Binding for a purpose

I need to Bind more than one person. Is it best to do each separately or can I do them together since it’s for the same purpose. Do you recommend a Binding Spell. Thank you


If you feel you can do them together, try it and see what happens.

One type of binding spell is a freezer spell. Write the experience you want to be frozen on a small piece of paper. Add water and any appropriate herbs. Put into the freezer. Once they are frozen, you can bury the ice cube in the yard or keep the cube in the freezer.

Another is pictured in the movie The Craft: take a photo and wrap it with a ribbon, chanting your desire. No photo? No problem. Gather sticks outside. Each stick represents a person. Tie them with thread, string, ribbon, whatever you have.

Gentle reminder: whatever you bind binds you. Is there another way to find freedom for yourself?

Perhaps a spell to cut or burn away your ties with them would help? Wrap a string loosely around yourself. Use a scissors to cut the string while imagining cutting the bonds with them. Or imagine yourself surrounded by fire which burns away all connections with them- though you may wish to reconnect with the people you care about afterward.


:wave: I agree with @georgia, you could do either. I would do what feels thest way for you, whether to gether or separately.

She recommended some great ideas for doing so as well!

We have some cord cutting spells too around also if another type sounds vetter for the situation as well:

Magickal Binding :shushing_face:
Cord Cutting Spell
Cutting Ties Spell
Banishing Spells
Simple Freezer Spell


To add my small experience with this, I tried a freezer with two people, and it seemed to work well. I think. But this spell involved writing names on a piece of paper.

I feel like if I were doing a cord cutting, I would prefer one cord per person to help ensure I’m properly focused during it.


Would knot magic come under this? I’ve bound energy off of people. When I worked the spell it bound the energy that was connected to multiple people, thus keeping it away from me, but the person wasn’t bound just their negative energy. This way, all those involved in that negative energy are affected by the knot spell. They leave the energy, they leave the spell. Simple. :grin: