Casting spells for a friend?

Evening ~
My best friend is going through some challenging times right now and I’m wondering how I could send good energies and vibes to her with the help of witchcraft
She is trying to release a toxic person from her life but she’s not sure how to do it
What can I do , as a witch, to help her through these trying times ?
Blessed be ~


There are a few things that come to mind. The first, and the easiest, is to light a candle with the intention of sending energy to that friend. This can be done through simple visualization techniques. I actually wrote a post about it -> The Art of Healing - Sending Energy to Others

You could also either walk them through a spell on their own or do one for them. Here are a few examples of spells that are on the Spells8 site :heart:

Uncrossing Spell

‘Uncrossing’ means getting rid of all unwanted and unneeded energies and attachments. :dizzy: If you believe you may be suffering from a hex-related illness or a run of misfortune, try an uncrossing ritual.

Peace of Mind Spell

Are you going through times of fear or uncertainty? If you’re craving peace of mind for at least 5 minutes, try casting this spell for inner peace and harmony. Never forget that you are a being of potential, of peace, of love, of power . The light within you can never be extinguished. :fire:

Both of these can be adapted for your friend’s situation :last_quarter_moon_with_face:

I also recommend doing a freezer spell if you don’t mind binding someone. I talk about that in a nother post as well -> Magickal Binding


How could I adapt these spells for her ? (Especially the uncrossing and freezer spell) She is not wiccan and she doesn’t do witchcraft so I’d like to be able to cast a spell for her to help her out <3

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I’ll use the uncrossing spell as an example.


When you say the spell, simply envision it for your friend instead of yourself. You could also carve their name into the candle for an extra energetic direction.


Thank you so much for the tips !


You’re welcome :heart:

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Great answer @MeganB !! It sometimes hard to see a friend go through trauma…and even harder to do something for them if they are not wiccan… but this is good info.

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