Banish The Bad! 😈

I made this spell jar today.

It’s to banish anything negative in your life; negative energies, spirits, or feelings.

As I layered the ingredients into my jar I focused on my intent, which was to remove anything negative from my home.

What you need:

A tiny jar

Black Salt – see recipe here to make your own

Cayenne Pepper - protection, aid in separation, emotional heartache, breaks bad spells and hexes.

Red Pepper Flakes - banishes unfriendly people.

Nettle Leaf - healing and exorcism; drives out negativity or unwanted spirits. For protection and breaking curses.

Cedar Tips - purification, cleansing, healing, protection, and can be used to summon helpful spirits during rituals.

Blessed Thistle - healing, protection, and purification.

Lavender - banishing and purification.

Red copper wire (I bought it at a craft store) I was told by a witchy friend that in feng shui using something red gives the spell more energy/power. I used this to attach a charm I liked and wrapped it around the jar. This seemed to call to me to do it this way, so this is what I did! :slight_smile:

Black candle - used to fight evil and to provide protection, to absorb or unblock. Used for bindings, banishing, reversing curses and hexes, uncrossing rituals and absorbing or destroying negative energies, repelling black magic.

I used a black candle to seal the spell. As I sealed it I said,

“Negative energies may you not stay. I release you and send you on your way. Negative energies I banish thee. It is my word, so mote it be!”

I let it burn all the way down while I meditated on the intention of my little jar.

It was a black birthday candle, so it didn’t take long to burn down! <–Witchy Tip! :grin:

I placed it on top of my fireplace mantle as my husband and myself spend a lot of our time in that room.

I did do a cleanse to the jar before filling it…

I use Palo Santo and I ask the plant spirit to bless the item and cleanse it from all negative energies. I then thank the plant spirit for aiding me. You don’t need to do this, but I like to do this as it feels right to me.

Feel free to use this or a variation of it. Use all the ingredients or only 2-3 of them. It’s ALL up to you and it’s all about your intentions. YOU have the power within. Blessed be!


Where do you get all of your jars, because they’re all so cute! I can’t find anything like that here where I am lol

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AMAZON! They have everything lol. Also we have great craft stores here. Michael’s and Hobby Lobby.


That’s amazing! This is a great use for the black salt recipe your shared with us earlier!

I love how the red wire looks around the glass jar! and the step-by-step pictures are really useful to see the whole process! :clap: :clap:

Thanks for sharing @SilverBear!!


I LOVE the red wire and what is stands for in Feng shui - I never knew that until she told me. She also said, if you place the jar on a mirror it is suppose to do the same thing…super charge it. :smiley:


I guess I just never think to look there lol I don’t have a lot of space in my home so I try not to order things unless I need to.


Amazing !!! So nice…Thank you for sharing!!

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