Can't hold concentration for meditation

I live in a very noisy house. 8 people and 3 dogs that are constantly being loud. I can’t have any quiet time to myself, making it very hard for me to concentrate or meditate. Going outside isn’t much of an option as the kids always beg to go with me. Does anyone have any advice?


Hi @cheyanne! Welcome to the Forum!! :wave:

Great question! I struggled a lot to meditate in the beginning because I was trying to hold on to one thing (my breath, a sound, a thought) and so if something else happened I got frustrated at the distraction and I thought “I need a place with silence!”

But meditation really is awareness of the present moment, so you have to accept that the present moment is life, and life is noisy. Anything can happen.

The real exercise during meditation is to not let the mind do its usual judging and labeling things as “good/bad”, “pleasant/unpleasant”, and instead be neutral to it.

So when you hear a car, don’t think about a car. Think about the sound waves hitting your ear. Don’t mentally create a red car driving down the road. This takes a lot of practice! Eventually you will think of all noises as one big faceless and shapeless mix of sound that surrounds you. When you have achieved that, the noise will no longer distract you during your meditation.

Meditation takes time to work but you will definitely see results. Once you start seeing results, you will feel even more motivated to continue your practice. As you continue on, meditation gets so much easier. :person_in_lotus_position:

Good luck and blessings!


Just sit and listen to the noise going on around you, focus on it. LIke Francisco said, judge nothing, just be. Don’t struggle to be in silence, silence can sometimes be deafening! Think of each sound, and you can liken it to a nature sound, cos in actuality it is. Tune into a guided meditation on youtube with some ear buds to your cell phone,

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My house is pretty quiet yet I find it hard to quiet my mind. My Therapist and a Psychic buddy both suggested binaural beats. Look it up on Youtube, it really helps. The sounds affect and activate different parts of your subconscious. Its like a meditation cheat code.


Yes they work great, and they have some for so many different things!

I agree! I also find it quite challenging to stay focused and not drift off with my thoughts, and the binaural beats really help with that.


Really good suggestion!

Binaural beats have an actual effect on the brain and can help with different things. There are lots of studies published on the subject of binaural beats. For example, here’s a peer-reviewed study on depression.

But also they can help suppress distracting noises that around you while meditating.

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