Can anyone help me understand

Hello everyone so I been studying a lot and everything is easy to me the only one I’m having difficulty with is the celebrations to what we have to do when we do it is it mandatory etc ? Can you guys help lol


While I celebrate with the coven during the Sabbats with limited candle magic, my personal practice is Esbats with Samhain as my new year. This is the wonderful thing about eclectic Wicca. Nothing is mandatory. You alone decide what you want to study, practice, etc.

If you want to celebrate the full Wheel of the Year, Spells8 has amazing resources - many of which link to threads in the forum full of helpful ideas. @MeganB has resources on her website, too.


The sabbats are a way to celebrate the cycles that are constantly beginning and ending (life, death, rebirth), both in Nature and in our personal lives.

Watch the lesson that @praecog29 shared above if you haven’t done it yet:

Since we are all in different parts of the world, we tend to celebrate in solitary. Sabbats are a time of transition, so they are great opportunities to connect with your deities, to reflect and set intentions for the year/month ahead, or to perform divinations. You can choose to celebrate them on the day that is most convenient to you, for example, Imbolc is coming up this weekend.

The best ways to celebrate at home are: decorating, setting up an altar, gathering with family, making bread or having a big meal, lighting candles or a fire, and of course setting intentions. :candle:

You can find more ideas at the Spells8 Sabbats page, or explore Youtube! I have just uploaded a new video: Chant for Imbolc, and also this video with Imbolc music to meditate, or do an early spring cleaning at home. :broom:


Thank you I will look at it :upside_down_face:


I saw the lessons and trust me I watched it a few times it wouldn’t stick like everything else has but thank you I will try doin more research and I will celebrate this weekend :upside_down_face:


You’re welcome! Have a great Full Moon and a blessed Imbolc!!:full_moon:


New need a lot of help


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Heck yeah, it’s a really cool concept. It all stems from the Earth’s 23.5 degree tilt as we orbit the Sun. This causes opposite effects in the northern and southern hemispheres. On the longest night and shortest day in the Northern Hemisphere it is the longest day and shortest night in the southern hemisphere. Halfway between these points are the Equinoxes, night and day are of equal length.
So in the Northern Hemisphere, longest night is Yule, birth of the Sun God. Next the Halfway point between the winter solstice and spring equinox is Imbolc, return of the light. Yoi notice days are getting longer and so the promise of Spring and Summer. We light candles and ask the Goddess Brigid to bless and protect us. Next is the Spring Equinox, we honor the Goddess Easter. She is said to have found a bird trapped in the ice. She saved the bird and changed it into a magick Hare, that lays colored eggs. Next is the Halfway point between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice. At this time, it is a Randy, naughty time to celebrate fertility and all the fun that goes along with that. It’s called Beltane. Check out the YouTube video, the musical Camelot and Queen Guinevere tells you all about it. Basically the Sun God born at Yule is a randy young man and gets with the Earth Mother Goddess and … you know. She becomes pregnant. That’s important. At the Summer Solstice in June, the God and Masculinity is celebrated. The day after though, his power begins to diminish. The days grow shorter. Halfway between the Summer Solstice and the fall equinox the days are noticeably shorter. The harvest season begins. To have a good harvest the Sun God is ritually sacrificed. We honor all who sacrifice for us. Then comes the fall equinox, time for feasting and the knowledge that nights will be longer than days until the spring equinox. The descent into the darkness. Halfway between is Samhain, the magical time when the spirits of our dearly departed can communicate with us easily. If you know how. Then comes Yule again and that child conceived at Beltane has the soul of the Sun God sacrificed at Lughnassahd and it begins again and again.


I understand where it comes from and the history I just didn’t understand how to celebrate it or what rituals spells we do etc but thank you this is a lot of good info too


Lots of books and you tube videos on celebrating the Sabbats, Esbats, and Rites of Passage. Explore and enjoy.


I hope the information Francisco, Megan, and others was useful in getting started. Everything can seem quite overwhelming at first, but you don’t have to know it all or do it all. The magic is in each of us and in the universe. The rituals, the spells, all of it, they are just ways to channel that magic through you. It will be up to you to decide what works best for you but we are here to give our advice on what works best for us whenever you have a question.