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Hello lovelies :heart: I hope you are all having an amazing magickal week! So, I have been easing into trying to perform spell work of any significance… I’ve been doing mostly rituals, meditation with crystals or incense, I do a lot of work with manifesting … I eventually do want to get very familiar/comfortable with spell work. What I was wondering for you all is about what you would suggest to help me with dealing with a very toxic boss. I have been in my current job position as a senior Clinical oncology social worker for 5 years, and those whole 5 years I have had many issues w my boss. He is very sexist, racist, and classist. So, I need any suggestions from you all about what I might do to help me get through until mid July when I will be starting a new job. Should I try a protection spell, or something more? I really need something because things with him literally get worse by the day. Any suggestions are appreciated and I would be grateful! :pray::heart::kissing_cat:


I would do some protection from negative energies maybe?

There is a Protection from Draining Energies that works well. I used to make them for myself & my daughter to keep in her backpack for school.

I would make it something simple if it is your first time working with spells of any kind& make sure that you are grounded, focused, & your space is cleansed as well as your tools. Maybe cast a circle of protection for your first time. I think the more prepared you are before you do any workings, the better the spell will go for you, in the long run, to get you through to July.

Others may have other ideas or advice, I would maybe incorporate some protective crystals or grounding or both?


Happy Day Darling.
That Rodent of a human… to dehumanize others with straight up bullying. Obiviously, he is jealous of you. Sad huh??? Yep, great. Which means he is insecure. Find his weak spots casting a spell to deeply feel those weak insecure items he has worked so jard to cover and gleen in return, those very emotions he/she has bestowed apon others. Experience the pain inflicted apon others. Then, Learning about power coming back as 3.
Focus well so his return infliction shall prevent yourself or another from his painful ways.

I will be holding your hand should you choose to make him cease. I feel he has caused some to leave for home crying and hating their jobs. I hope they have not hurt others or themselves in return. Like Domino’s
I think you are perfrct just as you are Sir.
Peace Luv🪄


Meant Sur… Apologies


Here ya go! This one seems easy enough for a beginner and it’s the perfect moon phase to do it until the New Moon! I hope it helps you. Either that or a trip to HR is needed. Or a kick in the groin. LOL! You do good work with people in oncology, it’s a difficult time for people. He has no right to make your job more difficult.


@Susurrus , @Amethyst and @976babe thank you for your suggestions and guidance on this! Yes it’s been very much 5 years of being bullied by my boss. He is, I believe, very much insecure and particularly intimidated by me because I’m a no nonsense, straight up transparent WOMAN. I am not afraid to speak my mind so he of course uses this at every turn to remind me how “confrontational” and “emotional” I am. Yes, he actually does call me “emotional.”

I am going to take these suggestions and do a series of rituals and at least one spell to try to stop him in his tracks. I wonder if a “return to sender” karmic justice spell should be considered? :thinking: @976babe , would that do the trick to send any and all negativity and wrong doings of his directly back to him?


@carrie4, I understand that you are leaving this particular job by mid-July :smile: However, as @Amethyst suggested… a trip to HR may be needed if you can keep a log of dates, times, conversations, quotes, a journal about it, & some kind of record of when he does this to you or others. Speak with HR & present them with the information to file a formal complaint.

I believe :thinking: (I may be wrong as I do not work in HR & I’m sure since I was able to work, the rules may have changed) from previous experiences with HR departments that it would:

  • Need to be initiated ASAP - or at least a few weeks before you leave the company permanently
  • A journal or record of some sort needs to have been or start being kept, copies of correspondence such as memos or emails & a record of phone calls/all conversations with dates & times if possible.
  • It can be mentioned that this coworker is in whole or in part of the reason that you have made the decision to leave the company.

I would check your HR handbook or access one or do some research on the laws in your location also. :face_with_monocle:

:hugs: Oncology is a very helpful & wonderful field to be a part of & the employees need to feel valued by their employer if they are to be able to feel valued by the patients. The work you do is amazing for them. :sparkles:


Wow. Respect for what you do for a living!

You say things with him get worse by the day. So, to take care of yourself, you need to minimize any impact he has to make your day not good and there are many, many ways to do that. For one, it sounds like your job is very meaningful and if you focus on that and your great opportunity ahead, there won’t be room for him ruining your day.

You’re a social worker so I don’t need to explain boundaries to you (or really anyone else here). You know that your power lies in what you can control. You cannot control this man. You can control your responses to him or your non-responses. Ramp up your self care and focus on your confidence (maybe with meditation, crystal work or exercise). Don’t give that man any more of your energy. Why make one ounce of your energy anymore about him?


Am so sorry at the kind of boss u have
I wish u good energy and positive vibes at ur workplace :heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat:


Greetings @carrie4,

I’m so sorry- it sounds like he is not just a terrible boss but a terrible human being too. I’m really sorry you’ve had to deal with that kind of negativity over so many years.

I am a huge fan of protective spells- they certainly can’t hurt! I would definitely suggest picking out a protection spell to work, especially one that you can take or carry with you (subtly) to work. Have you used Magickal Talismans/Amulets before? Or perhaps Enchanted Jewlery? They are great ways to carry protective energy with you :+1:

Amethyst beat me to it- I agree, the ‘Sour Seal’ is a great binding spell to freeze a nasty coworker/boss in their tracks! Pop the complete jar spell into the freezer and keep it there until July when you are free from his influence :dove:

Wishing you all the best, Carrie- good luck and blessed be! :sparkles:


@TheTravelWitch_Bry I actually have a sunstone pendant that I wear every day, so maybe I will charge this with my intention :heart: great idea!

@Susurrus yes, you are absolutely right about HR. I actually have over 15 pages of documentation that I have shared with the CEO and VP of the hospital, and I have a second meeting with the VP on Friday. I am keeping my fingers crossed that it goes well. I also plan to go to HR next week to request a formal complaint be sent to the corporate office. :blush:

@mary25 thank you so much :pray: I do love my work and the patients! It brings mean lot of joy to know that I am able to have a positive impact. I have been doing a ton more self care these past few years, although sometimes it has been quite trying nonetheless.

@amara thank you so much :heart::pray:


You’re welcome! I hope something works. If you have to take it to HR I’d do a justice spell or something like that.

Good luck and positive energy sent to you, no matter what you decide!


I agree, with the HR piece already in place, maybe a justice or some other banishing or binding spell would help:

This would be for karmic balance & your own protection

This would be Karmic Justice Return to Sender spell.

This is a freezer/jar binding spell to stop gossip & lies about you “Once & for all” from the site also.

The spells on the site have pretty easy to follow instructions, so I would either print them out & read through them first once or twice & make sure you have your tweaks, changes, materials, tools, or whatever you need; or if there is a cast along or video of the spell, maybe watch it a couple of times so you know what to expect with whichever way you choose to go from here.


That sounds like a great plan! May your sunstone help shield you with its sparkly golden light so that your boss’s dark cloud of an attitude can’t ever get through :sun_with_face: :pray:

Good luck and blessed be! :sparkles:


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