Clearing negative energy and activating?

Hi all, so i have been meaning to cleanse my witch bells before hanging them on my door and also the key’s i made in honour of Hekate for a while now but the more time that passes i have noticed i still haven’t gotten to it and mainly as i do not know where to start?
So my question is, do i just cleanse the items as i normally would to a new crystal or tarot deck or is there another step in which i should take to active either item?
Any suggestions would be appreciated. Cheers :blush:


If you use to smoke, then you can just pass them through the smoke while cleansing them with a chant, prayer, a spoken word about removing negativity & all other energy to allow purifying energy to merge with your energy. Or protection for the home, whatever their purpose is for.

In my own practice, I use sage to remove/dispel the negative/other energies & palo santo to encourage positive, purifying energy with mine.


You can cleanse them in any way you normally would. Smoke cleansing is a really popular method of cleansing but there are also other methods. A bit of salt water (if it’s safe for what you’re cleansing), sound cleansing, a moon bath, etc. are all also good ways to cleanse objects.

As for activating them, based on what you’ve said they are I don’t think they need activating. Bells are a natural protection item because it cleanses and wards away using sound. Anytime the bells ring, it’s working. You could consecrate them and make them sacred, but that’s not necessarily activating them. As for the keys for Hekate, I would bless them and devote them to Her through ritual, however small or large.


Here is the entry @SilverBear did about Witch’s Bells, which has a lovely chant.


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