Candle meaning

I did a binding spell to warn someone to stay off my boyfriend business and the candle burned and gave this shape
Any meaning


Greetings @Amara,

Thanks for sharing your candle spell! :candle::sparkles:

In case you haven’t seen it yet, I recommend checking out the Flickering Magic: Candle Reading Guide- it has lots of tips for candle divination :crystal_ball: As for post-spellwork Wax Readings, while I’m not a wax reading expert, I do a form of wax reading based off of Tasseography (Tea Leaf Readings).

While I always believe the spell caster is the closest to the spell and the most aware of the intentions set while casting (and thus, will have the best and most relevant interpretations), I would be happy to share with you the things I picked out while examining your wax spell remains.

Here’s what I saw!


:busts_in_silhouette: Two figures (blue) - Two figures stand tall, one whose features are more defined and another whose features are blurred and shadow-like. The more defined person seems to have their hands at their face in a worried position.

→ As you cast a binding spell, I feel that this could be the person who has been affecting your boyfriend’s business. This “shadow” could be a result of the spell- a symbol of pressure, guilt, or fear coming to haunt and loom over them.

:egg: Embyro (yellow) - Encased within an egg-like bubble is an embryo, with a nearly fully-formed figure curled up inside.

→ Are they curled up in agony, haunted by worries and fear? Or is it something in rest, waiting to hatch- for better or for worse? I would ask you, the caster, to take a closer look at the details here and see how it appears from your more involved perspective.

These are just my thoughts- please feel free to use them if they seem relevant, and don’t hesitate to apply your own interpretations to the spellwork you cast! :blush:

I hope my interpretations can help you a bit, Amara- good luck and thanks again for sharing your spellwork! Blessed be :candle::sparkles:


Am sure to screen shot ur reading and read them again
I am really happy someone has a little answer to the turnup shape was of my binding spellls
I don’t really know y it turned out that way, but my intention was not to hurt him but to ask him to stay off my partner business
I buried the wax this morning as I felt it could be bringing bad energy around my altar


I don’t have an answer for you, but I think the wax looks very interesting. Here’s what I saw…

I have been studying the Morrigan and I think what I saw relates to her. I wrote on the picture but you will have to open and enlarge it to read it…

I wrote on the picture it was a mummy in a coffin but it looks like the Morrigan with a Crow Beak!


Happy day!
2 cents worth…
Although unhappy, she concedes. Your wisdon and grace have defeated yet another.
Only what the blind saw with the minds eye👀


What does it really means
I am confused


U speak in riddles . Can u throw more light pls


I have no doubt your intention was pure, Amara :blush: You simply wanted to protect your boyfriend and his creative ideas- it’s a very noble intention and there’s nothing wrong with that!

Sometimes spells, especially spellwork that falls in what some would consider to be a “grey” area of magick (things such as binding, banishing, return-to-sender, cord-cutting spells, etc- not Baneful Magick but, as they involve casting magick on other people, are also not entirely Wholesome Magick either) can go in directions other than we expect them to. Anytime a spell is turned on or directed towards someone else, there is some risk of it having negative or bad consequences on the other person.

For example, casting a “Return to Sender” spell protects yourself or someone dear- but the results of that spellwork mean that the original spell caster takes the hit instead. As someone who believes in karmic justice, I personally don’t have a problem with “Grey” Magick like this- I see it as a protection spell that invokes the hand of justice.

However, there are some witches who believe that casting any spells that have an effect on others is wrong and cast only on themselves. Other witches have no problem with it, and some are even content to cast Baneful Magick (sometimes called “Black” or “Dark” Magick- think curses, hexes, etc).

Everyone is allowed to choose for themselves- if you haven’t already, I recommend taking some time to build your own personal magickal code of ethics to lay the lines of what you feel is okay and what you believe is wrong. It’s a great way to connect with yourself and your Craft! :sparkles::blush:

I hope that made sense- congrats again on your spell, and I wish you all the best! :sparkles:


Thanks allot for taking out time to explain this for me, I was caught in the web already, I will check out the site u gave me cause I think is what I need more at this moment but I think the spell truly worked out💓 because he has been giving my partner unusual stares


You’re very welcome, Amara- I’m happy if the info helped you! :blush: It does sound like your spell had an effect on the situation :+1:

Blessed be! :sparkles:


My apologies. I jusy saw your reply. I was away. Im not quite sure what to explain. I will break it down in summary. Sentence 1. I assumed prople would know it mean a hallow comment or withoit vested interest regarding the subjects at hand. Sentence 2 refers to the end of the means. She has zero claims and possesses little in comparisons to what uou have invested. Sentence 3 was a compliment to you. Sentence 4 is a classic reference to mortals which often refuse to aknowledge anything out of the box. Whereas. Whitches create, see and search out of the box. Hence, the would neef to be blind to see a minds eye in anything. Lol. Apologies if i had confused anyone. 40 yrs practicing and 4th generation i am used to the minds eye speaking in addition to what it saw. I hope this unriddles the 2 cents worth.
Happy Days :dancer:


New keyboard does not like me very much. Result…typos🙏🏻


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