@mrs Heres a good one to do. @SilverBear is one of the best with some great spells and recipes to help.


Awww thank you @roxanne <3

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This is perfect! And you’re right, @roxanne it’s just what Abs was looking for earlier! I’ll make sure to add this to my post on that topic.

Also, I was just thinking about doing something with a clear quartz! You read my mind @SilverBear! :laughing: I love this!


I was really inspired to do this today…as lately I have heard so many people complain about how drained they feel…and I noticed I was feeling the same way…and thought about why…I truly believe I was absorbing all the negative we are being bombarded with…it’s no wonder we all feel BLAH! So, I dug around did a little research and basically found three spells and combined them to make it my own – easy peasy spell. BAM! :smile:


Thank you all, this is perfect, will give it a go :blush:


Thank you for sharing this spell! I will certainly be making use of this information!

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