🟢 Botanomancy (plant, herb & fruit) Divination

Burn & Learn

  • “Much of plant divination involves interpreting ashes”

  • “…Do you have dried flowers from a left over wedding, funeral, or special occasion? Is there a special tree, bush, or plant in your yard or that you see often with which you feel in tune?..”

  • “…It is important to set your intention clearly. For example, if you want to know whether your current partner is “the one”, then it is appropriate to burn a red rose. If you want to know how your job interview went, burn purple violets…”

  • “…Prepare a quiet, peaceful space for your predictions so that you can concentrate on your intention. Try to make your question as clear as possible so that you will understand your reading…”

  • Example: “How many people will come to my party?” or “Show me what will happen at my party” “…They are likely to appear as numbers, a crowd, or some kind of event or activity…”

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  • Plants

Amaryllis - Pride

Azalea - Gratitude

Baby’s Breath - Innocence

Buttercup - Wealth

Carnation (pink/red/white) - Love, Passionate love, Motherly love, Purity

Daffodil - Fresh start

Daisy - Patience

Iris - Good news

Lilac (purple) - Love

Lilac (white) - Memories

Lily (orange) - Passion

Lily (white) - Innocence, Purity

Lily Of The Valley - Humility

Magnolia - Admiration of nature

Morning Glory - Unrequited love

Narcissus- Loving in vain, Ego

Orchid - Ethereal beauty

Pansy - Loving thoughts

Peony - Shame, Anger, Shyness

Poppy (red) - Remembrance

Poppy (white) - Peace

Primrose - Eternal adoration

Rose (pink) - Youth, Friendship

Rose (red) - Love

Rose (white) - Innocence

Rose (yellow) - Friendship, Joy, Remembrance

Snowdrop - Hope

Sunflower - Purity

Sweet Pea - Gratefulness

Tulip (red) - Love

Tulip (white) - Pointless love

Tulip (yellow) - Unrequited love

Violet (purple) - High aspirations, Dreams

Violet (white) - Modesty

Wisteria - Homecoming, Welcome

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  • Herbs

Balsam - Passionate love

Bamboo - Strength, Grace

Clove - Unending love

Coriander - Lust

Fennel - Strength

Laurel - Ambition, Strength

Lavender - Devotion

Mint - Suspicion

Oak Leaves - Strength

Rosemary - Remembrance

Thistle - Beware

Wheat - Prosperity

Willow - Love denied

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  • Fruit Skins

Apple - Temptation, Lust, Sin, Suffering

Grape, Grapevine - Prosperity, Fertility

Kiwi - Obstacles

Mango - Love, Wealth, Immortality

Orange - Joy, Prosperity

Source: Psychic Spellcraft: A Modern-Day Wiccapedia of Divination & Intuition Rituals by Shawn Robbins & Leanna Greenaway


Ooo… so is this sort of like casting stones or runes? You would cast the herbs & then read their associations based on where they land? Or when you come across them in your path? I’m very curious now :face_with_monocle:


This is also my question :sweat_smile: I know that there’s an entire language of flowers that people use when giving flowers to others, but I didn’t know about divination with plants!


@Susurrus @MeganB Oops :woman_facepalming: I totally forgot to provide some context with Botanomancy Divination. I just edited the post to include more of a background.


Always a fan of flower magick- it makes me happy to see more correspondences and ways to use plants in the Craft! I use a lot of herbs in spellwork, but not so much for divination (tea leaves aside). Thanks for this resource, @Missa! :green_heart: :pray: :bouquet:


Ahh, thank you! :blush: That makes much more sense. :hibiscus: This is new information for me so thank you!


This is something I have never heard of but am intrigued by.
Do you choose the flower according to the theme of the question?
After burning it, do you read it like tea leaves?
Interesting indeed

Blessed be


Oh thank you @Missa! It’s very interesting to me! I had never heard of this before either.

Oh also good question @Cosmic_Curiosity do you choose randomly or the theme? :thinking:


That’s a good question! Im going to guess you chose the flower according to the theme and yes you read it like tea leaves!

@Susurrus @Cosmic_Curiosity