Challenge Entry - Weekly Witchy Challenge: Divining Differently

Weekly Witchy Challenge Divining Differently
Carromancy is the art of divination through reading candle wax. You light the candle and let it burn until it’s molten hot then carefully pour wax into a bowl filled with cold water. The wax then forms a shape. When I did this My question was what am I needing in my life at this time? I saw a moon and a flower.


:game_die: Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Divining Differently


That looks great! I haven’t tried that method either!

Too many choices for me this week :laughing:

I’m not sure how to interpret wax & what its shapes mean. I know we have others that do wax readings or have tried & they may be able to help you interpret the Moon & Flower in the wax.


Hi @charity this is so interesting! :blue_heart: Did you intuitively understand the Moon and Flower and subsequently the purpose of those in your life as well, or do you have a guide or teachings from another? :candle:


What a lovely idea! It’s like seeing images in the clouds, I would guess.


Greetings @charity,

That’s awesome! :blush: While I’m pretty familiar with interpreting wax remains post-spellwork, I’m very intrigued about reading the wax and water. I think adding the water element adds something exciting and refreshing to the reading- I want to give Carromancy a try! :candle:

Thank you so much for your awesome entry and for joining in the challenge! Blessed be! :sparkles: