Casting Circles Sitting Down

I have a question. See, I don’t cast circles that much, but I’d like to practice more. My problem is twofold, one my space is very small. And two, I’m disabled and it’s very difficult for me to stand up long enough to spin in place and cast a circle.

I’d like to cast a circle sitting down but my visualizations skills need work. Does anyone have any advice?

Thanks in advance!


I’ve heard that some people cast circles using visualizations. I would think looking at circles for a few minutes before might help. Or take something round, even a can of corn, and run your finger around the outside to help you imagine the circle as you visualize. Start at 12 oclock on the can, and as you drag your finger imagine a larger circle forming around you.

If you can, maybe you can get an office chair so that you can spin while sitting.

Another idea is casting a circle with sound. Maybe using a bell. You could strike or ring it three times and say something like,

I cast this circle as the bell tolls, from center to edge as the sound rolls
Candle’s light and bell’s din, the negative without, I’m protected within

Or something like that. The idea is to use the bell or candelight, which radiate in a circle, as the way to cast.


I don’t cast circles often, but when I do, I typically do it sitting down. My visualization skills are HORRIBLE, so when I cast a circle while sitting, I close my eyes and channel my intention/energy out through my pointer finger as I move my arm in a circle above my head. I can’t really visualize the circle being formed, but I focus on the feeling of the energy flowing through and out my arm and finger and feel it sort of twinkling down around me.

I’m sure you’ve seen me say this a thousand times on various other posts here in the forum, but for me, personally, intention is the most important aspect of Magick. As long as you’re putting the proper intention into it, anything within your abilities will be effective :green_heart::sparkles:


Personally I like to use a wand or an incense stick as a wand so I can see the tracing. However there are many ways to cast a circle and not all of them involve any physical movements or ritual.

Also, as mentioned above, work on your visualization and “feeling” the circle. Send away your usual thoughts and focus on entering this sacred space where you feel lighter and in a magical mindset.


I think the bell is a great idea. You could also see how much movement you could get out of a wand without having to stand up. Maybe you could do kind of an arc or something? Witchcraft definitely accepts you, so just be creative, do it your way, and you will undoubtedly succeed. :slight_smile:

Maybe you could create a more permanent circle around your sitting area with four directional indicators? I’m not sure, it just came to mind.

Blessed Be.


I have definitely created sacred space while sitting. The easiest way for me to do it is to clap or build energy in a certain way. I’ve even just rubbed my hands together to gather energy in my palms. Then when I was ready and felt that I had enough energy, I placed my hands on the floor and loudly declared the space sacred with the energy surrounding me.


Greetings @Amethyst! :blush:

I can see you’ve already got some awesome advice here! Adding to what’s already been shared, I have a quick circle technique you might find useful. I usually use this one right before I go to bed when I’m in a new or unfamiliar place and crave just a little bit of extra protection. It can be done lying down, sitting, or standing. Your eyes can be open or closed when you draw the circle.

Quick Double-Layer Circle Protection

  • Using the pointer finger of your dominant hand, draw a large circle in the air directly in front of you (or above you, if you are lying down) :point_up_2: :o:
  • As you draw the circle, imagine it encasing the entire room- from wall to wall, enclosing the whole space.
  • Take three deep breaths to set the circle in place.
  • Next, use your pointer finger again to draw a smaller circle within the space that you drew the larger circle :point_up_2: :record_button:
  • As you draw, imagine this smaller circle to encase just the space immediately around you- around your bed, chair, or the area where you are standing.
  • Take three deep breaths to set the inner circle in place.
  • Tell yourself you are safe and protected by the double layer of circle security :lock:

I hope you’re able to find some methods of circle drawing that work for you, Amethyst! Good luck and blessed be! :heart:


That’s perfect! May I use your words? I really like the idea of a bell!

Thank you for this, and for your encouragement. I’ve got a wand, I think I’ll try to use it in energy work more, that may help.

Thank you so much @Francisco! That helps a lot!

Eh, not enough room in my apartment, but thank you that’s a good idea!

Eh, not enough room in my apartment, but thank you that’s a good idea!

Maybe I can do this with my wand, if I tried it with my hands I’d fall out of my chair! LOL! Thanks, @MeganB!

OOh, I like that, @TheTravelWitch_Bry! May I copy it to my BOS?


I’m so fascinated by this question because I have only ever used visualization and intention to cast a circle. It never really occurred to me to do it another way! I incorporate sound into it too. I have been using drums for shamanic journeying for a long time and so drums, bells, and Tibetan singing bowls are part of my general routine. You can find a lot of free meditations online for all of those things if they interest you. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :heart:


Absolutely, Amethyst- it would be an honor if you added it to your BoS! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


This topic is very fascinating! I am unable to visualize (I have aphantasia - the inability to see things in my mind) and rely totally on how the energy feels. I always cast my circle sitting down since I have a very limited space. I feel the energy that I use to create my circle build inside me than I cast it outwards in a manner very similar to how @TheTravelWitch_Bry describes (I draw a circle above my head). I always call the quarters as well and use elemental markers (no candles with the cats!) for each direction, placing them in their appropriate place as I call each one. I imagine/feel each elemental bringing their energy to join mine as I call them to join my circle.


Merry meet, @Amethyst
Our fellow witches have all made wonderful suggestions :blush:.
I personally use a 6’ round jute area rug to help my visualization. The authors Buckland and Cunningham suggest a sole practitioner circle should be 5’ round minimum.

While I like colored candles to represent the elements/quarters, one can use more permanent items that once placed, do not need to be moved or lit.

Now, some witches will frown at my next suggestions because they belive a circle must not be obstructed thus be broken, but your furniture should not be a deterent to the circle boundaries, nor do you have to be in the middle of said circle, just within. I have a friend from Ohio who sits at her kitchen table that sits on a round rug and does everything from there.

One does not need to walk the circle physically. She uses that claw stick thing used to retrieve high up items and swings it around herself in a circle with her insence, salt shaker, etc to form her circle. Quite amazing, really. It’s been almost 10 years. I need to plan a visit…

Anyway, back to the subject.

Get creative. Don’t bind yourself with traditions of others. A witch is not suposed to live in a box of rules and restrictions. A witch makes his or her own rules, spells, rituals, etc. En it harm none.

Just my two cents. Hope they help.

Blessed be and good luck


I love how you have made the best of your situation and empowered yourself. :heart: :sparkles:


I couldn’t agree more!! :heart:


As some who was once wheelchair-bound and AS someone who is disabled I can affirm that yes you can cast sitting down. When I was wheelchair-bound I would rotate myself to face each quarter instead of walking the circle. Nowadays when I’m having issues walking or standing I use a wooden spinning chair to allow me to face each quarter as I call them down to assist me.

As for space size. or area of effect. It is all in how you visualize your circle for example my current space to cast in is small because of my bed but when I visualize my circle while casting it is my entire room. Doing this allows me to move freely around it from within the room without having to open and close a door to my circle.

Here is the technique I use as it was taught to me by a disabled priestess

Place a rotating chair in front of your alter to try to aline its legs with the compass if you can. Sit comfortably and test that you cant face each quarter without hitting your alter. Make sure you are sitting up fully and not slouching. Next, you want to close your eyes with bare feet on the ground. And begin to take slow deep breaths. In through the nose out through the mouth. Feel the laylines as they flow around you. feel the smaller lines closer to you and slowly allow some of this layline energy to top off your own. Visualize this pure light energy slowly adding to your own till your whole body feels warm and full. Slowly close off the connection as you begin to open your eyes. This new energy will allow you feel less drained after spell work.

TO cast the circle do the following as part of your casting ritual. (I can add mine if you would like just let me know.)

Sitting as straight as you can get comfortable. Begin by taking your Athem, wand, whatever you use in your dominant hand, and pointing at the entire area you are in slowly spin from east to east in a counter-clockwise rotation. Call forth the circle with whatever spell you prefer. (If you don’t need to move around you can omit this part ) Visualize the area encompassing the area you occupy not just the small area you are in, use the walls as boundaries if you need to at first.

When the time comes for you to close the circle you rotate clockwise east to east. Visualize the circle shrinking into you as the energy returns to your body.

I hope this helps and I’m happy to assist you further if you’d like.


Of course!

Another idea that I have used:

My house is my circle and this room is double
Excluded are all evil and trouble

Use it or not, do what works for you!


Thanks, @BrightBear! I’ll have to look for circle casting music.

Absolutely, Amethyst- it would be an honor if you added it to your BoS! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thank you!

That is a good idea, thank you for the advice!

Hee! I have one of those! Thanks for suggesting I use it! I can’t afford a rug right now, besides I’m not very good on my feet, I’d probably trup. Still, I love your ideas!

I have problems sitting in my computer chair and I can’t roll my wheelchair around as I’d wish, I just don’t have the upper arm strength since I mainly use it for a computer chair. Still, I love your advice. I love the visualization tips, thank you so much!

I like that one too, even if it does sound a bit like something from Pokemon! LOL!


Hi Amethyst, you could also sit on a chair or stool in front of your altar, this way you don’t have to stand. You can still see your altar and by using your wand or finger, you will be able to cast a circle. Sometimes I use an old computer chair that turns all the way around while I cast my circle. But you have received some excellent advice here and I see also a solution from Bry. Glad she could help you out.

Blessed Be :dizzy:


@Amethyst First of all most importantly… Happy Birthday! Xxx

I don’t cast a circle every time either. I sit on the floor at my altar for all my spell work. So I make myself a literal circle of protection using a combination of black tourmaline and smoky quartz crystals for the literal grounding and protection. I’m not so great with the visualisation either my brain seems to get easily distracted. So I found have something tangible helps me.

I start with a piece of black tourmaline due north and alternate moving clockwise. I use 8 pieces of each. As I am setting them out I say:

“This is an impenetrable barrier of protection. No harmful forces may enter. No harmful forces may leave.”

I have a diagram of how it looks in my BoS at home so if you like I’m happy to share a copy.

To close the circle I remove them starting due north with the black tourmaline and move anticlockwise and I say:

“I am grateful to the universe, my Sprit Guides, all elements and deities for their assistance in my ritual.”

“I declare this circle of protection undone. I leave this place as it was before. With no harm done to anyone, so mote it be.”


I’ve got to admit I sit in front of my computer most of the time and have a sort of mini-altar there and use it. Thanks for the idea though, @debra2!

Thank you @jessica72! I am getting old!

I might try that if I can get enough black tourmaline. That sounds like a lovely circle and I can put pieces of it up on my computer desk and other furniture. Thank you!