Candles and Colors

Ok, this is really a stupid question: I have ordered colored chime candles in a variety of colors but they are taking forever to get here. Is there a way to symbolize the color with white candles? Some ideas I had were colored jars, colored crystals, symbolic cards (I have a deck). I did get elemental jars in green, yellow, red, and blue so I could put them at the corners during rituals (I want to use beeswax votive candles in the jars) Thoughts please?


@wendy4 from what I know, the white candle can substitute for any color candle and if you’re really short on time or in a pinch you can use birthday candles!

I hope this helps. Love and Light, Blessed Be :star2:


If you don’t have any colored candles, use white candles like Krissie mentioned. Then you can anoint them in essential oils according to the intent.

For example, instead of a blue candle :blue_heart: for communication, anoint a white candle :candle: with any of these oils: Jasmine, Lavender, Geranium, Valerian, Fennel.

A useful title for working with these types of correspondences is Llewellyn’s Complete Book of Correspondences :open_book:


Thanks Krissie! I appreciate your advice.


Thanks Francisco. I have that book!


@wendy4 you are very welcome! I hope it helps!


Hope this help ya! Coming out soon on Amazon is a book on candle magic from Mystic Dylan

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