I need help with my crystals

So I got these crystals but I was silly and forgot which type they are? I’m learning how to charge and cleanse my crystals so if you can help thank you. I know the big clear/white one is a moonstone but I’m not sure about the others. Thank you and any additional tips to keep them organized or how to use them would be great!



  1. Okay, so the ones in the bag definitely look like clear quartz to me.

  2. The shiny one looks like Rainbow Hematite

  3. Could be a dyed purple agate or a purple fluorite if it is more translucent (I’m not super confident with this one)

  4. Honestly…this one just looks like a rock to me :sweat_smile:

  5. This doesn’t look like a moonstone to me. Moonstone is normally fairly…shiny? I think? This seems very flat and matte.

I am no professional when it comes to things like this, but these are my best gueses.


Hello @quadeera!

Megan gave you some great guesses- I’m no crystal identifying expert myself, so I will back her opinions :grin: :+1: It can be hard to tell through the computer screen, so you may want to also check the Crystal Identification Chart and this Crystal Picture Identifier :gem:

As for Crystal Charging and Crystal Cleansing, you can find tips and advice in the following threads:

Your treasures are beautiful- enjoy! :gem: :sparkles:


Five is opalite oh two is aura quartz


Oh interesting. It’s strange how similar the aura quartz and the rainbow hematite look. I guess that would have to come down to more of the physical properties like hardness, etc.


Rainbow hematite is darker. Aura quartz is like a clear quartz with a rainbow tint.


I have mine sorted out into pouches with tags in them to label them. I keep them away from the ones that I have out at all times. I have some in a bag for anxiety & self confidence that recently have been hanging out on my nightstand. I spend a lot of time in my room, so it’s perfect for when I am home.

In the bag looks like clear quartz to me. I think the multicolored one is aura quartz too. I took out mine & looked at it. They look close. I have a couple of other rainbow ones. Obsidian is one of them. My moonstone is not so matte but I guess it could have been polished too.
I’m probably late to the party & not much help. I would listen to @MeganB & @Christina4 though. They are much better at this than I am.


Following Megan’s photo with the numbers:

  1. In the bag there is some quartz

  2. The rainbow black one is a rock with a (artificial) coating of titanium, also known as rainbow aura titanium.

  3. The purple one is dyed agate

  4. The tan one above it appears to be quartz

  5. The translucent one is opalite (a lab made glass that gives the appearance of opal)


Oh my goodness thank you everyone! :purple_heart::sparkles: