Cleansing and clearing my tarot deck

Today I cleansed and clear with sea salt, star anise, bay leaves and a sandalwood incense my universal tarot deck and blessed personal relationship/work things happened to me. I realized today that is necessary to do this recharge in order to unlock some predictions.

Is anyone here had a similar experience? Do you often do this procedure? :flushed: Btw… It’s my first time I do this, I was having headaches and something was pulling me back and that’s why I did the cleansing!


I just recently started learning the tarot, I did cleanse it the first time I used them. I have a big cleanse coming over the weekend for my entire house and my newer items.

I remember in the course that it says you should cleanse them whenever you feel it’s necessary and before readings.


You are right Krissie! I was skeptical about the cleanse but know I finally learned and my tarot readings are getting better. Right now I’m learning how to read Lenormand tarot for relationships. In a near future I want to read for people that is not family and friends! Anyway… I have to keep an eye on this detail :wink:


In my experience, the cleansing your deck is like a personal ritual to get into the right frame of mind. I do it before reading the cards but not every single time because there are different ways to do that anyway.

But I agree that it brings clarity/accuracy to the readings. It can also be that if I ignore the cards for a while, then the readings are more general (less specific) because I’m not in the right mindset.

Some people do it to “recharge” the deck or “remove negative energy”, I think like @krissie117 said, it depends on how you feel it!


I cleanse my decks with smudge sticks. I do so after I get the deck and after every few readings.


I did the same thing when I got my deck. Since I am going to be cleansing and blessing items this weekend, I am going to cleanse the deck again. I have also done a few readings, so time for a cleanse just because.


I’m using now the Palo Santo Indian cone incense that is cheaper than the wood stick. I really like the power of it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Anyway, Brazilian/South American environmental activists since last year they’ve been making protests to not use the original Palo Santo wood: When we consecrate and bless we also need to be attempted with the sustainability proposes.


I have some Palo Santo wood pieces that I use in my house. I’ve also just recently ordered some incense of the same. I like using it after I sage the house to invite the positive energy back into my home and my space.


Yes, some people say that but it’s not true. There are different trees known as Palo Santo in South America. The one we typically talk about is Bursera Graveolens, which is not endangered.

You can read more about it here: New York Times: Is Palo Santo Endangered?

From the article:

By all means, don’t stop buying palo santo. Experts like those at the IUCN say that more demand combined with responsible cultivation and harvesting could be good for the species and its habitat.

However, it’s best to buy it from small business with transparent practices and not a huge corporate retailer.


I absolutely agree, @laura6! When working magick that relies on natural forces, it is important to nurture a mutually harmonious relationship with the earth :earth_americas::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Very interesting- it’s heartening to know that this kind of tree isn’t endangered! :evergreen_tree::two_hearts: And definitely confusing that different trees go by the same name :sweat_smile: Thank you for sharing this knowledge, @Francisco :grin:


The activists are fighting for the use of white sage, too. I get some of mine from a Lakota member who grows it. He says he understands what the argument is about but he honestly doesn’t care. It is a very sacred ritual. He taught me when I was younger, how to properly partake of the ritual. He’s like my father figure that was there for me when my biological father wasn’t.


Nice to find out about that! I’m so careful with this issue because I have many vegan/activist friends on my social network and I don’t want any disagreement with them. I’ll purchase my Palo Santo sooner it will remind me the shamanic rituals I used to go :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I love the smell of the nature.


I store mine with a charged quartz crystal. That was in the instructions that came with my first deck!


@wendy4 I think I will try that one! I’m going to do an elemental cleansing on mine the next time I do a 3 card reading. I will use one of my charged quartz to put in the box!


That’s a great idea :wink:

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