Can you use the elements as higher power?

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So…I have this question and wanted to ask this, can you use the elements as higher power?

I’m a sagittarius :sagittarius: and my element is fire​:fire:, but im not sure what my background of ancestors is,so when it came down to having a deity I wasn’t sure which one I’d be under. (Hopefully I said that right :sweat_smile:)

So I figured having the elements be on my side. But wanted more information about this. Anything helps❤


You don’t have to have a deity at all, actually! Deities aren’t predetermined for you, not usually. I can’t think of any tradition or religious practice where that’s true, but I could be wrong! Anyway, you absolutely can honor the elements as higher powers if that’s what you want to do! As for ways to do it, maybe create an altar for them, invoke them throughout your day, etc.


Update: Here’s how to work with the other types of Elementals!

Since you asked about Sagittarius and Fire :fire: (I’m a Leo Moon) you should know that the Salamander is the Guardian of Fire.

Paracelsus (1493–1541) suggested that salamanders were the elementals of fire, which has had substantial influence on the role of salamanders in the occult. Paracelsus, contrary to the prevalent belief at the time, considered salamanders to be not devils, but similar to humans, only lacking a soul (along with giants, dwarves, mermaids, elves, and elemental spirits in human form) - Salamander Lore

A newt (typically associated with witches) is also a type of salamander! :lizard: :woman_mage:

A direct line to the Salamander is a flame. Safely build a fire, or light a candle, invoke the element fire and practice gazing at the flame’s licks. Feel the warmth of the fire lighting your own internal flame.


I can’t say what is commonly accepted but in my personal practice, I do invoke the elements and it helps me to think of them as deities (kind of) in that they can understand my language and intentions. I feel awe and respect for the elements.

This is the same way I talk to God so I guess for me it really is like a higher power, or maybe it is all one and it is a dimension of Spirit. But I feel…connected!

And I really emphasize fire because I feel that is an area of weakness for me personally. I am trying to be brave, assertive and motivated (I have a lot of water in my sign). So I am always trying to add more “fire energy” to myself.

You know how you are sometimes drawn to someone, sometimes a romantic partner, because they have things about them you don’t have or are weak in, “opposites attract” kind of thing? I love water and I groove on it, but I am really drawn to fire. I do a lot of burning and cooking in my practice.

I speak to them in my spells, I talk about how I appreciate their power and I mention what is wonderful about them and I ask for help. This is exactly like the way I pray to God! So, in my opinion, the answer is yes. Elements are a higher power, at least for me, and so beloved by me in that respect. They represent my best self, treasured values, my connection to all aspects of the unverse, and what I aspire to become. Calling on the elements is one of the most meaningful parts of my practice.

For example, I say “Guardians of the South and Spirits of Fire, fire inside me and fire all around me: fire in electricity, my neural pathways, in lamplight and candlieght and fireplaces, in the magma beneath the earth crust and in volcanoes, bless me and this circle with your warmth, light and vitality…” etc.


Thank you for linking this information, this was something that I am thinking about regarding their representations on my altar during witchy workings. Whether or not I am using a circle at the time.

I remember when I first reviewed the information on the site too, I remember thinking :thinking: how much I identify with the water :droplet: Element & I have a bit of water in my chart. I feel very connected to water, I remember when I moved to a landlocked area & I had to move back to the coast. Nothing felt right or went right while I was out there. I feel more at home by the coast.