BOS and I Ran with it!

So reading through this great post:
Best method for a Book of Shadows
There is an awesome post around September 2021 by summerlight about a BOS in a box.

I thought with my OCD brain :brain: this would be perfect for me instead of flipping through pages of multiple books (don’t get me wrong here, I love all the beautiful hand drawn BOS and Grimoire pages that everyone creates).

So I did my “spreadsheet magic” again and came up with a way to put my sabbats in a box. This is not quite the same as lovely hand made pages but I think it still counts because I hand created the spreadsheet design.

Here are the first 2 index cards in print preview (this is just the fronts of the cards):

I have all 8 sabbats documented with info, activities, recipes (some just traditional suggestions right now), Incense recipe, Oil recipe, crafts, colors, crystals, herbs, flowers, altar layouts, and so much more.

Screenshot 2023-11-05 162652
Screenshot 2023-11-05 162754

Here is a sample of the altar layout cards (my sabbat altars are all “altars in a jar”:

Screenshot 2023-11-05 161831

I even have our family rituals for each in there too.

Screenshot 2023-11-05 162242
Screenshot 2023-11-05 162301

I’m super excited about these and can’t wait to get them printed.

Each layout will print 2 ea 5 x 8 colored index cards front and back (I’m blessed with a printer that will do that for me), then I just trim and put them in a 5 x 8 card box.

I already did little handmade cheatie cards for Sunny and I for the basic prep for spellwork so won’t need those.

Think I’m going to work on the esbats next! I need to make some more recipe cards for the sabbats, maybe some other cards after that.

I will be happy to share the spreadsheet but I can’t guarantee that it will print correctly on everyones printers so I put a printer cheat sheet on the first tab with the blank index card layout.

If you want any of my spreadsheets that I share, the best thing for you to do is not to try to work in it in google docs or google drive but actually download the file and open it from your computer, that’s way easier than trying to do it online.
I also don’t upload a newer version of the files if I update mine, if you have any of them and have made changes to your copy on your computer and download an updated version of mine, it will overwrite all your hard work of the changes you made to your copy.

Here is a Google shared docs cheat sheet I created to make it easier:
Google shared docs cheat sheet.pdf (285.8 KB)

And here is the shared Sabbat index card file:

Sabbat Planner Index Cards



Fabulous idea and beautifully done.


This is wonderful! It reminds me of the zettelkasten method, that @korvo was telling me about not too long ago, a bit. :black_heart:


Very cool! I hope it works well for you!



There is no right or wrong way to have a BOS. In my mind, I’m going to have a beautifully drawn BOS with meticulously neat handwriting that is bound to be passed on in my family for generations.

In reality, I’m a mom of 4, a teacher, and a techie… so it’s all online!

I am learning to water color though (slowly)… so maybe one day? Never say never!

Anyway, I love your idea and if it works for you… do it!


I’m constantly in awe of how beautiful your spreadsheets and documents are, Suzanne- you have such a talent for organization! These are really beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing them with us! :pray: :heart: :blush:


What a cool idea! I hadn’t seen the original post and went back to read up on it. It’s a great idea to physically organize bits of information in an easy and manageable way! thank you for sharing links to your card system!


So I wanted to come back and share a couple of pics.

I finished the main bulk of my BOS in a box, now I have to find a box.

Here are all the cards, filled in with the basics, sorted and dividers are done.

Here are a couple of samples all filled in, printed and cut to standard 5 x 8 index card size.

I’m probably going to repurpose a box for this like I did for my oracle decks… off to dig through all my boxes.


Ta-da!!! :tada: :sparkles:

Wow, Suzanne- this is amazing! The cards make it easy to find certain things quickly, and make re-organization a breeze if you ever wanted to move things around.

I’m sure you’ll find the perfect box for your BoS to call home! :gift: :blush: Enjoy them! :heart:


Wow, that is awesome looking! Way to go @suzanne7!


I’ve never seen a Book of Shadows organized like this! I think this is a fantastic idea :clap: and if it works for you, then even better!


@suzanne7 I absolutely love this! :heart::heart_eyes: I love your spreadsheets and how organized you are!