Cleansing and Charging Crystals, Your favorite way?

I have a lot of crystals to charge and cleanse, I usually do them every 2-3 months even though no one else is around them, and I have new ones to charge. What is your favorite method?
I put them in wooden bowls, sunk into sea salt and covered, I then do Palo Santo around the bowls and do my Tingshas, and saying my intention and what will be.


I cleanse mine about once a month. I usually do so by incense, putting them around selenite, or holding each one individually and saying an intention,

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I have so many in order to hold them all with intention I would be here 6 months… I do however do my special ones. I forgot to add I do selenite around them as well.

I normally wait until the Full Moon to do my cleansing and charging. I’m not too knowledgable on crystals and the physical properties, i.e. what can go in water, what can go in salt, etc. So I use incense smoke and the energy of the Full Moon to cleanse and charge them. I do the same with my tarot decks.