Communication spell

Hi everyone! Don’t suppose anyone knows a good spell to get someone to start communicating with you again?


It might be me only, but is the first time I see your request.
Welcome @ruth to The Infinite Root Coven, my name is Pedro from Puerto Rico.
At least to me some people have made a request to communicate with a deceased love one.
I believe that you used every single method to do so. Calls, messages, or asked to friends of possible location of that person if unknown, etc.
On a spell to do so, at least on my arsenal I don’t remember on one like that, but maybe others do, and will gladly help you.


@ruth merry meet! I’m Phoenix from Alabama. I used this Communication spell When my husband and I first separated back at Thanksgiving. It took a couple of months for it to work but I inscribed 1 white taper candle and 1 red taper candle (I couldnt find tapers in pink but white and red make pink) on one I inscribed my full name starting at the bottom and working to the tip and sigils/words describing my love and feelings for him and the same thing on one with his full name and sigils/words that described why I love him. Then I dressed my candles with rose oil and rolled it in herbs that promote love and happiness. Tying a string with a knot in the middle to the candles so they were"connected" and I placed the paper I had written my the spell I linked under the candles. I let them burn for about an hour focusing my need for him to reach out on the candle with his name on it. Then I used the candle flames to burn the paper. And every time I found myself wishing he would call I relit the candles until they burned almost all the way down. Like I said it took a couple of month but when he finally called he told me he had made a mistake moving to Nebraska and that he wanted to come home. Hopefully this helps. :pray::grin:


@pedros10 is right. Responses can get light over the weekend but they will trickle in by Sunday night and then a bunch more at the beginning of the week.

If the person absolutely doesn’t want to communicate with you, any spell of yours could backfire with unintended consequences. :grimacing: With that warning out of the way, many on here have had some success with the Honey Touch. :honey_pot: I personally would swap out the red candle for a yellow candle to represent overall communication. If you don’t have yellow, you can use white or black candles, too. (There is also a new moon :new_moon: this weekend which makes it the perfect time for a spell like this.)

Silverbear’s Mercury Retrograde and Difficult Communication post seems to be highly recommended, as well.

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Hello @ruth

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I wish this spell will help you a little.


Reference: Prayer For Clear Communication Poster | $1.65 - 15% off


Hi Ruth, You should try a friendship spell like this one: Reconnect: Friendship Spell. Make sure to adapt it to your current situation. Good Luck! :four_leaf_clover:


Merry meet @Ruth and welcome to the Infinite Roots Coven! :infinite_roots:

Others have shared some wonderful advice and spell tips. As a huge fan of Tea Magick, here’s a lovely Herbal Harmony Tea Spell for Friendship and Love you might consider :tea::heart:


(Note that this spell can be done either by a solo caster or together)

Wishing you all the best with reconciling with your friend, Ruth. Good luck and blessed be! :sparkles: