Chime Candles 🕯

Happy Monday everyone!

I had the thought that I’d like to do more candle spellwork this year (if the furry gremlins behave and allow it lol :paw_prints:) so I splurged on a big box of spell candles.

The white candles are right on the border of being more translucent than white, but otherwise the quality seems to be pretty decent for the price (.18 cents per candle). I just need to get some more gold and silver candles and I’ll be fully stocked! :grinning:

For anyone interested, I got the Multi-Colored candle pack by Candle Charisma- it’s on Amazon and is currently $17.99 for the 100 pack. (Link is here)

This pack seemed to be (at least from what I could find) to have the assortment of colors that best fits the candle colors explored on the Spells8 candle color chart.

Picture from Spells8: Candle Magic 101 Color Chart Guide

Off to work some candle magick~! (Valentine’s Day is coming!) :heart::candle:

What chime/spells candles do you use? Do you have a favorite brand you recommend?

Blessed be! :sparkles::candle:


I like mega candles but you got a much better deal! I may have to switch!


I have wondered the quality of the pack. Now I know. Thanks :slight_smile:


I really need to pick up some more chime candles :laughing: I’ve got some spellwork I want to do but no chimes to do it. I’ve resorted to using dressed up tealights. I mean, it works just the same but the burn time for the ones I have are so much longer than I want :joy: thanks for the link!


I get my candles from there too! I just had to restock black, red, & white. I have all the others :laughing: As of right now they are in a large bag & I’m trying to figure out a better way to keep them stored. I’ll have to find a box or 2 to store them in upright. I really need a storage locker if we’re being completely honest about organizing & consolidating in my space :rofl:


Oh My goodness! These chime candles are like a Dream…I must admit I am a bit jealous! Lol. :smiling_face: But honestly, I saw this same box on but it’s way toooo pricey! So I guess I have no luck getting these exact same ones but I did get sooo inspired by your post @TheTravelWitch_Bry that today, early morning I ordered another pack of forty 4" multicolour chime candles! :candle: :heart: :orange_heart: :yellow_heart: :blue_heart: :green_heart: :purple_heart: :brown_heart: :black_heart: :white_heart: I will surely post the pictures of my own chime candles, when I receive the parcel, here only!! :sparkling_heart: Also I Loooooooooooove Valentine’s Day like A maniac! Hahahaha! Although I really don’t have a valentine! :smile: So I am looking forward to your Candle Magic experiences too! IDK but I :heartpulse: candles!! :face_holding_back_tears: (Maybe because they look like candies!? Lol!) :candy: :sparkles:


@Amethyst .18 cents a candle is a pretty good deal- it was the best I could find after shopping around! Unless you want 100 brown, green or pink candles, in which case they’re only .12 cents a candle :laughing: :+1:

@Lady_Nimue_Selene It’s my pleasure! My only kinda of issue with them is the somewhat transparency of the white. Otherwise, they seem to be pretty decent for the price tag! This witch-on-a-budget is happy with them :grinning:

@MeganB You’re welcome! :blush: And nothing wrong with dressed up tealights, they work great! One of the best things about tealights is that they usually come in their own little containers, chimes can be hard to find a good candle holder for. Although you’re right, the burn time can get pretty long indeed! :candle:

@Siofra_Strega Sounds like a great excuse to get your very own candle cupboard! :laughing: :+1: :candle:

@Solasta_Amore Awwww thanks, Smriti! :heart: I am sure the 4" candles you got are going to be perfect, and yes! Please feel free to share pics when they arrive! I always love to see everyone’s tools and Craft ingredients :grinning: And hahaha you’re right! They do look like candies, especially when they are all together and so colorful in the box! :candy: :lollipop: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Oh, I have a new thing to look for now! I’ll have to take a looksie at what I can find in my house or an area of a drawer or something to put them in :thinking: Well, I’ll be rooting around my room to see where I can put different things that I have in bags :rofl:


Sounds like fun! I hope you can find the perfect spot for your candle cupboard/candle home :blush::candle::sparkles:


So… I managed to find a container downstairs in my craft stuff… I found new homes for the items in it then brought it upstairs & was able to separate the candles a little bit.

One slot has:

  • purple
  • light blue
  • blue
  • green

One has:

  • yellow
  • orange
  • pink
  • silver
  • gold

One has:

  • black

One has:

  • white

One has:

  • red

Can you tell which ones I use the most of :laughing:
Then I found a temporary home for all of my crystals that took over a drawer. Right now it’s just a good size box from the holiday deliveries with a lot of Selenite wands kind of placed throughout the box to sort of tame the energies of all the crystals in the box.

I tend to do that though, on each altar I have Selenite pieces, slabs, wands, cubes, or bowls because of the multiple crystals that I have on them, on the moon phase shelf of crystals I have a spiral cone (it was actually a pendant, but the screw or piece that it was connected to came out), & on top of my printer’s box where I keep different pieces.

So that feels good to get those a little bit more organized & not so… everywhere really. I keep them with my extra mason jars right now. So tomorrow hopefully I can go through my little black bag & find homes for a few other things that are in there too.


I’m not nearly as organized as you are haha, but I know the feeling! It feels so good when everything has its own little place and is all neat and easy to find :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Congrats to you on your candle tidying! :candle::sparkles:


am I the only one that feels that white is the lack of color, so if it’s transparent a bit, I’m not worried?? I don’t know. I guess I am more worried that red is red and green is green and so forth. White doesn’t have to be chalk white for me to see it as a white candle.

sorry, my 2 cents on a silly thought, lol :stuck_out_tongue:


@Lady_Nimue_Selene I understand that & even if they are translucent I still consider them white. I had to separate them because the black was I guess mixing with the colors & then some of the whites looked like spotted zebra candles with gray stripes or just gray :rofl:

Plus finding the other colors among my MANY Black, Red, & White was just a headache :joy:


Nah, that doesn’t worry me at all. It’s usually just the way wax works sometimes. :woman_shrugging: It can be really hard to get a fully white candle because it doesn’t have any dye inclusions - it’s just plain white wax.


Ahhhh! (That was a typed squeal of internal excitement LOL)… thanks for the link! I have tons of tea lights but I LOVE working in color. I’ll need to add these to my wishlist! What a great deal!

(I’ve used extra birthday candles before, those work in a pinch and go out quickly!)

Edit: Aw dang. Those won’t ship to where I live.


Oh, I just thought of some candles I did run across at Amazon a couple months ago. Haven’t ordered them myself but they are thick and come in a variety of colors.

They’re called Wicca Wicks and come in a box of 48 :candle:


It’s not a silly thought at all! :blush:

I think you’re right- the properties of translucent would be the same as white anyways (cleansing, pure, empty, able to substitute other colors, etc.) so there is no distinct difference between the two magically :candle::+1:

So I just need to be less picky about my colors haha!

That’s good to know- it certainly makes me more understanding about the color! :grinning:

Awww, sorry- although I’m pretty sure I’ve seen the box of Wicca Wicks before too and they look lovely! I’m sure those ones will work beautifully for you, @Melora_Fae. If you decide to get them, I hope they’re exactly what you are looking for! :candle::two_hearts:


Hiii :blush: as I had said earlier, I am posting a picture of my spell chime candles here! :candle: :sparkles: I got them just yesterday. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: @TheTravelWitch_Bry I am smitten everytime I look at your candles! :heart_eyes: Although mine are not that good I actually feel comfortable with them! :smiling_face:


Oh @Solasta_Amore, these look amazing! :heart_eyes: I think they look absolutely perfect- congrats on your beautiful new candles! :tada: :candle::sparkles:

That’s the most important thing with any tool of the witch trade- and it sounds like these feel right at home to you! I’m so glad you found some beautiful candles- I know they will serve you well :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Any ideas for spellwork or rituals you want to use them in yet? :wink::candle:


Yess @TheTravelWitch_Bry! :blush: I am planning on using the new yellow and white ones along with the older red ones that I have already, for celebrating our sabbat Imbolc!! :sparkling_heart: :candle: Also, I have got another box of these so I have got total 40 new candles! :wink: :smiling_face: