Bee Sting Poultice

Guess who stepped on a bee :cry: :honeybee:

(well, a while ago- it took a while to write this up, I’m all better now! :grinning: )

I suppose it was only a matter time with all the lavender and flowers in bloom- the bushes in the garden are buzzing with bees from sun up to sun down!

Anyway, this method worked like a charm to combat pain and reduce swelling. I’ve written it in my Grimoire and wanted to share the page with you all too- although of course I hope you never have to use it! :pray::honeybee:

Bee Sting Poultice

Please note that this poultice is for quick treatment of minor bee sting injuries- if you are allergic to bees and were stung, please seek immediate medical attention

You will need:

  • :blossom: Chamomile - fresh or dried (opening up a tea bag will work perfectly)
Why chamomile?

Using chamomile for bee stings was something I learned while studying under an herbal master in Tuscany, Italy. The healer told me she had once used fresh chamomile to save someone who had gone into shock after a bee sting and keep them stable until the paramedics arrived. I never forgot the story.

Chamomile is a medicinal herb believed to have anti-inflammatory properties. In magick, it is a soothing and relaxing herb with tranquilizing properties (more about Chamomile in magick here)

  • :salt: Baking soda
Why baking soda?

Baking soda has long been a “household remedy” for bee stings. It was recommended to me by my mother. Several sites (such as Healthline) also recommend baking soda for use against insect bites and bee stings, as it is believed to help neutralize the toxins in the stinger.

  • :droplet: Water
Why water?

The main role of water here is to bind the dry ingredients together and create a poultice you can work with.

Magickally, water is the element of healing. It has natural soothing, cooling, and relaxing properties (more about water in magick here)

When you are stung by a bee:

  1. Remove the stinger immediately.

  2. Wash the area with soap and water if you can. You are trying to remove as much of the toxins as possible and prevent infection.

  3. Make a poultice of baking soda and chamomile. To do so, mix baking soda with an opened bag of chamomile tea and water until it forms a thick mixture. (Note that while you or someone else is mixing the poultice, you can hold ice to the sting to help combat pain and reduce inflammation :ice_cube: )

  4. Apply poultice to sting. It should be thick enough to clump on.

  5. When the mixture begins to dry and fall off, wash off the area, dry it, and apply a fresh layer of poultice. Continue until the poultice is gone and you no longer feel pain from the sting.

This is what the poultice looked like on my foot- it should be moist enough to stick but thick enough to clump and stay together

Again, it’s a great recipe- but one I hope I (and you!) never have to use again!

Blessed be(e)! :honeybee: :sparkles:


Yikes! I’ve thankfully never been stung by a bee but going to add this to my BoS just in case! The big bubble bees like our crepe myrtles but generally will leave us alone if we leave them alone. My aunt is super allergic to them, carries two EpiPens at all times, so I am sorta worried it might be in our genes as well. Although my dad had been stung and isn’t allergic so :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:.

Thank you for sharing!


My husband & one of my son’s is very allergic to bees/wasps… epi pens are common in my home. I don’t think I have ever been stung by a bee, but those horseflies… I wonder if this would work on those bites as well? Those can be awful too & out on the bays & inlets & spits… they are all over the place here. :thinking:


@Amaris_Bane You’re very welcome, Amaris! :heart: I’m glad you’ve escaped being stung- it’s certainly not a fun time! :sweat_smile: The bees here are the same- unlike the nasty wasps, they’re completely happy to buzz about doing their own thing. This one was on me- I won’t be walking around the yard in my bare feet any more (or at least during bee season lol) :footprints: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

@Siofra_Strega It seems to be a pretty common allergy, but unfortunately a very serious one for a lot of people too. Good idea to have an epi pen on hand just in case! As for the horsefly bites… I wonder :thinking: The poultice works as an anti-inflammatory and toxin-remover, so it may at least help a bit. If you ever give it a try on fly bites, def let me know how it works! :grinning: :+1:


Well, I think I have everything, so I may just make some up for the next time we are out on the boat… sometime this week I’m sure because the owners of the boat are on vacation this week :smile: I know my daughter will try it, she does sailing :sailboat: four mornings a week, so she would be the first with my neighbors to use it I think. I’m off to see what I have to try it out!


Good luck, Siofra! :raised_hands: I hope it helps with the fly bites too! :pray:


I have heard of using baking soda and water. The chamomile is what makes this special. I love that you can use a tea bag, which I have. Now I want to grow my own chamomile. Maybe I can grow one in a pot?


Chamomile is lovely to have in the garden- the little golden and white flowers are like bright little suns :sun_with_face: :blossom:

I think you could grow it in a pot! We have it in the kitchen herb garden here, and sometimes it’s done very well there, but unfortauntely it’s struggling this year- I think the thyme choked it out :face_exhaling::herb:

Wishing you all the best with growing your chamomile, Crystal- good luck and happy gardening! :green_heart: :blush:


I got attacked by wasps! I applied this to my arm and leg. It is starting to feel better.


I have made it to use for the horseflies off of Washburn, & it works once you get out of the water & realize it’s there :laughing: It definitely eased the discomfort of those little buggers.


@crystal5 Oh no- wasps are terrifying!!! :scream: I’m really glad that you’re starting to feel better now, Crystal. If the area is still inflamed, perhaps add in an ice-soak in between doses of the poultice :ice_cube: - the combo of the two does wonders. I pray your stings heal quickly! :pray::heart:

@Siofra_Strega Awesome, Siofra!!! :clap: I’m so glad it helped with the bites- I know the beach bugs can be awful :sweat: . They haven’t been too bad around here yet, but now it’s August so fingers crossed lol. Stay safe! :heart: