Changing your perspective of pain

Pain can overwhelm us not only physically but mentally. When pain gets out of hand, it can become part of our identity or even consume our entire sense of self, having entire days revolving around the pain.


Oh! I can’t wait to do this! I have hEDS with Fibromyalgia & other chronic pain issues. Thank you so much for this. With the cold weather, my levels have increased.

I appreciate all you do for us! :heart:


That was a very powerful meditation! And useful too. Every time I was severly ill, I was somatizing something bigger that I needed to address. Health and emotions go hand in hand.

I also enjoyed the imagery and pace. It was really moving. Thanks for sharing!! :pray:


I am definitely going to bookmark this for later. I have chronic pain my my hands (gamer’s thumb is what my doctor called it) and it keeps me from doing so many things like crochet when it flairs up. I can’t even wash dishes or hold on to anything the pain is so bad. I spent several years on narcotic painkillers for another issue in my late 20’s and 30’s and I don’t like to take pain meds at all. I do use essential oils and they work well but I have to keep reapplying them and I sometimes forget to do that every 2 hours. I have been working to balance my chakras and it seems to help a lot but the pain still comes back sometimes with a vengeance. Thank you for doing this meditation.


Your meditations go deep, @Silverbear- I’m grateful to have such wonderful resources! :pray: Pain can seem overwhelming and all-encompassing at times. This guided meditation is great way to regain control and find a path to rise above it :heart: Thank you so much for sharing! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I just finished this meditation & I’m ready to take on things that need to get done today. It started out a dreary day, it still is outside, but now I feel good about what I can get done. Then after I am done with what needs to get done, I think I will take a nice shower with some music. Thank you so much for these guided meditations. Living with chronic pain is definitely a challenge that I was not prepared for, but I am learning how to function each day. Thank you.