Crown chakra

Hello everyone

Looking for advice about the chakras, particualry the crown chakra, as it is not something I know much about how have really worked with.

Everyday, I pull a daily card from my Auset Egyptian Oracle. One of these cards is the blue lotus and I have pulled this more than any other card…three times in the last 10 days alone! I am now thinking this card is really trying to tell me something.

The advice of this card is to work on and heal my crown chakra. Problem is I am not sure how to do this. Can anyone suggest things to try to work on the crown chakra? Clearing it? Healing it? Strengthening it?

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I think you’re probably right. If you’ve been pulling that card multiple times, chances are there’s a message you’re not getting! :incoming_envelope: I don’t know too much about chakras myself, so I’ll leave that to others. I just wanted to drop some links for you that might help you out!


Megan shared some awesome resources about the crown chakra and I don’t have anything else to add, so just jumping in to wish you well, @Cosmic_Curiosity- good luck with your studies! :purple_heart: :pray: :grinning:


The crown chakra is like a hotline to a higher power, helping you make all the right moves for the best results. The other think about it is that each chakra can be linked to it, resulting in different benefits:

  • Connecting the third eye to the crown chakra brings integration and balance to one’s insights and connection to truth.
  • When the throat is connected, effective self-expression is achieved in any situation, conveying perfect truth through words or art.
  • Connecting the heart to the crown makes it the electromagnetic center, regulating the body’s energy flows.
  • When the solar plexus is connected, one’s will aligns with divine will, granting immunity to external control.
  • The sacral’s connection to the crown enhances daily experiences, bringing clarity and purity.
  • Connecting the root chakra provides grounding and stability, making one unshakable in their experiences.

In other words, besides focusing on the Crown chakra, work with the other six too. I hope that helps!!



I use helpers, like Lavender essential oil, and Amethyst crystals. Lavender is the oil of Divine Communication, and Amethyst to assist with opening my crown chakra. I know this is different than what many people recommend but this seems to work so much better for me!

I also meditate a lot, and it makes such a difference. I bring Divine (Goddess, etc.) Light from above and down through my body, cleansing, and healing as it moves down to the center of the Earth, then I bring the Earth energy up through my body and up to the Stars. As I keep this energy circulating, I am healed, grounded, peaceful, and calm, and my chakras are cleared and opened. I use this visualization (meditation) until I feel it is complete.

With love :heart: always


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