Why White is Universal 🌈 One Witch's Opinions

I really enjoy reading everyone’s challenge entries and I have seen some interesting takes on this challenge. One thing I have not seen yet (and you are about to because…well, I am writing it) is why I prefer working with the color white.

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While I recognize that there are certain times and situations where a very specific color candle, tool, or correspondence would come in handy, we can’t forget about the universality (is that even a word…?) of the color white.


What makes white?

In scientific terms , white is a combination of all colors on the light spectrum. If we look at Isaac Newton’s prism experiment, we can see that.

Aristotle viewed colour to be the product of a mixture of white and black, and this was the prevailing belief until 1666, when Isaac Newton’s prism experiments provided the scientific basis for the understanding of colour. Newton showed that a prism could break up white light into a range of colours, which he called the spectrum, and that the recombination of these spectral colours re-created the white light. Color - Britannica

This is basically the foundation for my belief that white is a good universal color when you are in a pinch. If you do not have a green candle, just use white. If you do not have a red candle, just use white. If you are looking for a very specific shade of pinkish reddish blue-violet? Well, just use white!

On the light spectrum, white light can be filtered through a prism to display the array of other colored light that our human eye can see. If white already contains all other colors, then it makes sense that it would be a good substitute.

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Everywhere you look, someone is going to have an opinion on what can and cannot be used for specific spells. Some people will tell you that blue is for communication and purple is for psychic development. Someone else, though, may feel like blue is for banishing and purple is for joy. Unless you are in a specific tradition with specific beliefs, I believe that color is entirely subjective. So, with that in mind, let me tell you how I use white in my practice!

For me…

White is a color of purity, yes, but also abundance! It can heal, restore faith, mend the broken, and call upon ancestors. It can also blind, banish, and curse those deserving justice. Since white is a combination of all colors on the spectrum, there is nothing a white candle can’t do, in my opinion. The only candle I would not replace with a white candle is a black candle .

Black is not represented on the spectrum of colors. I believe this is because black is not a color, it is simply a representation of the absence of light. Black candles can work some wonderful magick, too. However, I am not focusing on black candles right now. Just white ones.

White candles can be used for any type of ritual, meditation, or spellcasting work . Light a white candle every day to bring clarity and clear up energies. They can be used as a substitute for any other color, and are generally used for healing, lighting paths, and for extra protection. White candles symbolize positive energy, purity, and goodwill. Spells8 - Candle Magick 101

Here are some great ideas for working with the color white in your practice.

  • Have a white altar cloth on your altar.

  • Grow white flowers.

  • Carry a white crystal or stone with you.

  • Burn white candles on your altar or around your home.

  • Make your own white candles.

I also enjoy using white candles because they can be easily dressed and decorated with other things. I made a video on my channel about dressing candles (you can find that by clicking here) and I really feel like using a white candle makes it better. Obviously, this is going to depend on what you are doing, but having a white candle allows you to do a few things (and see the results) than using any other candle.

  • Carving into the candle and rubbing incense ash (or herb ash, etc.) into the candle.

  • Dressing the candle with herbs and flowers.

  • Using colored oils on the outside of the candle.

  • Adding different colors to the candle via crayons or other colored wax.

  • Rolling the candle in different colored powders (I recommend mica or any other form of sustainable and eco-friendly powder. Please no glitter!)

  • They can double as neutral decorations. This is a good way to keep your home witchy without being too obvious.

What are some of your favorite ways to use a white candle? Do you use white often or do you stick to other colors?

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I definitely agree, it is actually the color that I use most often when doing my work :innocent:

I definitely use white candles and I mostly use them for purification, meditation and protection. I however use the other colors too. I do find out lately though that my spells are more active when I add essential oils and fragrance to them.

I enjoyed this entry, and the information about white is universal, I learnt something today :dizzy: thanks for sharing. :heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse:


White candles are very accessible- I’d say they are the easiest to find in stores, and most places have at least basic ones or tea lights in stock! They are a wonderful go-to for just about all spellwork and rituals, as well as being very inconspicuous for witches practicing in the broom closet :blush: :+1:

This is a really good point! :+1: I’ve always considered black to be a color on the spectrum like all the others, but it looks like white (a combination of all colors) and black (the absence of color) deserve their own categories. I’m going to keep this in mind!

Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom, @MeganB- this was a great read! :heart:


I love this @MeganB you did A great job with the post!! I love your energy and you bring a lot to the forum!!!

I light a white candle daily on my altar, I have white flowers growing and blooming, I do have many altar cloths including white.

I did learn about the spectrum (again) in crystal healing school. Clear Quartz is by far my favorite, along with white moonstone.

I tried to make candles but that didn’t turn out so well :weary:
Anyway, thanks again!! :relaxed::two_hearts:


I use white candles quire a lot.

I did manage to pick up a big variety box of coloured candles quite cheap, but I also have a box of tea lights and some white beeswax candles I use regularly too.


For some reason I always thought it was black that had all the colors, not white. Thanks for this, I learned something! No wonder white candles are so popular.


I love this challenge entry :heart_eyes: I do use coloured candles in spellwork but not as often as I use white candles. My coloured ones mostly get used for meditating on a certain energy or as part of a deity offering I’ll usually pick a colour that corresponds to them. I like to carve Runes into candles for a lot of my spells and white is the best for that purpose, not just because they show up better on the white but because it encompasses all energies so can activate any Rune :heart: Thank you for being amazing :heart: Blessed Be :heart:


I never really thought about the versatility and power of a white candle and how the color correspondence works along side complementary objects too, like crystals. This was great information to share!


@NickWick White is a very popular candle color! I’m glad you liked my post :heart:

@TheTravelWitch Yes, you know, I didn’t even think about the accessibility of white candles. Thinking of that makes me remember how I always stock up on black tea lights and votices around Samhain because all the shops have them :sweat_smile:

@christina4 Thank you :partying_face: Making candles definitely takes practice lol I’ve made a few before but it isn’t my favorite thing to do.

@IrisW White does seem to be a default!

@Amethyst It does make sense if you are physically mixing all the colors together, like with paint, because it just turns to mush and grossness :laughing: As for the spectrum, though, all color is light. Black is just the absence of light and therefore the absence of color.

@Liisa Thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@robin77 It isn’t something I have thought actively about until this challenge, actually. I wanted to choose a color to write about but then remembered prisms and the light spectrum. And here we are!


That’s why I prefer to buy them!!! :metal:t2::blush: