Contact through dreams - any experience?

Hi, just wanted to ask for advice :slight_smile: Anybody ever encounter the dead trying to contact you in your dreams? How do you know it’s them and not for example something else trying to impersonate them?

I have a grandma who passed away about 1,5 year ago. She keeps popping in to my meditations non stop. I ensured her she is loved, she is thought of, but I want her to move on. She doesn’t want to, though. She constantly keeps “peeking” when I meditate and I constantly tell her to move on. Today, however, I had a very sad dream. She was sent somewhere away and she was not happy there. It was a very far away place and it was totally empty - the streets were empty, it was sooo silent. Not even dogs barking, no street noise. The hut, where they put her, looked like made from clay - not the standard of life I would dream for anybody. When I entered the hut, she was sitting there all alone. She did not speak, nor look at me. She suffered from alzheimers and she was in her own world, just like during her last year of life. The room was awful - dirty, moldy and lacked basic appliances. I quickly noticed the room has a lot of other doors. When I wanted to discover them, i ended up in a disproportional, huge maze of clean, modern and very nicely kept rooms out of which almost every one looked the same. I somehow knew though if I started tearing the floors and wallpapers down, I would discover the same dirt and mold like in the first room of the hut, where I initially found my grandma. Every room had loads of wardrobes, all of them pristine white. I remember the feeling of being so sorry for her and saying out loud “I want to stay here, with her, I will keep her company, it’s nice in here”, but an unfamiliar voice said “NO, YOU CAN’T” and i woke up in my bed.

Maybe it’s stupid and I am over interpreting, but I had a certain idea. Since my grandma had alzheimers and it’s a disease of a brain, I thought I was inside of her head. The hut was not nice and moldy, because her brain was ill. It might have been a representation. Her head was a maze for herself and she didn’t recognise anybody else, nor knew anything anymore. I am pretty sure it was not purgatory or something like that, as it should be full and not as beautiful as the sights I saw there, from the hut’s window. This is all sooo sad and confusing for me, BUT. Coming back to my question. How can I help my nana move on? She doesn’t listen :frowning: I am also afraid that it might be something else preying on me, therefore, I do not want to interact and want to be careful. How do I cut the connection? Do you know of any rituals to help her move on? What if she doesn’t want to? Gosh, million questions.

TIA for any comments and loads of love for all of you :sparkling_heart:


Could this perhaps be an echo of her? Not a complete apparition, representing her entire being, but rather a lingering shadow or fragment? Is it possible that it’s the aspect of her that endured the Alzheimer’s and was somewhat concealed or lost?

However, if you peer into your heart and genuinely sense that it is indeed her, then I extend my heartfelt condolences to both of you. :people_hugging: :black_heart:

Perhaps a more formal ritual might assist in her departure?

You could try gathering objects with personal significance to her, like photographs, heirlooms, or cherished possessions. Placing these items on an altar or in a designated space, you could light candles or incense to create a tranquil atmosphere.

Next, you might recite heartfelt words or prayers, encouraging her to let go of her attachments to the earthly realm and find peace in the afterlife. These words could convey the idea that it’s okay to move on, assuring her that her presence will always be remembered and cherished.

While doing this, you could also incorporate symbols or gestures, such as ringing a bell or offering a symbolic token. This could signify the release of her spirit. Then you could conclude with a moment of quiet reflection, allowing her to make her choice: to embrace the light and move on or to remain in the world for a while longer.

This is what my intuition tells me may help. But feel free to incorporate any, all, or none of it into how you move forward. :bowing_woman:

Lots of love to you both. :black_heart:

Yes, but… I will save that story for another time. :black_heart: Lately, I’ve found myself reminiscing about my great-grandparents quite often, and it is weighing on me a little. :slightly_smiling_face:


It happens to me at least once a week to dream about dead people. Sometimes it’s family, some friends, personalities, or people I just don’t know. I can also been « searching » for people, and most of the time, I find them. They sometimes tell me things I can verify (I don’t know if it’s the right word) with living people.

I dream of people my husband knows and works with, and of events in the future. I once dreamt of a girl named ******** who had an affair with my ex-husband, and when I confronted him, he confirmed the name and her physical characteristics. Not always fun to have these dreams!

The nice things about it, is to have « good news » from the loved one, and to help people « passing » through the worlds/universes/steps of death. A friend of mine who had so much pain in her knees received me in her kitchen and told me that she has no more pain. She seemed very happy and at peace.

Maybe I’m completely crazy to believe they are really dead people, but I have these dreams since childhood and there is so many occurrences of verified facts…

I believe that you met your grandmother. Keep those precious moments in your :heart:.

Blessed be❤️


Dreaming of our loved ones is a common occurrence. Sometimes it is them visiting us in our dreams. Sometimes it is our subconscious mind bringing them forward in memory. Both are completely normal, in my opinion. I’m just gonna go through and answer your questions one at a time and hopefully help you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

In my opinion, you will simply know – any being that’s not the person you see will feel off or strange in some way. I imagine it’s like when you see someone out and about that looks like someone you know. As soon as you interact with them you’ll know if they’re the person you thought they were. Even though the dream world is more fluid and liminal than the physical plane, I believe that if people visit us in our dreams, they will present to us in ways we will be familiar with.

Is there any reason she has to move on besides you wanting her to? Just because she is a spirit now rather than a physical being doesn’t necessarily mean she doesn’t have things she wants, too. I don’t believe we can move spirits on if they don’t want to, because they have to be ready for the next stage of life, whatever that is. However, I do believe that you can (and should!) set boundaries during your meditations. Telling her that you love her and that you want her to move on isn’t enough of a boundary to keep her out during your meditations. You may need to use some sort of protection before your meditations to keep her out. This can be crystals you wear, an incantation, or even casting a circle.

Another thought I had while typing this up is that maybe she doesn’t want to interrupt your meditations, but she wants your attention in another way. If you give her a space in your home, such as an ancestor altar, and let her know that in your house, this is her home, she may stop interrupting your meditations. An ancestor altar is a place in your house where you honor those who have passed on and are important to you. It doesn’t need to be elaborate or large. It can be a simple shelf with some photos, or even an end table or something similar.

We have plenty of information on ancestors and ancestor altars here on Spells8. Here are some links that might help you!

There are a few ideas I have about your dream. First, it could be your subconscious trying to work through your feelings about your grandmother. I can’t interpret that part for you because that depends on what you think, how you feel, and how you view things.

Second, it could be as you’ve said - a representation of your grandmother’s mind while she was alive. This may have been done unintentionally, or it may have been done intentionally by whomever told you that you can’t stay with her.

Lastly, it could be an intentional dream given to you by your grandmother to help you see and feel how she feels. Everything is dark and gross in that part of her mind, but when you try to leave, everything gets clean and modern. This may be a representation of how Alzheimer’s affected part of her brain but that the rest of her was still there, covered in the muck of the hut she had to stay in.

I refer to my previous answers about knowing if what we’re interacting with is true or not. You can always add protection and wards to your meditations and spaces in your home. This can help keep anything out that you don’t want there.

Also, I don’t believe you can move a spirit on that isn’t ready. It definitely sounds like your grandmother isn’t ready at all. You can keep her out of your meditations with protection and boundaries, or even out of your home entirely by telling her she’s not welcome there.

I hope this has all helped! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Maybe the next time you interact with your grandmother, ask her what she wants. Her answer may surprise you!


:wave: hi! I have exlerienced this… & as @MeganB mentioned… sometimes its a visit & sometimes me missing them. Although mostly visits as time has passed & usually 1 of 2 people… sometimes both.

Normally the visits, there is something they need to tell me or understand. They may not outwardly say it in my dream so I have to use the cues or clues in the dream of what the situation or context was… which also helps with whether it was a viait or me missing them.

I do have an Ancestor Altar, although admittedly it needs to be tended to & certainly soon as Samhain approaches. It has been very helpful for me & my connection with passed loved ones. Whether friends, family, or furbabies.


Megan, what a wonderful and insightful answer. :silver_heart:



Thank you, @Shadeweaver :hugs: :sparkles:


Thank you all so much @MeganB, @Susurrus, @isabelle2 and @starborn! This has helped me enormously as the topic is not easy for me. It’s never easy when emotions are involved. I don’t think she is ready to move on either, so I will try to encourage a bit and set the boundaries better. I kinda feel bad for telling her to leave me alone. It’s my nana after all, but I do feel her draining me out of energy :confused: … I asked multiple times what is it that she needs. She keeps on saying she wants me and pointing at me directly (creepy), but I ensured her it’s not my time yet, plus I am not hers to ask for. When my time comes, I will join her, not earlier, not later, because I belong to me and only to me.

BTW - any of you interested in necromancy? Do the spirits listen in general? Not that I would be, but kinda interesting topic all in all.


@marta oh thats difficult to have, especially if it is something she’s doing where directly is for you. If there’s nothing else in the dream from her except that, maybe writing her a letter about your feelings for her when she was here & that you’ll be okay while she crossing & be able to see her when it’s time. Almost reassuring her that its okay to cross over & you’ll meet her when you make it there too.

I have had similar things in the beginning when they passed in 2003. Now its more of we’re here with you but start listening to yourself & things.

Writing a letter to her & about how you felt, feel will hopefully help her. Remind her that you love her & can’t wait to be with her, but it’s just not time right now.

You could also try some divination with a pendulum to talk to her. It may help both of you too :revolving_hearts:


Thanks! Pendulum does sound to me a bit ouija and I don’t have a good background yet, so I will start with the letter. Maybe it will calm her down and give her some peace :slight_smile:


It is similar, but personally I choose pendulum over Ouija, due to past experiences with the Ouija, I won’t use them anymore.

It is absolutely :100: whatever you are comfortable with doing though. I use the pendulum :pendulum: specifically for reaching out & at other rarer times for kind of energy checks. I have a pendulum for each scenario & the others have been cleansed & either given away or otherwise disposed of… I completely understand. :people_hugging:

I’m a huge fan of babysteps for practice related things too! :hugs:


I’m happy to help @marta :hugs: I can’t say that I have personal experience with someone visiting me that I was close with. However, the advice is still the same.

I get this, totally. I would feel bad about it as well. The important thing to remember is that you’re not telling her to go away. You’re just telling her that now (when you’re meditating) isn’t a good time. There’s nothing wrong with that!

As I mentioned before, this could just be her saying that she wants your attention. An ancestor altar or daily conversation with her would be a good place to start.

When you say necromancy, do you mean working with the dead or controlling them? Necromancy itself is simply the act of working with spirits. I don’t know anything about the topic, but I do know a good source of information! You might find the work of Mortellus to be helpful. They regularly work with the dead both in a magical and mundane way. They have a new book out titled The Bones Fall in a Spiral. It’s currently available for pre-order and will come out soon.


:raised_hand: But I just haven’t had the chance, which really means that it’s not high on my list of priorities.

Same. I feel that, until I’m really good at protection magick and able to focus well enough to ensure I only let the target spirit in, I don’t want to go near Ouija. Too many books telling me to not try it at all, ever. :sweat_smile:

I think I’m going to have to read this. :eyes: Thank you for sharing! :black_heart:


You’re welcome! I believe it comes out Tuesday!


@MeganB thats what I was trying to say :laughing: It may be she needs her attention for a something. So a letter & conversation would be great. I’ve had a much better connection since I started my Ancestor Altar… at the moment… my everything in there needs to be tended to… I mean everything in there :rofl:


Ya know, sometimes it would be nice for people to just not need us for like… five minutes :rofl: it seems that even after death, I will be needed by someone in some form or fashion!


Merry Monday!

Did you tried to make a protection circle before going to bed? It could protects your energy from being drained.:woman_shrugging:t2:

Blessed be❤️


I just received my copy The Bones Fall in a Spriral from Amazon! I’m SUPER excited to read it — I was going to wait until the next book club session to start reading it, but I don’t know if I’ll be about to wait! :face_with_peeking_eye::heart_eyes_cat:

I’ll try to remember to update this thread as I read it! :black_heart:


Exciting! :partying_face: I’m looking forward to hearing about it. :smile:

I’m going to be waiting until there’s a digital version.

:warning: Content warning: death. :warning:

I have lots of different types of dreams. But regardless of the type, they’re all very vivid and full of details. Before coming here, I could safely say that everyone I know is astounded by the level of detail in my dreams. But I’m more glad to finally have people who share this trait with me – I’m no longer alone. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

The dream I’m thinking of happened while I was living with an ex during the midyear break from university. It had a very distinct feel to it. It was like living in a memory. There was a warm and comforting feel to the whole thing.

I was in the backyard of my grandmother’s home, standing next to this pond where our turtles loved to swim. The sun was shining, but not too strongly, and the shadows were short so it would have been in the morning. My great-grandfather was to my left, and we were both looking over this pond, surrounded by your usual lush backyard grass – thick and vibrant.

My great-grandfather said to me that he wished he could have seen me grow up. I told him that he did. I could feel his reassurance in hearing this. Then he slowly faded away, and I stood alone by the pond.

When I woke up, the feeling stuck with me a bit. I laid there, pondering the dream, feeling both sad and happy at the same time. Something definitely felt non-dreamlike about it. But I went about my day and tried to not dwell on it too much, because “ghosts don’t exist.”

Not long after noon, I got an email from my father. My great-grandfather had passed away in his sleep in the morning.

Between the coincidental timing and the unique feeling of the dream, it was too much to ignore. Even though, at that time, I would have sworn to anyone that the supernatural didn’t exist, I could never convince myself that it wasn’t him.

And that’s kind of how I’ve been confident in this dream. My internal knowing prevailed over all my conscious thoughts that tried to disprove it.


I tried everything :confused: I even sleep with all the stones around me, put salt in the corner of the rooms, tried with the bubble meditation. Something still gets to me somehow :frowning: