Brigid Flametender

Sunday, November 21, 2021

Good morning! Today’s post is a bit early because for the first time in over a week, I have been able to wake up with no one else in my room. :joy: The Monday after Thanksgiving can’t come soon enough :rofl:

I used 3 candles this morning, for healing, removing negativity, & strength. :candle:

I’m pretty sure the weather is completely transitioning to the cooler weather now. I can feel it in my joints & lower back. So I’ll be making use of the blankets today. :hugs:

The Way of Brighid Oracle Draw

Maiden of Spring

  • For Birth

Brighid appears as a young maiden in the spring, leaving snowdrops in her wake as she moves across the land.

Now is the time for you to consider what metaphysical seeds you have been germinating. The newness and rebirth of spring has arrived in your life, bringing the opportunity to nourish and tend to these seeds. Allow yourself to give life to an idea, a dream or a new venture.


I hope everyone has had a great weekend & it ends the same way. I enjoyed everyone’s pictures over the course of the :full_moon: Full Moon/Partial Lunar Eclipse! They were gorgeous :two_hearts:


Monday, November 22, 2021

Good morning. We have some stormy weather today, so I think it’s going to wind up being some kind of movie day with my husband.

The Way of Brighid Oracle Draw

Brighid’s Cross

  • For Protection

In Ireland, Brighid’s crosses are woven from spring reeds on Brighid’s Day, February 1. These crosses
are hung above doorways to invoke Brighid’s protection over home, hearth and household.

Call upon Brighid today and ask for her protection over an aspect of your domestic life: your family and
pets, the hearth or heart center of your home, the physical space and energies that reside there. Allow
yourself to feel her blessing and protection.


I hope everyone has a great start to their week. Even if the weather is pretty windy & rainy. I don’t really mind, I like listening to it & watching the trees respond to the wind. :wind_face:

Blessed Be :star2:


Thank you for this, and enjoy your movie day!


Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Good morning! It’s my daughter’s last day of school before she has the rest of the week off! The holiday season has officially started! :star_struck: I have already started making things – decorations/gifts :gift: this week. I want to maybe try making cranberry and/or popcorn garland for our home. :blush:

Its very cold this morning, each day it gets a little more biting. :cold_face:

The Way of Brighid Oracle Draw


  • For Balance

St. Brighid founded a dual monastery in Kildare, Ireland for both nuns & monks. Even though men & women lived within the same area they were separated for worship, as well as other mundane activities.

Brighid senses you are struggling with a feeling of separation in your own life. Consider what you need to do to balance your life & connect more deeply. What action can you take today to bring yourself closer to the feeling of harmony within yourself, with the Earth & with the Divine?


I hope everyone has a great day! :blush:


I love the oracles! Such a great idea!! I have a question, what is that on the stand in between the amethyst and the Goddess statue?


It’s beautiful :heart_eyes::heart:


I’m assuming you are talking about the Blue circled item, which is a chonk of Agate that has been dyed black. Agate is one of the stones that Brighid is associated with.

The Light Green circled item with it is a simple/small backflow incense burner. :blush:

I figured since it is a post for tending Her flame, then Her Oracle cards went right along with the posts each day :hugs:


Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Good morning! Definitely getting colder :cold_face:

I hope everyone has a great day, I know that here it is sunny :sun: & there isn’t a cloud around at the moment.

The Way of Brighid Oracle Draw


  • For the Sweetness of Life

A divine gift from the magical bees, Brighid and the Celtic people revered honey, as a mighty healer for the body.

Allow honey to help you recall the sweetness in your life. What are 3 things that have enhanced this day for you? Give yourself the gift of being totally present to experience the sweetness. Give gratitude.

Allow yourself to feel the beauty of life, like the flowers that inspire and nurture the bees.


This card reminds me of a Freebie Friday reading I had after I was drawn to buying honey sticks for whatever reason. :blush:

Have a great day everyone with a touch of Honey


Thursday, November 25, 2021

Good morning! I hope everyone has a great day & can find some time for themselves today.

Image from: St. Brigid’s Day

The Way of Brighid Oracle Draw

Hearth Fire

  • For Peace

Brighid blesses the hearth and home with peace and protection. Each night our Irish ancestors smoored the fire, asking Brighid to watch over the coals and keep them alive until the morrow.

Kindle your own hearth fire in the heart of your home. If you have no fireplace, a large well-protected candle offers the same intention. Light this candle each night as an offering of gratitude to Brighid. Receive her blessing. Allow your hearth and home to be infused with peace and protection.


Have a great day! I will talk to you soon! :infinite_roots:


Friday, November 26, 2021

Good morning! I hope that everyone had a great day with family yesterday & that it continues through the weekend.

I’m sorry for the delay in posting, there were somethings happening & I lost track of the actual time. Although my boys are all apparently still in a food coma.

Picture from: Brigid’s Fire, Brigidine Sisters

The Way of Brighid Oracle Draw

The Forge

  • For Transformation

Brighid stands at the fire of the ancient forge, creating magic with the transformation of metals, from one form to another.

Visualize yourself entering Brighid’s forge. In your hands you carry what needs to be altered in your life. With blessing, you hand it to her and surrender. She asks what it will be change into as she lovingly helps you begin to reshape it. Allow transformation to occur. Embrace the magic of change.


It’s the day after we have shared gratitude & love with those we hold dear & people we encountered. Today can be a day of rest & reflection or spending time with friends & family. I know that there are those that still have to work & that it was not a holiday, but you can still show gratitude for friends & family to start off the season of the holidays.

Have a great day! I will talk to you soon! :infinite_roots:


Saturday, November 27, 2021

Picture credit: Brigid’s Flame - Brigidine Sisters

The Way of Brighid Oracle Draw


  • For Clarity

Today, call upon Brighid, Lady of Air, to receive the blessing of clarity.

An area of your life exists where clarification is required. Call upon Brighid in her aspect of Air to help in understanding and resolution. Inhale and exhale deeply three times, asking Brighid to help you find clarity. Feel the sacredness of the breath that she shares with you and that you, in turn, share with her. Allow your breath to make life clearer, brighter, truer.


Have a great weekend! :infinite_roots:


Thank you for the lucid oracle messages, @Siofra! Have a blessed weekend! :fire:


Sunday, November 28, 2021

The start of a new week with new things to encounter. I hope everyone has a great start to the week today & there is time to relax before the hustle & bustle of the work/school week tomorrow.

Sacred Fire by Steve Low
Picture Credit: Sacred Fire by Steve Low SoundCloud

The Way of Brighid Oracle Draw


  • For Wisdom

Today, call upon Brighid, Lady of Water, to receive the blessing of wisdom.

You are invited to drink from Brighid’s sacred well of wisdom. Visualize a lush garden with a trickling stream curving through banks of wild herbs. You are filled with deep peace. Scoop your hand into the water and bring her healing essence to your lips. Drink deeply. Allow stillness. In the silence, receive Brighid’s wisdom.


Have a great rest of your weekend! :infinite_roots:


Monday, November 29, 2021

For the first time this morning, we had ice on the cars! So I will be in my house as much as possible. There are things to do though, after 2 weeks of people here with me, it’s time to put the house back together. :joy:

The Way of Brighid Oracle Draw

The Cow

  • For Abundance

Brighid roamed the hills of Ireland with a white red-eared cow as her companion. This cow was famous for her ability to give limitless milk.

Where in your life would like to milk abundance? What limits are preventing this? Brighid wants you to know life’s bounty can be yours. Welcome abundance into your life. Give gratitude. Allow yourself to feel bounteous in all aspects of your life.



Tuesday, November 30, 2021

It’s been a good start to the week so far. I was able to get some things done & actually do a full meditation! Then I was able to do a 2nd one after I drew, researched, & journaled about the rune I drew. It was a good connection day for me! I’m hoping for more of the same today. :hugs:

The Way of Brighid Oracle Draw


  • For Hope

Infused with spirit and joy, laughter is one of Brighid’s favorite healing modalities. Laughter brings us into the present moment and fills us with optimism and hope.

Brighid invites you bring laughter into your life often. Recall an amusing event from memory that tickles your funny bone. Share this story with someone with whom you can laugh and giggle. At times when you are in need of hope, recall this experience. Allow laughter to heal the moment.


I hope everyone has a great day today. Each day is a chance to start fresh with a new adventure waiting :infinite_roots:


Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Welcome, December, the month of the Winter Solstice & Yule! Our December has started off much colder than the previous month, but I’m hoping that it’s the promise of the end of 1 cycle & another beginning is in the works :winking: :two_hearts:

The Way of Brighid Oracle Draw

Goddess of Healing

  • For Nourishment

Brighid traveled throughout Ireland using the wild herbs to heal the people.

Wild and organic herbs offer us a sublime and deeply nourishing medicine that you may be in need of right now. Dandelion, nettles. and blackberry leaf brewed as a tea are good options. Allow yourself a brief meditation where Brighid brings you a healing herb (notice which one it is, if possible). Receive this herb and visualize ingesting it. Allow its healing energy and nourishment to fill your physical body.


I hope everyone has a great day today! :infinite_roots: I’m getting ready to do my rune draw for the day & my daily meditation. It feels good to be able to do meditation :woman_in_lotus_position: each morning.


If it’s broken, she can mend it. Thank you, Brigid (and Siofra!) for the nourishment, comfort and healing :candle:


Thursday, December 2, 2021

The second day in to the last month of the Gregorian Calendar! So far it’s starting off pretty good, no complaints. Everyone is where they need to be & I’m staying on top of as much as I can since playing catch up after the holiday.

The Way of Brighid Oracle Draw

Goddess of Poetry

  • For a Creative Lifestyle

Ancient bards of Ireland invoked Brighid to inspire their words. Today she is a muse of all creative works.

Where in your life would you like to be more creative? Make a decision to start a creative endeavor like journaling, spinning wool, making jewelry, or creating art. Take time today and everyday to nurture the creative aspect of yourself. Call upon Brighid for inspiration. Allow your creative works to ignite the spark of your true self.


It started out with light rain, but has stopped & the sun :sun: is starting to poke through. I hope everyone has a great day today! I haven’t been in my space for a little bit, but I should be able to return to a normal morning routine shortly. I do have to say though, this substitute routine is working out well for me so far! :infinite_roots:


Friday, December 3, 2021

Today was a shotgun morning for me, hadn’t even finished my first sip of coffee :coffee: & I was out the door. Since then it’s just been a go, go, go type of morning. The reward though is that I was very productive & got all of my outside-the-house things done early. My puppers are in their napping spots & I have the house to myself. Meditation, here I come! :woman_in_lotus_position:

The Way of Brighid Oracle Draw


  • For Quieting the Mind

Brighid believed in the power of prayer to heal the body, nourish the mind and transform the spirit.

Brighid calls upon you to quiet your mind and communicate with the Divine. Begin by practicing intentional breath work: 3 – 5 deep breaths to ease the mind and center the body. Use prayer as means to talk with the Divine and meditation to listen. Allow the stillness to infuse your being with deep peace.


I have to be honest, today instead of asking, “What should the coven know today?”, I had specifically asked the cards, “How do I heal & rest today?”. As I said, it was a shotgun morning & for a little over a week I have been having some symptoms that are being monitored by my care team & I’m doing my best to manage them. After getting home, I know, I feel it in my being that, I need to recharge a little bit, rest, maybe heal (?) from the extra energy that I am using today & get my day back on track. :hugs:

I hope everyone has a great day & sending a little extra healing energy out to the coven today with Brighid’s Flame & intentions throughout the day. :infinite_roots: :two_hearts:


A beautiful card today, @Siofra, and it sounds like one you needed to hear. I hope you got some rest after running around all morning!