Blessed Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio! 🌕

Merry meet!

Tonight is the Full Moon of May and it is also a penumbral Lunar Eclipse! Occurring in the realm of Scorpio, this unique moon has a lot to explore.

Picture from Time and Date: May 2023 Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

There’s a lot of talk about this moon- here are a few interesting tidbits about its energies:

This Eclipse may bring sudden endings, reveal secrets, or stir past events that need our attention. While there is a heaviness attached to this Eclipse, it also seems that the Universe is reminding us to surrender, find our freedom, and activate a sense of curiosity and hope about what is ahead.

The eclipse will stir an exciting, but tempestuous period, as the cosmos are pushing us to accept our true selves. This astral season is the best time for growth, especially given that lunar eclipses have an astrological reputation for bringing matters to light, exposing areas of our lives that need to evolve for the better.

Astrologically, we are being asked to work through our past in order to open ourselves up to new adventures. This could mean facing our fears and dealing with prior trauma

Looking for some spellwork ideas? :magic_wand:

Here are some rituals and inspiration if you’d like to do something special for tonight’s moon!

Full Flower Moon - Spell and Ritual

Full Moon Spell Collection

Lunar Eclipse Candle Ritual & Shadow Work

Shadow Work: Embracing Your Inner Darkness

Moon in Scorpio Meditation

Are you planning any magick for tonight’s moon? :full_moon_with_face:

However you choose to celebrate, observe, or enjoy the energies in the air- wishing you a blessed Full Moon Lunar Eclipse!

Love and Light :sparkles:


A Blessed Full Flower Moon Esbat and a blessed beautiful lunar eclipse to you tooo, my scorpio lady! :kissing_heart: :wink: :people_hugging: :scorpius: :full_moon: :wilted_flower: :sparkles:


I hope everyone has a blessed Moon!


I don’t know why but I always love :heart: eclipse season :hugs: I’m not sure what I may do tonight, but I think maybe trying to get back to journaling :pen: would be a good option :thinking: I definitely want to do a meditation & the Scorpio one seems to be calling me :wink:


My energies and attention seem to be just all over the place, so no magick, I’ll just ride this one out… :sweat_smile: :ocean: :scorpion: :full_moon_with_face:


Hmmm, I have been planting things all morning. I wonder if the full moon will help them out. We shall see…


Hello my fellow witches :blush: tonight to honour the beautiful full flower moon, I performed a small esbat ritual and listened as well as visualized along with the enchanting flower moon guided audio meditation! The whole time I sat with my eyes closed I felt all of my stress and worries leaving me slowly…I felt being filled with eternal peace. My day overall was seriously NOT good :pensive: as I felt demons feeding upon my energy and mind and I felt as if being covered in thick and heavy black fog. I really can not explain much but I know that y’all are the only ones who would really understand. :face_holding_back_tears: :hugs: :heart: Here is my tonight’s flower moon esbat, celebration picture! :smiling_face: :full_moon: :hibiscus:

Once again…a Blessed Esbat to all the sparkling souls here! :people_hugging: :sparkling_heart:


I did the Scorpio in the Moon meditation, but I think unless I happen to journal, its going to be a lay low kind of thing for the rest of the day. :grin:


I didn’t realize there was an eclipse until yesterday when I was putting my own little image together for Instagram :laughing: but a blessed Full Moon to you all! :full_moon:

I think I’m gonna be doing the same thing :heart: and maybe a short ritual outside. I didn’t get to do much outside for Bealtaine because of the rain and storms. I think it’s time to start some workings!


Have a blessed Full Flower Moon loves :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :hibiscus: :full_moon:

I guess I did do something related today after all, I replanted a pretty flower, and I’m making some moon water tonight :smiling_face:


I, too, think I am going to do the scorpio meditation. I really want to set up a small altar and just relax. I feel frantic right now (I’m sure it’s the energy at school, I sage sprayed my room this morning! and rearranged furniture so the energy would flow differently!). Alas, I don’t think I’ll actually get to see the moon or the eclipse because of rain. I feel like it’s been rainy on the full moon now for months! Oh well! I bet I can find a moon rise video on youtube! Blessed flower moon!


Tonight I joined a Transform your life in Scorpio Full Moon Eclipse Ritual. I missed half of it because I was so tired and needed a nap. Happy Full moon to everyone.


Wishing everyone a Blessed Full Flower Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio!

:arrow_right: This is a good time to take it easy and be kind to yourself! :pink_heart: :hugs:

This Eclipse is conjunct my Moon :astrology_moon: and Ascendant in Scorpio :scorpius: and affects my 12th and 6th houses. I have been extremely scattered, anxious, tired, and not sleeping well. Since this is highlighting my health, I’m using this time to relax and renew! Scorpio is a water :water_element: sign, and adds some intense emotions to the mix!

With love :heart: always


I spent the evening around a fire in our portable fire pit with my family. I didn’t get to do much for Beltane as I was away that weekend and had to work late on the Monday. So I am doing something’s this weekend.

As part of this full moon, the freebie Friday reading and topic I pulled, I have started the shadow work course and will journal on how I can start to help my kids embrace their shadow side now rather than later. That will come as I do my work.

Hope everyone had a wonderful evening!


I didn’t get much done for Beltane as I would have liked but yesterday I was able to do the meditation :woman_in_lotus_position: & wound up going to bed :sleeping_bed: I needed an early night after some news came my way & scattered my everything. So I took it easy & around 8:45 I went to bed. I feel good this morning :sunrise: though & the sun is shining, so I’m taking it as it was the right thing to do for me :hugs:


Oh dear, you too? :worried: I’ve been also feeling all of that… I have plenty of water in my chart too, even if not that much Scorpio. Not sure about other aspects, but I’m sure they’re there :sweat_smile: I’ve been taking it easy too and being extra gentle with myself, I’m glad to hear you’ve been able to do the same :people_hugging: :pink_heart:


It was rainy and dreary outside, but I did manage to get in a lovely meditation and set up a altar. I hope everyone had a blessed evening!



I’ve been away from the house for the past few days, but I was able to do a little bath ritual on Friday night. I used a new bath salt blend with lavender and jasmine- it was very relaxing, although it didn’t help me sleep! I think eclipse energy and sleeping don’t merge very well in my head- eclipse nights tend to be sleepless for me :sweat_smile:

I hope everyone had a wonderful full moon and happy weekend! :full_moon_with_face: :sparkles:

I’m so sorry you had a tough day, Solasta- I hope things improved for you and that you had a lovely weekend! Your ritual sounds amazing, I am glad it helped you find some peace and tranquility. Sending big hugs your way! :hugs::heart: Lots of love and light to you!

It’s beautiful- gorgeous picture! :full_moon_with_face: :sparkles:

I am sure your flower is grateful for your care! Hope the moon water turned out lovely for you :jar: :hibiscus: :blush:

It sounds like the meditation helped you find what you needed! :blush: Hope you had a blessed full moon and that you’re feeling charged up now :heart:

Good for you, Marsha! You deserve some wholesome time to relax, rest, and recover- I hope you were able to enjoy some peaceful healing this weekend. Lots of love to you! :heartpulse:

I’m cheering for you, Phoenix! Shadow work can be tough, but the results are very positive. It sounds like you had a lovely fire pit- hope you enjoyed the full moon and that you had a wonderful weekend! :sparkles:

Beautiful! :rose::blush: No matter the weather outside, it looks like you had a warm and lovely ritual inside. Thanks, Ailey, and same to you- hope you had a wonderful full moon and weekend! :heart:


Thank you sweet one @TheTravelWitch_Bry! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :kissing_heart:
:pink_heart: :pink_heart: :pink_heart:


Thank you @BryWisteria ! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: