Continuing my explorations into drying flowers

So my Irises started wilting yesterday.

Having had some success with the China Asters, decided to dry the Iris flowers too.

The jar I chose previously had “Very Lazy Garlic” in it. The glass cleaned well enough but I could not get the smell of garlic out of the lid no matter what I tried. Fortunately the lid from my empty jar of marmite fits well and was much easier to clean!

It’s been decorated with a picture of Iris, Goddess of Rainbows, and I’m pretty happy with how they’ve turned out :slight_smile:

I’m not sure what I’m going to do with them yet but hate waste so I’m researching their uses and properties.

The flowers called to me
My Dried China Asters


I know what jars you mean and they look awesome for this purpose once you’ve taken the label off :star_struck: Job well done :heartpulse: Thank you :heartpulse:


It amuses me that they have “Very Lazy” embossed in the glass on each side which may occasionally describe me :rofl:


That ALWAYS describes me :joy: I get stuff done but if I can find a lazy route without compromising quality then that’s the route ill walk :joy: :heartpulse:


Very Nice @IrisW , I know Garlic jars come in so many perfect sizes but to get the smell out is nearly impossible. :laughing:
I use these jars that are from Marzetti’s Slaw Dressing, one because I buy it so often I have an abundance, and two because they are nicely sized for pretty much anything in my craft.

And there’s my bedspread spray, of Sandalwood and Vanilla…LOL.
Blessed Be,


Lovely shaped jars!


Good idea! I look forward to hearing what you’re using that for.


They turned out nice. I love drying flowers! I have some hanging now.


Good for you for repurposing your dried flowers, @IrisW- may they find a new life in your magickal crafting! :sparkles::bouquet:

The picture of the Goddess of Rainbows is gorgeous- I can’t think of a better way to cover up the writing on the jar (although “Very Lazy Garlic” does sound like a powerful statement to label things with :laughing: ). Gorgeous- thanks for sharing!

Definitely let us know when you find a good use for them! I wonder if dried Iris petals would be good in a bath salt mix? :thinking: :bathtub: :two_hearts:


I hadn’t thought about using them in bath salts. May give that a go :slightly_smiling_face: