Buck Moon Celebration

What are your plans for the Buck Moon? I’d love to hear how you welcome the next moon of the year, or any thing about July in general!

Personally I work July 3rd until 11pm, but it won’t reach the meridian until 1:26am so I am hoping I am awake to see it!! They are predicting 99.7% illumination so I am very excited! I welcome each new moon with intention for the month, journaling, and a small appreciation ritual! I also like to bake something in correspondence with the moon. This month i always struggle to decide what I want to make, July has so many options like berries, peaches, herbs, and so much more greenery/seasonal fruits and veggies. I am going to the farmer’s market to gather enough ingredients to make a non alcoholic sangria, a yummy blueberry pie, and of course some zucchini to fry up!

I am excited to hear your plans!!


Hi, @laeci!

Your ritual sounds delightful! I’m putting up a recipe for a honey berry cake later on in case you’re interested in something new over pie. If you’re interested in journaling there’s this month’s Full Buck Moon ritual from Spells8 if you’re looking for a topic.

I do something a lot simpler. I light a silver candle with a prayer I wrote and then do another prayer to welcome the Full Moon that I learned from Learn Religions.com

I’m not doing any special feast or anything, but I’ll probably make a cup of tea and toast the moon in the sky. I tend to do simple rituals since I’m disabled.

Hope you have fun during yours!


Hmmm… :thinking: I haven’t specifically done anything for a full moon :full_moon: in sooo long. I think there will be some journaling :pen: going on though. I’m hoping for cleaning my space :crossed_fingers: It’s been on my list for a while now. I can’t say if there will be anything else, but if there is I will let you know!

@Amethyst did put up the recipe too!

Honey Berry Cake :blueberries:


You caught me right before I hit the farmers market!! Definitely making that pie! I don’t do a lot of rituals because I am a busy busy bee so I love to slow down every full moon and celebrate whatever moon it is that month. It really helps to set intentions and to use the months energy to guide my smaller practices. I am totally checking out that prayer link after I catch up on here!


I know @Amethyst put a journaling link but here is my favorite journal prompts for July!

How can you be more intentional with your time?
What are some magical spaces in your local area you love to explore? Go visit this space and write about it in detail
Make a list and bask in the happiness and pride in your hard work.
Write about how July’s Buck Moon makes you feel. How are you going to use the moons energy to guide your month?

Also here is my a peak at my list of practices during the Full Moon of July I have made throughout the years from my Grimoire! If anyone wants to start doing things for the Full moon hopefully this might help you find something you’d enjoy!

Rest, Enjoy the moment, Slow down (Bath, Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness Journaling)
Connect with nature (Walk, Gardening, Sitting on the porch)
Energy Releasing Rituals and Success Spells
Send positive energy out to the universe asking to help manifest your goals
Work with the Cancer Sign
Call a friend, reminisce, and enjoy the new moon together


I ended up spending time with my family and we had a cookout and did fireworks! :fireworks: :hamburger: We all enjoyed looking at the moon tonight as well. It was super pretty and big! :full_moon_with_face:


Coolness! Let us know how it turns out!


I think it was @MeganB who mentioned something about how well this moon ties into prosperity. As I did the monthly cinnamon spell on the 1st, I couldn’t stop thinking about it! :laughing:

So I set up a little money ritual and let it soak up some of that lovely Buck Moon energy last night:

The coin talisman will go back in my wallet with a wish for prosperity! :sparkles: :grinning:

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy, and prosperous Full Moon! :full_moon: :deer: :heart:


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