Crystal Charging

So tonight I’m looking at my crystals and I feel an overwhelming pull to charge them under the moon :thinking: so they’re out there charging away as I like to go with my instinct, but usually I charge them under the full moon.

Does anyone else charge their crystals on different moon phases? :crescent_moon: Do you think they need a different energy and maybe that’s why?

First Quarter Energy- expansion, progress, achievements. Use this energy to attract what you want in life… :zap:

I kinda think that’s the energy I need at the moment and I wonder if my crystals are picking up on it?


Ooh I need to do this.
Girl, go with your gut. If the waxing moon has the right energy, use it!
Stay confident in your actions, you totally know what you’re doing - those crystals will have the exact energy you need for the next month. :heart:
(and hey, there’s no harm chucking one or two in the full moon too just in case) :woman_shrugging:t3:


I also say go for it! :grin: While the full moon definitely has the strongest energy, each phase of the moon has a unique power to it. Sometimes, the energies of the full moon may not coincide with the intent you are looking for. You can absolutely draw on any of the moon phases and celestial energies! :+1:

The Moon Magic page has some more info and reassurance about using the different phases for different types of spellwork and energy.

The Moon is Earth’s only natural satellite. She accompanies and influences us in many ways, even if we can’t always perceive it. Most Witches are extremely sensitive to the lunar cycles and can sense the effect that the Moon and its phases are having on them. This can be used to make better decisions and expect better results in turn.

It has been proven that the phases of the moon have different effects and influences on the Earth and all living beings. The lunar phases can alter the ocean tides, the weather, our sleep patterns, our moods and many other things including rates of fertility, caused by the extra light that the full moon provides

[From Spells8 Moon Magic: Spells for Each Lunar Phase]

Each moon phase has a distinct effect and influence on both people and nature. Your crystals are out there soaking up that potent first quarter moon energy- now you’ll be able to draw on that power throughout the month through your stones! :gem::first_quarter_moon:

Good luck, and enjoy the blessing of the first quarter moon! :sparkling_heart:


Yes, crystals can charge under any moon phase. And everyone is right to go with your intuition. :revolving_hearts:


Adding a comment just for reassurance. But everyone else said it right!

There are many ways of charging crystals. If your instinct is telling you to charge them tonight, then there must be a reason for that. Go for it, experiment, journal! And see what happens. There’s no better way!


Thank you all! I definitely felt like they wanted to go out under the first quarter moon. :last_quarter_moon: I’ll journal and take note of any changes :blush: