Beginner Astrology - Guide to Retrogrades

Hello everyone,

I am sharing with you my lastest set of Astrology guides for beginners. This set focuses on retrogrades, a sometimes feared and misunderstood part of astrology. I have included information on what it means to have a retrograde planet on your natal chart, the impact that transit retrogrades have on us and simple advice to get you through them. I have also included tables showing the dates of the retrogrades and the sign they will occur in.

I hope you find this useful

Blessed be



Oh I love :heart: this! I only have Jupiter Rx in my chart & if that doesn’t fit me I don’t know what does :rofl:


I have Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto all Rx on my chart!


Wow! We were looking at my son’s yesterday & he has 3 :thinking: I can’t remember which though :laughing: I was curious how many my family had in their charts because I just have the 1… I would be different. :rofl:


I can remember speaking to an Astrologer she said its unusual to have more than 5…i hit out with 6 :rofl:
Then she said Mars is least common…again i have that​:rofl::rofl:

Its common to have Uranus, Neptune and Pluto Rx. 40%.of people will have these on their charts because they spend longer in Rx


I remember finding out it’s pretty rare to have 1 & have that 1 be Jupiter :astrology_jupiter: . I was like… oh, of course I would… :rofl:

My oldest son has Mars :astrology_mars: , Neptune :astrology_neptune: , & Pluto :astrology_pluto: Rx.

My daughter has Venus :astrology_venus: & Saturn :astrology_saturn: Rx.

My other son has Uranus :astrology_uranus: , Neptune :astrology_neptune: , & Pluto :astrology_pluto: Rx.

My husband… he has Venus :astrology_venus: , Saturn :astrology_saturn: , Uranus :astrology_uranus: , Neptune :astrology_neptune: , & Pluto :astrology_pluto: all Rx.

We’re a mixed bag over here for sure. :rofl:



I love all the info about retrogrades. You do a fantastic job of creating these. Thank you for doing this.

Interestingly enough, I have no retrograde planets in my natal chart! :slightly_smiling_face:

With love :heart: always


@marsha Oh that is interesting that you dont have any. You were born just at the perfect time to avoid all the madness🤣


Youve almost bagged all of the planets between you!:rofl:


Another treasure trove of astrological wisdom from the amazing @Cosmic_Curiosity- these are fantastic, Alan! :clap: :heart_eyes:

I just have to say that I really appreciate that you included the times- it’s helpful on a large scale to know how often planets go into retrograde. And the “Alan’s Advice” section is gold! :grinning:

So… when are you releasing your astrology book, Alan? :wink: I want to be first in line to get a copy! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

(Thank you so much for these! Like the others, I’m bookmarking this page to look back on in the future!)


@TheTravelWitch_Bry Haha funnily enough i was thinking of putting these altogether into a “book” of some sort. I want to do a section about aspects and im also curre tly going back through the signs and adding in the mytholgy of each sign so that the pages provide a bit of background as well as the astrological info. Maybe ill get around to publishing lol but i wouldnt know where to start with that!

I am glad you find it useful and hope that it will clear up misconceptions that people have aboit retrogrades in general.

Blessed be



Thank you for these posts. They are awesome!

I love your Alan’s Advice section!


A book would be great, I find astrology really difficult to understand apart from a simple star reading. Id buy the book. :grin:


I only know a bit about Mercury and Pluto in retrograde, so thank you for this! It’s going to be super helpful for me as I learn a bit more about astrology! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Looking at my own natal chart, I’ve got…

  • my North Node was retrograde

I used this site (Do I Have Retrograde Planets In My Chart? | Astrostyle: Astrology and Daily, Weekly, Monthly Horoscopes by The AstroTwins) to make sure I was reading my chart correctly – yup, no planets in retrograde!

…and that’s it. :joy: All planets and everything were direct when I was born. And I have no idea what my North Node is or what that even means, but I guess I’m gonna go find out!


@MeganB The north node is always in retrograde. It is not a physical body like a planet. Instead, your north node is a fixed point in the sky where the moon rose above the ecliptic (the suns path) on the day of your birth. Similarly, where the moon sank below the ecliptic on the day of your birth is your south node. They are directly opposite each other on your chart.

The north node on your chart shows the experiences that we must work through in order to grow spiritually. It shows us the situations that will take us forward to reach where we should be in this life. Look at the sign your north node is in: this tells you the qualities that you should aim to develop further.

Your south node on the other hand is the qualities and skills that cling to you. They are part of you and may even have come from a past life. These wualities may stifle your progress and you may overly rely on them. These are what you should aim to leave behind.

Your north and south nodes are always in signs opposite each other e.g. if the north is in Aries then the south is in Virgo. You should aim to develop your aries qualtiies while leaving those linked to virgo behind ( or not rely on them so much)
Hope this helps

@tracyS i am still learning about astrology too. It is definitely a long learning journey and i just thought the basics that I have discovered might be beneficial. I will finish all of my reference pages and collate them into a “book”. I might even stick it on Amazon!:rofl::rofl:

@Phoenix_Rose i am glad you like them and I hope you find them useful.

Blessed be to you all.



@Cosmic_Curiosity yeah, we’ve got them covered for sure :laughing:

I agree learning astrology :milky_way: is an ongoing thing & different discoveries are very exciting! :star_struck: I am always learning about it as well, I had taken beginner courses & read a few learning astrology books to be able to read the birth charts for myself & my family. I’m always learning though… I recently found other points & celestial events & bodies that can be interpreted for charts too! :hugs: I just haven’t dove into those yet :rofl:

There is just so much to learn. I tend to learn things in baby steps :footprints: & then need to review things :nerd_face: before learning a new part to reinforce what I’ve learned & then be able to tie it all together. Otherwise, it gets lost & I either get overwhelmed or confused or both! Which is never a good time :laughing:


@Siofra_Strega Im the same. I like to learn and consolidate before introducing the next step and see how they fit together.

Its like a huge jigsaw and you gradually take the peices from the box, have a look at them and determine how it all fits together.

There is still so much to explore. I havent really explored the minor bodies such as Chiron and havent looked at points on the chart such as Lilith but those could be my next step.


I believe it’s pretty easy to self-publish through a site like Amazon! Once the book is written, the trickiest part would probably be to format it for physical books and/or e-books.

Judging from your beautiful infographics, you’ve got the knack for design! I’m sure that, if that path feels right to you, you’d be able to do it, Alan! :clap:

(On that note, if you do decide to publish it someday, please share the link here so we can all go check out your book! :grinning:)

It is super helpful- thanks again! :raised_hands: :blush:

Blessed be!


Oh wow, that’s very helpful – thank you so much!


I am wondering if i could use the forum to get advice on a couple of things. If i were to put everything togethet as a book, would you prefer:

The colour scheme that the info graphics are (i.e. dark with white text)
Standard white with black text

Also, what other areas of astrology would you like to see covered? What would be useful? Anything added for fun/entertainment?
I have already covered the signs, planets, houses and now retrogrades.

Thanks and blessed be