Spells or remedies for energy

Hi All,

I’m new here, I’ve wrote a brief introduction on the introductions thread, looking forward to getting to know you all :blush:

I suffer with an underactive thyroid which I’m medicated for, recently I find myself really really low on energy, I’m exhausted and sleeping far too much; I think it may be to do with the lockdown, not being able to go out to work or to see my friends and family etc.

I’m usually quite tired after the full moon but by the time we move into last quarter I’m usually back to normal, so I don’t think it’s the moon positioning.

I was wondering if anyone had any spells or remedies that would help boost my energy?

Thanks in advance and much love to all :heart:


It can be really hard to recharge the batteries when in lockdown, especially when we can’t spend time with friends or out with nature. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Try eating less sugar. Candy, sodas, pastries can cause brain fog and lethargy.

  2. Exercise every day. It could be any type of exercise, even if it’s just a few minutes of calisthenics (push-ups, sit-ups, air-squats).

  3. Caffeine is also a good friend. but instead of drinking a lot of coffee all at once, spread it out evenly throughout the day in smaller doses.

  4. Get sufficient sleep. Take a short nap if necessary.

Other useful spells:

Simple energy boost spell :candle:

  1. Light a candle and do conscious breathing.
  2. tap into the energy of the Earth and Stars. Imagine your spine as a tree, and you have roots going down into the Earth and branches reaching up into the sky.
  3. Pull the deep, satisfying, enduring energy of the Earth up into your trunk, and the bright, quick, sprint energy of the Stars down through your branches, and feel them meet in your heart and fall in love, spinning and swirling and running through you.
  4. Connect the Earth and Stars with your trunk, moving their combined energy up and down and through you, and don’t shift your focus until you feel like it.

Good luck and blessings! :pray:


Thank you very much @Francisco! :blush:

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Crystals that resonate with the sacral chakra (orange) & solar plexus chakra (yellow) are great for energy boots, motivation, creativity, action, etc. Working with those or just having them around you will help!

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