Black Moon 🌚 Eclipse

The Black Moon :new_moon_with_face: occurs roughly every 29 months. However this black moon happens to be happening along with the Sun Moon (new moon) alignment. Does anyone know the odds of both the black moon and eclipse at the same time. Astrology is cyclical, thus I know this phenomenon has occurred before but can find that information.


I meant “can’t find”


Hello, @krys welcome to the forum :infinite_roots:

There certainly is a lot of energy flowing today with a Black New Moon and Eclipse in the 10th degree of Taurus, along with Beltane on May 1st.

Have you noticed that several things that happen rarely are happening this year? I feel this is just one of many that will occur.

You are right I’m sure it’s occurred sometime in the last billion years or so, but I don’t know the odds either.

Keep asking such great questions always! :magic_wand:


I don’t know. I did learn today that a solar eclipse is always followed by a lunar eclipse and the signs they are in flip. But the black moon is a game changer.

So a new moon solar eclipse, according to astrologer Susan Miller, takes the already powerful intention-setting energy of the New Moon and triples it. The black moon is also powerful for setting intentions. So…setting intentions :slight_smile: would be good tonight.

Manifestation energy. If I knew what to wish for, I would wish it. I think I should wish that I knew what to wish for. I am like a boat without oars. Help, help! LOL

Then Jupiter, Neptune and Venus are having a house party in Pisces tonight in the sky – and they like Pisces. So, that’s all good and sparkly.

It will be dark, I know that. I hope not cloudy. I hope I see the planets.

it is a cosmic night all right. I am going to meditate and do a circle and see what happens.


Hi, I love learning astrology :milky_way: , but I’m not sure of the “odds” of it being a Black Moon :new_moon: , so I found this article: Black Moon Solar Eclipse - Meanings as I have been more focused on my crystals & Brighid :triskele: & mainly healing. :heartpulse:

" April has been a memorable month in the cosmos, as it’s brought some once-in-a-lifetime astrological events and the first planetary retrograde in almost three months. The extraterrestrial excitement will carry on strong through the very end of the month, since the April 2022 new moon on April 30 is a solar eclipse. It’s also the second new moon to occur during the calendar month, which earns it the title of a rare “Black Moon.” As the first eclipse of the year, the April new moon ushers us into the tumultuous terrain of eclipse season, so all zodiac signs will want to know to expect."

Then when I continued down my rabbit hole I found sites with information regarding the meaning of the Black Moon, Eclipses, & Meanings

The April Black Moon 2022 Meaning

Because of the timing of the lunar cycle this year, there have been several new moons so far in 2022 that have straddled the line between one month and another. When we have two full moons in a single calendar month, the second is called a “Blue Moon,” and when this occurs with a new moon, it’s called a Black Moon. While this is a relatively rare and interesting phenomenon (as there’s usually only one new and full moon per month), it doesn’t change the astrological meaning of the lunation. It simply gives us an extra chance to connect with the powerful new moon energy before we have to flip our calendars.

What Does It Mean That This New Moon Is Also An Eclipse?

April 2022 new moon’s Black Moon status doesn’t impact the astrology of the lunation, but the fact it’s a solar eclipse is a big deal. Eclipses in astrology are dramatic harbingers of change, and these wildcard cosmic events have a way of shaking up our lives and realigning us with our fate. In the case of solar eclipses — which occur during new moons — there’s a high potential for new things to come into fruition in our lives at a rapid pace, and doors of opportunity to swing open without warning.

Eclipses are always part of a larger story, and the eclipses of 2022 all take place on the Taurus/Scorpio axis of the zodiac. With these two zodiacal energies being activated by the eclipses, we’re on a year-and-a-half-long journey of change when it comes to the things we value, control, and derive power from. The April 2022 new moon eclipse is in earthy and material-minded Taurus, so pay attention to themes that arise in your life now. Whatever unfolds now will likely continue its metamorphosis under the lunar eclipse in Taurus in November. You may also notice that some feelings or situations from the end of 2021 are resurfacing or picking up speed in your life under this lunation, as the last eclipse to take place in Taurus was on Nov. 19 of last year, and that one kicked off the eclipse cycle we’re currently experiences."
Rare Black Moon to Coincide with Solar Eclipse - Yahoo Lifestyle

As for the odds, part of this article says that it’s a rare occurrence for the solar eclipse to be during a black moon but doesn’t give any statistical data. Through my search though other than just saying it’s a rare astrological event & going into information about Black Moons & Eclipses, the first article I got posted also has information about other rarities in the cosmos this April.

From different articles the occurrence of a Black Moon occurs every 28 months to 3 years, so I am going to look for a better source on that one too. I checked a few places for the information too!

Website sources:

Taurus New Moon & Ritual - Forever Conscious :sparkles: There is a Taurus New/Black Moon ritual & links to other articles regarding the cosmos on the Forever Conscious site… I use it for a lot information about what is going on & how it can effect you. :hugs:


Thank you, Siofra! I love this.

I am watching my astrologer, Chris Witecki. His weekly goes live in a couple of hours on YouTube - I am watching the subscriber early access.

He has been making this point and I just wanted to share it tonight in case it resonates with anyone. I hope I’m getting it right – basically, he is saying…we are in a bit of a state of flux right now because things are changing about how we think and feel about our individual lives. But he had this insight – look at your life and envision how it would be if the opposite were true. e.g. if you don’t have enough money, well what would you life be like if you had more than enough money? Really think that reality through; it helps with figuring out what you want, evidently.

He made a second point about choices. He believes that choices that restore us, that don’t feel difficult, that just flow – those are the right ones for us, and we have to take a hard look at jobs, situations and people who regularly deplete your energy (I hope I am not doing that now to you guys, ha ha). He made the point that we can get in a comfort zone of a situation that may not be the best for us, but it is so hard to move beyond it, because, at least, it is familiar. But another option out there may be better. And that’s the task, to figure that out.

I know personally there are people I love and when I look at it a like a balance sheet, I am way in the red. I can think of a couple of relationships and times in my life when it just FLOWED and I woke up happy every day, basically happy, any way, I felt secure, loved, and “right.” And that is NOT where I am now. I feel like a fish trying to thrive in a pot of dirt. I am making it but just barely. I have done so many things just because I loved my family. But my family has not made it easy for me. Also I wonder if I pick hard things, by default. Why did i pick such a tough college? Such difficult husbands? Am I difficult, too? Why has everything (almost) been a struggle and I am manifesting struggle, instead of ease? I just don’t know. But I am the common denominator and I have choices, so…probably.


So I am getting the post its out – maybe between me and a bare wall, I can figure out what my life is supposed to look like. I just don’t think the answer will come tonight. I just hope it comes soon because my energy is soooooo low. I can’t remember laughing in a long time.


It looks like a Black Moon arrives once every 3 years or so, and two to five solar eclipses each year (source), but I also can’t seem to find any record of when the last time a Black Moon and solar eclipse aligned :new_moon_with_face: :sun_with_face:

I am sure you are right that is has happened before, but perhaps the last time was before we were recording it? Or at least before information was widely and readily accessible on the web. Perhaps old astrology/astronomy books would be a good place to search :+1:

From what you’ve shared, it sounds like Chris has a lot of great advice to consider during this period of great change :+1:

I think asking the deep questions and looking deep inside can help us find the light, but sometimes there are inner doors that opening and dwelling in can actually bring about more darkness instead :door::cry: Shadow work can be extremely helpful, but it can be harmful too- sorry to hear you’re having a hard time right now, Mary. I’m sending big e-hugs as well as bright blessings your way- take good care of yourself! :candle::heart: I pray you can find your happiness and find yourself laughing again before you know it :people_hugging: