Basic spell jars πŸŒ™


I am looking for basic spell jars with the things you have at home. I dont have all that special things at home like Some herbs or gemstone chips.
If you have a basic jar spell can you please put it down here?
Everything is welcome :crescent_moon::heart:


Hi Jolien,

Great question! The short answer is that you can add anything you have at hand to a jar spell. You will need some basic ingredients. For example:

:house: Home protection jar: Olive oil, rosemary, dirt or grass from your yard.

:nazar_amulet: Personal protection jar: Rusty nails, vinegar, salt. Bury it near your home or keep it under your bed.

:two_hearts: Love and friendship jar: Honey, cinnamon powder, sugar.

:moneybag: Prosperity jar: Coins or bills, bay leaves, basil leaves.

Burn a white candle on and use the melted wax to seal the jar. Visualize the prosperity/love coming to you as you do this.

As with any spell, what matters is the intent and the focusing of your will.


Welcome, @jolien!

Francisco shared some great simple spell jars. There are many spell jars on Spells8 to choose from- and know that it is possible to make substitutions or go without ingredients to suit the materials you have on hand!

Take a look at Substitutions in Spells and Rituals for some advice on switching ingredients.

You can also try designing your own spell jar using the step-by-step guide in How to Create Your Own Spells :sparkles:

Wishing you the best of luck as you make your spell jar. Blessed be! :sparkling_heart:


I’ve done a spell jar to ward off trouble in the home. I use ten lengths of cord to bind the trouble, ten sharp objects to poke the trouble, a petition listing ten kinds of trouble to ward off, urine to repulse the trouble all in a mason jar sealed with black candle wax, say the spell on a night of the waning moon and then bury it near your home or in a potted plant in your apartment or home. I list things like burglers, electrical fires, accidents, pest infestation, mold, … the IRS.


That is one potent spell! I think I may need your complete list of warded items… I like the last one… the last 5 years I have probably had more communication with the IRS than my Children!!!


Today is a weird day for me, I was just thinking of making up a spell jar myself! Something for my anxieties that I am having today. I don’t know what it is, but I have already had some ups and downs and just want things to even out going forward. I’m sure some of it is the upcoming holidays.

If you look on Amazon there are some nice little sets of crystal chips that aren’t too expensive after the holidays, I have actually found a few things for my craft on there. I have also used Etsy. I try to find things around my house to substitute though.

My favorite types of spells are the spell jars. I have some on a shelf, my friend opens them after a couple of weeks, but I keep them sealed for a long time. I have a couple that I need to open and either refresh them or cleanse the jars for another use. Even finding the jars I use ones from my seasonings or mason jars from canned goods that my friend gives me. I try not to buy them because I can usually find something that is in a jar around the house. Seasoning jars seem to be the ones I use the most.


Dearest @krissie117 when you come up with one… please, share. I need this too. Don’t know when I have been so sad and frustrated and as a result anxious. We will just have to hold hands and jump into tomorrow together. :slight_smile: :heart:


@berta I will make a post about it when I finish it up. I’m going to try to just use things people will have easy access to, nothing fancy for this one… that way everyone at every stage will have a chance make one if they need it too. :slightly_smiling_face: