Bringing good fortune & safe travels candle spell

This past weekend, I was invited on an unexpected trip to Vegas via my soul sister and her man. All expenses paid, it was a treat! Before I left, I wanted to put a little something together for my safety while traveling :airplane: and making sure I return home in once piece lol… and for a little luck gambling :money_mouth_face: :game_die: :slot_machine:.

Candles: one Blue for travel, health and communication, one Black for clearing not so awesome energies accompanied by a White tea light candle for wiping the slate clean and opening the energy field for that good pure light, and one Green for all things lucky and clearing any potential envy of others(oh and for monies).
Rosemary oil
Clear quartz
Rose quartz
Any charms that bring you luck
Blessed salt
Cleansing herb
: Palo Santo & Sweetgrass
Sharp item to inscribe the astrological symbol for Jupiter: planet that rules travel

I start by using my cleansing herbs to bless all of the objects before me and then I cleanse myself.
I take the Rosemary oil and dress each candle with the exception of the tea light which is inscribed with the Jupiter symbol. Right next to them, I add some of my blessed salt. Once the candles have been oiled, I light each one, speaking out loud its intention in this working.

I have been unable to locate who the author of these words are but I recited the following while gazing into the candles,

"By the light of Lady Moon,
I reach my destination soon.
This trip shall safe and happy be,
For all concerned as well as me."

I let them burn for a little while as I take the Rosemary oil again and dress my Rose quartz with it.
I extinguish the flames, put all of my trinkets with my crystal in a pouch that I carried with me during my trip.

I gave my husband and daughter instructions to light the candles for each day I was gone, and they did. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I made it to Vegas and back home safely and I even won some monies… despite coming home empty handed :rofl:. I had a blast and am ever so thankful to have been blessed to partake on this trip with those who mean the world to me(next time it’ll be the family and I).


Nice spell! I really like the chant.


That’s really great!! You can always count on your spells working with such a team of assistant Witches at home!! :mage: :woman_mage: :laughing:

I like the idea of bringing things with me that remind me of home during travels. But it looks like money charms for going to Vegas is also a good idea!! :moneybag:


That’s Vegas for you :rofl: Empty pockets- but hopefully a mind full of fun memories (and maybe a belly full of that yummy casion buffet food? :yum:). Sounds like you had a blast, Janelle- I’m happy for you!

I love this safe travels candle spell- it sounds very potent! Thanks for sharing your fun story and beautiful spellwork :sparkling_heart:


@janelle my husband & daughter would do the same for me if I had instructions for them. My daughter really is my little assistant when she is home & I am working on things in my space. She knows when it’s the full moon to get the black bag because we are packing up my crystals & bringing them out to their table on the back porch.

I love your ritual/spell that you did and the chant that goes with it. Thank you for sharing what you did.

I’m happy that you had so much fun, even if you came home empty handed, the experience is well worth the trip!


Aww that’s so very sweet of them! I’m glad you had a lot of fun, even if you didn’t bring home any cash :moneybag:


This is lovely :heart::heart: and I’m so glad you made it back home safe!!! Btw, I’ve gotta save this to my bos.


Oh I love this! I’m taking 2 trips in the next 2 weeks and will do this. So thank you for sharing!

If I have no one at home to light the candles for me, should I bring them with me or just my trinket/bag?


Thank you! I wish I could find out who actually came up with the chant and give them their due credit.


Go for it girl! I love sharing what I do and encourage anyone to add their own flair to it, get creative!


I would do whatever feels right for you. I had no particular reason in mind nor did I plan on asking them to do that while I was gone but once I said it, it felt right :slight_smile:


I love incorporating my family :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: It’s nice to hear I’m not the only one!


Sorry for all these comments not being in one thread, I’m a little scattered brained and am also doing work work on the computer lol.

Thank you @Francisco and @TheTravelWitch and @MeganB


My tea chant it like that. I have no idea who wrote it, it came from Facebook. I should write myself another one but I like what that one says so much I don’t want to do anything different. We’ll see.


I find myself in similar situations regarding chants, I’ve never been one with words. Especially making them fluid and kind of flowy.


That is wonderful!!