🔵 Cornflower Bath for Physical and Spiritual Refreshing

Hello all!

Has everyone recovered from Turkey Day feasts? :turkey: Our celebration here is a bit delayed- we’ll be digging into delicacies later today!

I spent yesterday doing mostly prep and quickly became exhausted- it’s a lot of work! I needed to recharge (still got lots to do today) so I decided to treat myself to a special bath :bathtub:

This is my entry to this week’s Weekly Witchy Challenge- Scrub-a-dub, Magick in the Tub.

For this bath, I brought in some of my favorite plants to keep close- including lucky basil and refreshing mint :herb:

I decorated with some of my crystals such as uplifting citrine, healthy carnelian, and relaxing aquamarine :gem:

And to top it all off, I made a bath mix blend using salt and cornflower :salt:

Cornflower Bath for Physical and Spiritual Refreshing

A combo mix of:
:ocean::salt: Sea salt- purifying, healing, cleansing
:mountain::salt: Himalayan salt- purifying, invigorating, refreshing
:large_blue_circle::sunflower: Dried cornflower petals- Opens mind, boosts thought, and enhances magick

[Picture from the White Witch Parlour]

When adding the mix to the bath, do so while the water is pouring into the tub- fighting off stagnation and inviting in fresh energy and flow :cyclone:

Say the words:

Unlock the doors, open my eyes,
Inside myself is where the truth lies.
Bring back strength to body and mind-
All I desire, I soon will find.

Soak in the tub and let yourself truly relax :relaxed: . This is a wonderful blend meant to open doors inside your head without any additional effort or involvement on your part.

Let the hot water loosen your tired muscles, while the cornflower relaxes the inner blockages of your mind :person_in_lotus_position:

I hope everyone who celebrated the holiday had a lovely time- and can now enjoy a nice weekend to recover and refresh!

Blessed be :sparkling_heart:


Ooh this looks and sounds gorgeous! Thanks for sharing :kissing_heart:


Very nice! I hope you have a good feast today!

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@TheTravelWitch, I’m definitely trying this out this weekend. Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:
@Francisco, this should be added to the list with the spells. I love it!


Cool! Now I know more about cornflower. Seems like just the thing I could use in my life right now. That’s some real nice lighting around you tub. You must’ve had a great time in there. :slight_smile:


This is beautiful! i am going to try this one at some point. I have one planned for this week, Monday actually, when everyone here goes back to work/school.

This one seems very invigorating & relaxing though. I like the use of 2 salts.


Thank you so much,Travel Witch :mage: for your a good person and I thank you! I didn’t know that you could use Dried corn flowers!
Everything helps with my my long hours at work!! Thank you :blush:
“You must be so exhausted” but after that bath I see you will be rejuvenated!
Blessed be


Thank you @Limeberry, @Kasie, @Cat, @Colin, @Krissie117, and @Jeannie1- your words are very kind! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: The bath was very relaxing and it gave me the energy to get through Thanksgiving prep and food :yum:

To anyone who gives this bath blend a try, I hope you enjoy it as well! :bathtub::two_hearts: