Blessed be everyone

Hi @jamess :wave: I’m Susurrus, a moderator here at Spells8. I’ve been consistently practicing for a little over 3 years now & I completely understand the all over the place. You will settle into you’re own practice though. My best advice is that as long as you remember you don’t need to know, do, or have everything that everyone has or buy all the things or learn all the things & do what is comfortable for you… You’ll be fine. Baby steps :wink: No 2 practices are the same. My own practice had changed & evolved so many times before I found what I am truly comfortable with & it is nowhere near exactly like anyone else’s. :laughing: But there’s been a lot of things that happened with my practice. Now that I think :thinking: about it… I can say right now my own is a bit all over the place :rofl:

All of that being said, please feel free to make yourself at home, ask any questions that come to mind, and share anything you would like with us! We all love :heart: to learn with each other & are all very supportive of everyone’s own paths.

Check out the current Merry Meet Monday - Witchy News of the Week (Dec 25 - 31) :full_moon: & tomorrow (Jan 1) there will be a new one for the upcoming week. It’s a great place to meet other members & find some happenings around the forum.

I look forward to talking to you more & learning with you throughout the cove :infinite_roots: