Calling Tarot Readers

Wondering if there is a way to to do long distance Tarot readings to obtain a spirit guide.

I keep get mixed signals or none and this has been the only obstacle I am unable to overcome so I am respectfully requesting assistance from my peers on this matter.



Hi @Durga - our talented @MeganB does the Freebie Fridays — I can’t find the link, but you can go to the post for Merry Meet Monday - Magick News of the Week! Oct 10 - 16 :broom: and it will link it once it posts later this week! Good luck! :four_leaf_clover:


Got it- Thank you so very much.

I have bookmarked the link and have it on my calendar as a reminder!

YOU are so awesome, again thank you.


I’m curious! Are you looking to ask the tarot to advise you on a spirit or diety to work with personally? have you considered creating a tarot spread to get the answer? I’ve done that to find an archetype to work with but not a spirit.


Greetings @Durga!

Hope you are doing well :blush:

It depends on the reader, but there are definitely tarot readers out there who do (or even specialize in) long-distance readings. I second Jan’s suggestion of consulting with Megan- she is a very talented reader who reads for the coven on Fridays!

Here is the link to last week’s Freebie Friday if you’d like to see what it is like: Freebie Friday :sparkles: October 7th

Like Jan said, this week’s Freebie Friday post will appear in the forum on Friday :+1: I’m afraid it won’t be changed in the MMM (this is because the MMM becomes rather obsolete come the weekend- anything new is added to the new MMM on Monday), but the discussion will be listed on the main page of the forum. And if you can’t find it there (there are lot of posts lately- October is a very busy month in the forum!) just pop into the Energy Exchange Category- it should be right there at the top.

This is a great suggestion, and it calls to mind a spread already out there (for deities, but I imagine it could be used for spirit guides too) and ready to use! I’ll leave a link here in case it might be useful:

There’s also a guide for finding your spirit guide:

Good luck and blessed be! :sparkles:


Hey there @Durga :wave: Like many have said, distance tarot reading is definitely possible. I read for the forum on Fridays :blush: You’ll see the new Freebie Friday posted in the #energy-exchange category around 8am EST.

But I’m also a bit confused on your question. Are you wanting tarot to bring a spirit guide to you? Or are you wanting insight from your guides through tarot?


There’s a member @john.knox who performs readings and has a trend going on here in the form named “Aura & Energy Scanning Thread”. I’m having a hard time linking, but perform a forum search or someone else can link you to it.


Got the link: Aura & Energy Scanning Thread


I believe that, yes, long-distance readings are doable to find out who your spirit guide(s) is and/or how to contact them. If possible, I believe that when the reader has some personal artifact from you, even a photo or video link during the session, it enhances the accuracy of the reading. If they are also a medium, so much the better.


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