Best method for a Book of Shadows

Hello friends,
Just curious on some guidance on making a book of shadows. I have made many different books, but would always end up hating them later. I’m currently rocking a 3 ring binder, 4 inch width and using plastic pages. I find it’s easier to use instead of a fancy beautiful book, my biggest fear is messing it up I’m a bit of a perfectionist. I have it organized with dividers, am loving it. I have some pictures in it, but nothing over the top. Didn’t know if any other witches had input on what they do, or just some things to spruce up their binders? Any input is appreciated.

Blessed be!


Hey there!

First of all, have you found all the wonderful printable Book of Shadow Pages here yet? Awesome information and dividers for your BOS and everything.

But I personally can’t write for crap and I wanted to have a journal included with my BOS. So I have all my stuff on the computer and backed up on a memory stick. Wouldn’t do to lose that info!

I’m not sure but I think you can even make printable stickers from the Book of Mirrors section to spruce up your books. I know a couple of us have more than one notebook because the info got to be too much for one book.

I look forward to seeing what you come up with for your book!



Yes I actually have some of those in my current book, didn’t know about divider pages though. I’m utilizing this site, along with Pinterest and making sure I can put this information to use. In the past i printed out spells, but I’m one I prefer to write my own. Just feels better intention wise.

Like you I have some stuff I have typed up already, I do mine through Microsoft Word. There a folder I have there that’s just a collect all for my book of shadows. Eventually, I will put sub folders in. It’s just finding the time at the moment to do that.

I have a random notebook I bought from Walmart not too long ago. With a book of mirrors, what type of info would I put in there? I know you want to put your current spells your working on, dreams and energy work. Is there anything else I should be keeping track of?
I will definitely have to give you all a glimpse of what I come up with! :grin:


I went to Barnes and Noble, found a leather journal with an embossed Tree of Life, and said, “That one.” I have used it ever since. I sometimes print out material from Spells 8 and use a glue stick to attach them to a page -whole spells, little images of triquetras, etc. More work than stickers, but sometimes the energy that we put into things makes a difference. As for perfectionism…well, I’m careful, but if make a mistake that I cannot fix, I cover it with a image. Just ideas, whatever works for you is the right way.


That’s such a great idea, I started handwriting one and decided midstream I didn’t like doing that. With my current pages I have enough room, I could very well glue things, and put stickers in them. I figured it was important to get the information first and then make it pretty. I like a working book of shadows, gives me creativity freedom.


@bryce i use a giant 3 ring binder myself. In plastic sleeves also lmao. I am currently making a few smaller ones to make the info easier to get to. One for herbs and healing, one for spells and so on. There are a few shops online that sell amazingly leather binders if you want to dress it up a bit. Mine are all very plain. And don’t worry, you absolutely can not mess your book up. It’s yours, if you like it it’s perfect. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m glad I’m not the only one that uses a binder lol, it’s so convenient. That would be a good idea down the road I’m a person that likes all his knowledge in one place. I know, I just have a tendency to change my mind frequently.

Thank you for the advice. :grin:


Me too. My book has over 600 pages and it’s heavy lol. I am making the new one to condense info. I like things organized and there is so much stuff to put in.


I started with a lovely leather bound parchment page book which I filled quite quickly and was a chronological record of my initial steps into Wicca and Witchcraft.

After that I decided to do something similar to you. I have A5 sized 6 ring binders which are a standard size here in the UK. I’ve got parchment pages to go in them and matching dividers. I’m up to four at the moment, feel far more organised and it’s more flexible for moving things around as the info increases.


Mines already getting fairly heavy, I have a lot of blank plastic sleeves that I’m slowly filling up. I don’t like to flake through page by page, I want to be able to access information relatively quickly.


That was my problem. The new ones I’m using a 3 hole punch instead of the sleeves.


I find it quite helpful when you need to shuffle things around, or taking out things that you don’t practice anymore.


I like the sheets in the event I need to shuffle things I’m not having to reprint things out multiple times.


Yes they are very handy to have.


I just saw that book about a w eek ago! I loved it but was there with my daughter to get her books so I’m going back next payday and getting it. It’s a beautiful book


I started with a composition booklets, you know, the black and white ones. They were cheap and I was poor.
I started out my 1st BOS with a theme. It was Egypt. I thought I had to do an Egyptian history and who’s who of the Egyptian Pantheon. Lots of work and as I go over it 20 years + later[about 1998] it was impressive. I found spells on the net that I liked and transcribed them into my book. tried to give credit to the original author. Found Page separators with various Egyptian themes. Oh, my. I had recipes for illness and beauty, perfumes, essential oils. Rich got pissed as devout Baptists can. So, I put it away.

About 2000, I put together the 2nd of several BOS the theme? Dragons, that proved to be again, a lot of research and another book filled. Probably a lot of repeats, but I enjoyed it. I also did a book on elements, wolves, etc.
Hey, I’m old and retired, I had the time.
Until I joined Spells8 I stayed on the periphery of magick. Then I found a huge book series “Enhancing your Mind, Body & Spirit”
For some reason they were unable to generate a preview for this web page, But it is an active site.
It isn’t cheap, but it is educational and someday I’ll finish it.
That’s how I started Bryce and it still seems to be on goin.
baby dragon
PS. some pages have been uploaded onto Pinterest by some buyers.


@bryce I am a type a personality and perfectionist as well. Currently I have 4 three ringed binders (B.o.S/grimoire which holds all research, notes, useful tips and wisdom I’ve gained from other respected witches and general spells and recipes, a green witch B.o.S containing page after page of herbs and ingredients and cooresponding information along with any tips and wisdom shared with me, a dossier on deities of all backgrounds and a kitchen/cottage witch B.o.S for all of my kitchen and house related spells, recipes and information) and all my pages are in plastic page protectors. The paper I use is all of different types depending on what was available. My main B.o.S has dividers in it separating spells, recipes, notes/info, rituals, Sabbats/Esbats and also a table of contents along with some pictures that I colored that were relevant to the contents inside my books. At some point I intend to add pressed specimens of ingredients to my green book and eventually transfer the contents into a fancy book but I’m learning that our books will continuously grow as we learn So oftentimes a witch will have multiple books and this is why I chose to use binders because I can easily rearrange and add pages to it. The most important thing to keep in mind is that just like your altar, practice and tools each of us has our own unique method and system and just like your practice your book(s)/ tools should be a reflection of your own personal taste/system/beliefs. Make your book your own. I’m going to attach some pictures of some of the stuff I have done with mine without giving too much away so you can get kinda an idea of possibilities for inspiration and you could also find tips to use On this website

This is a rough draft of one of the pages for my green book

The cover of my main book

Cover page in my main book

Images representing the maiden, mother, crone and horned god (coincidentally I had ordered a coloring book WAY before I started practicing and it actually had the artists take on the maiden mother and crone as pages to color and I had already colored them and since I keep every page I color I decided to include them)

The front cover of my green book


I’d also like to add that when I first started I carried a small sketch book and used it as my B.o.S until it was stolen by my mother in law who also practices and loathes me. I also have several mini composition books for things such as sigils, tarot spreads, a tarot journal for my readings one for my personal readings and one for the readings I do for clients, astrology info and a journal for my pendulum readings, a journal book for my meditation and also one for experiences with spells I cast so I can look back on the notes I took and change things the next time if needed


I actually have 6 binders broken down into 1 - 3 parts of my practice & what I’m learning or have done. I have one for Tarot & my readings/interpretations, tarot journal. Then I have 1 with herbs & plants & things like incense & essential oils. I have 1 for Potions & Rituals/Spells, 1 for crystals, 1for Astrology, Planets, the Moon, Sabbats. Esbats, daily things or meditations, book lists, altar things like setups, anointing candles, tools, consecration. Each binder has a different cover & dividers. I use parchment paper to print most things & I print on both sides. I have found other information on Etsy & Pinterest that I have been able add. I regularly go through them & whatever I have never used or needs to be updated or put away I take out. I rearrange their setups too.

Then I use a leather bound journal for my Book of Mirrors


@bryce I keep track of shadow work in my journal, and things like plant information, incense information, crystal info, all go in my BOS. You never know when you might need that information. Write everything you do down so you don’t forget what you were doing, I’m bad at not doing that. I need to get better with that. LOL.

As for a Book of Mirrors, I haven’t felt called to do one of those yet, but I know @Siofra has, maybe she can tell you more about what goes in that. Plus there’s a course on-site for it if you feel called to make one.

Hope that helps you out!