Black Salt Substitute

I am allergic to eggs and was wondering if there is a good substitute for black sait.
Blessed be!


Hi! I’m sorry I missed this earlier.

Black salt can be made with salt, ashes from protective herbs or incense that you’ve burned, along with black pepper.

Typically black salt is used for protection, purification, banishing. So other ingredients that correspond with those would work too.


I found a great recipe for black salt in a Samhain book by The Penniless Pagan. Here it is:

Pen and paper
1 cup salt
2 Tablespoons dried rosemary
2 Tablespoons dried sage
1 Tablespoon dried dill
Clean dry jar

In bold letters on a slip of paper simply write: PROTECTION.

Roll up the slip of paper and place it on the bottom of a cauldron or burning receptacle. Place the dried herbs on top.

Standing in front of your cauldron with your palms facing the herbs, envision your ancestors standing beside you. Feel their energy, their love, and blessings. Allow the peace of their presence to settle over you before lighting the herbs. When you are ready, ignite the paper and let the herbs burn to complete ash. You may need to reignite if the fire dies out. That’s okay! Be patient and enjoy the ritual.

Once the herbs are fully burned, grind them into a powder by using a spoon, or a mortar and pestle if you have one. It doesn’t need to be perfect dust, just as fine as you can get it. No need to stress.

In a bowl, combine the salts and ash. Mix thoroughly.

Take the bowl in your hands and say the following, all the while envisioning your ancestors standing beside you:

For protection, for safety, to banish negativity;
With my ancestor’s spirits united beside me.
To encourage the positive and dispel the rest,
I concentrate these salts, this spell is now blessed.

Pour the salts into a clean jar and store them in a cool, dry place. If your salts clump, don’t fret! Simply stir before using.

Note: This salt is not for ingestion! It is for spell use only!

Hope this recipe helps. Sorry about all the edits, I kept hitting the wrong button. Oops.


Hello @ann6,

You’ve got some great suggestions already for substitutes! If I can offer up one more, I’d say that you could also use the “other” black salt- aka black lava salt! :black_circle:

Picture from Get Flavor: Black Lava Salt

I got some when I was in Iceland- it’s salt from a volcanic region, and is essentially salt with activated charcoal. People use it in cooking and it is technically edible, but if you choose to consume it please be careful because activated charcoal is a powerful cleanser- it can even negate medications you may be taking (source) :warning:

That being said, it is deemed safe to use in magick and it has many wonderful uses- the same cleansing and purifying properties pertain to spellwork. As it comes from a volcano, it’s wonderful for any work involving the Element Fire :fire_element: :volcano:

Whatever you end up using, I hope you find a substitute that works well for you!

Blessed be :sparkles:


Oh, Black Lava Salt is a new one for me! But I also don’t believe there are any volcanoes near me either :laughing: I probably wouldn’t use it for ingestion, but for spellwork! Thank you for sharing this recommendation! :star_struck:


You’re very welcome, Siofra! :blush:

I would also be shocked to learn about some secret volcano in MA :joy:

I’m sure black lava salt could be ordered online, and if not, I imagine a homemade version could be made with activated charcoal and salt- I’ve been seeing activated charcoal more and more, it seems to be a trendy item at the moment!


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